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Andromolek is an Alin soldier, described as the greatest swordsman of the age and one of the mightiest warriors. In his passion to destroy the Dark Alin, he began experimenting with their powers, becoming a master of glass magic, a grave crime among the Alin. Thus, he has been exiled by the Alin Kingdom.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-B with attacks and Dark Walkers, At least High 8-C with Glass Cannons

Name: Andromolek, Vizier of Al-Rukh, The Dark Prince

Origin: Rise of Legends

Gender: Male

Age: Likely 20s/30s

Classification: Human, Soldier, Prince, Alin

Powers and Abilities: Summoning, Crystal/Ice Manipulation (described as Glass Manipulation), Expert Swordsmanship, Expert Archer, Fire Manipulation via Fire Shell, Absolute Zero via Fire Shell and Glass Schism, Slow Inducement via regular attacks, Statistics Amplification via Dark Abyss, Statistics Reduction via Dark Walkers, Damage Reduction against Magic, Regeneration (Low)

Attack Potency: Likely Wall level with attacks and Dark Walkers, At least Large Building level with Glass Cannons (designed to easily destroy colossal buildings)

Speed: Subsonic attack speed with regular attacks and powers, Superhuman movement speed (as fast as Sawu). Reaction/Combat speed is hard to determine due to game mechanics, but likely Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Mountain level in-game (Can tank Doge’s Hammer from The Doge). Significantly Lower realistically, likely Athlete level for himself (he's just a soldier), Small Building level for his spider

Stamina: Extremely high

Range: Melee with his spider’s strikes and sword attacks, Short to Long range with regular attacks and powers, Very Long range with Glass Cannons

Standard Equipment: Large Glass Spider, 5 6-man teams of Dark Walkers (small golems that throw boomerang-shaped glass projectiles that reduce the target’s stamina and health with every hit)

Intelligence: Likely decently high. He's regarded as a prodigy and one of the migthiest warriors in the Alin Kingdom. Possesses vast knowledge about magic and corruption techniques.

Weaknesses: None outside of game mechanics

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Regular attacks: Attacks with his magical bow from atop his giant spider and shoots projectiles of Dark Glass. All attacks have a slow effect.
  • Fire Shell: Shoots an arrow that burns a single enemy and encases him in a glass prison.
  • Glass Schism: Creates long rows of glass prisons, entrapping all enemies in the path. Nearby units that don’t get trapped get knocked over.
  • Summon Glass Cannons: Summons 3 ball-shaped cannons made of dark glass to his cause.
  • Dark Abyss: Passively increases Andromolek’s ranged attack and Mana by 50%.
  • In-game stats
    • HP: 1485
    • Mana: 2250
    • Ground Attack: 25
    • Air Attack: 38
    • Siege Attack: 7
    • Trample Attack: 6
    • Movement Speed: 40 (Described as Medium)

Note: All of Andromolek's stats without his spider are likely Athlete level


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