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Do not wonder, Shadow. You, humans, live in haste, but I know the value of time.
~ Ancient


Ancient is a character in Shadow Fight 2 met by Shadow in the Shadow World. He is the last surviving member of his species - a race of powerful beings who possessed an extremely strong willpower. Before Titan made his mark on the Shadow World, the land was inhabited by Ancient's race among several others. When Titan arrived, he used his powers to change the will of all the creatures in the land in order to enslave them. However, he could not change the will of the Ancient creatures, for they were too powerful. Consequently, Titan ordered their extermination. Only Ancient managed to survive and he went into hiding. Cypher built Cronos, an advanced humanoid robot, several years ago to track down Ancient in a bid to defeat Titan. Cronos found him but Ancient, preferring to remain hidden, changed the will of Cronos effectively putting him out of Cypher's control. After finding the Ancient's location via Cronos' memory chip, Shadow and Kali reach the Stone Grove searching for him. Kali introduces Shadow as the Champion who has come to defeat Titan, but Ancient does not believe that Shadow is capable of it. He recalls meeting the warriors who had sought to defeat Titan before. They had all been confident and strong. However when Ancient saw them again they had all become Titan's mindless soldiers, destroying the very homelands they had sought to protect. Ancient summons the ghosts of the warriors who fell to Titan as a test to find the extent of Shadow's capabilities. Shadow defeats all the ghosts and Ancient admits that Shadow was indeed very powerful and a skilled warrior. But, he then asks Shadow to not fight Titan and disguises him as one of Titan's soldiers to help him escape notice. Kali wonders if Ancient really believes that Shadow will stop in his quest. Ancient admits that his need to stop Shadow was much greater now because Titan must not be allowed to have control over a warrior as formidable as Shadow. He challenges Shadow to a fight but is defeated. He then admits that Shadow was indeed even stronger than Shroud as Shroud could not manage to defeat Ancient. Kali asks Ancient if he trusts Shadow now to which the Ancient replies that it had been a long time since he had believed in anything, and tells them to leave as he had nothing more for them. Ancient appears to save Shadow, if he loses to Titan. He stops the flow time so that Shadow can have another chance at defeating Titan. It is later told that Ancient has finally left the Stone Grove to fight his own wars.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, at least Low 7-C, likely higher

Name: Ancient, Ancient One

Origin: Shadow Fight 2

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, possibly more than 1000 years old

Classification: Sole survivor of the Ancient Race, Former keeper of The Sphere, Alien, Instructor

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with Shadow, who lacks a body), Weapon Mastery, Time Manipulation (Can stop and reverse the flow of time), Shapeshifting with Sound Manipulation, Weapon Creation and possibly Information Analysis (Can change appearances, both of himself and others. When he was disguised as Shroud, he was able to recreate his scythe, had his voice, and already knew Shadow's name and relation to Shroud even though they never met in the past or knew each other), Summoning (Can summon the spirits of warriors from his memory) with Resurrection (Can revive Titan's soliders which he killed in the past and command them to fight for him. He also bound these said soliders to the Stone Grove, resulting in them coming back to life from their graves every time they are defeated), Teleportation, possibly Immortality (Type 1), Memory Manipulation (Was able to wipe Cronos' memories and replaced them with others), Sleep Manipulation (Forcibly put Sensei to sleep), Cosmic Awareness (Was aware of the problems The Sphere was causing on Earth while he was in the Shadow World), Empowerment (He becomes stronger, tougher and faster during eclipses), Can inflict certain rules on his opponents, which grant him: Power Nullification, Darkness Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Invisibility, Willpower Manipulation, Invulnerability, Death Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Causality Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Reality Warping, Plant Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Can cause bleeding), Damage Transferal; Resistance to Mind Manipulation (He was not affected by Titan or The Sphere's mind control attempts)

Attack Potency: Unknown, at least Small Town level, likely higher (Is considered by many as being able to defeat Titan in combat. Is far superior in strenght than Shroud, who was Titan's equal in strenght)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can keep up with Shadow in combat after the previous dodged Hermit's natural, cloud to earth lightning. Can also dodge Shadow's lightning attacks at point blank range)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely at least Peak Human

Striking Strength: Unknown, at least Small Town Class, likely higher

Durability: Unknown, at least Small Town Class, likely higher

Stamina: High (Put up a good fight against Shadow before he became tired. Fought and killed many of Titan's soliders all by himself)

Range: Standard to extended melee range with his whip sword.

Standard Equipment: The Composite Sword

Intelligence: Very High (Was the instructor of many fighters of many different worlds and thus has the knowledge of many different fighting styles. Also has a vast knowledge of time)

Weaknesses: Being the last of his race, he is very afraid to draw attention to himself from powerful enemies, as he doesn't want his race to be eradicated entirely. But he does resort to fighting if it is necessary in order to defend himself.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Power Nullification: Ancient forbids his enemy from blocking his attacks, and also forces them to only fight with kicks.
  • Darkness Manipulation: Ancient inflicts occasional darkness on his enemy and also makes them not see his health state.
  • Earth Manipulation: Ancient can cause periodical earthquakes to happen that only his enemy is affected by.
  • Invisibility, Willpower Manipulation: Ancient makes himself invisible to the enemy, and also makes them lose their will to fight if they step out of the arena's red ring.
  • Willpower Manipulation: Ancient makes his enemy lose their will to fight if they stay on the ground for five seconds or more, or if they fall on the ground.
  • Willpower Manipulation: Ancient makes his enemy lose their will to fight if they don't score more hits to the head than him in the span of 30 seconds. This rule also applies to himself.
  • Invulnerability, Power Nullification: Ancient makes himself not take any damage from his enemy when he is outside of a glowing area, while he also unarms his enemy.
  • Death Manipulation: Ancient makes thrown weapons instantly kill his enemy if they are hit by them. Note that even if Ancient himself doesn't use any thrown weapons, his summons do and they will benefit from any of the fight rules he applies.
  • Invulnerability, Power Nullification: Ancient makes himself only take damage if he is thrown in a glowing area, while he also unarms his enemy.
  • Regeneration: Ancient starts to regenerate his health after he hits his enemy, but the regeneration is stopped if he takes damage from the enemy.
  • Causality Manipulation, Death Manipulation: Ancient makes any of his enemy's movements inverted, as in a mirror, by walking to the left they will move to the right, and vice versa, while he also makes magic instantly kill his enemy if they are hit by it.
  • Statistics Amplification: Ancient makes himself a lot more durable but if the enemy reaches the Aggressive style he loses his will to fight.
  • Statistics Amplification: Ancient increases his strenght, but if the enemy survives the fight for more than 60 seconds he will lose his will to fight.
  • Reality Warping, Plant Manipulation: Ancient shrinks the size of the location and also spawns thorns on its edges.
  • Status Effect Inducement, Damage Transferal: Ancient makes his enemy's wounds bleed when he hits them, but if the enemy hits him they will stop bleeding and he will start bleeding instead, all of this while he returns a portion of the damage he takes back to his enemy.
  • Willpower Manipulation: If the enemy doesn't manage to disarm Ancient in the span of 99 seconds they will lose their will to fight.


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