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Do not wonder, Shadow. You, humans, live in haste, but I know the value of time.


Ancient is the last surviving member of an ancient tribe located in the world of shadows. He is a powerful being who possesses a strong will. This makes him one of the few who can resist being turned by Titan into his mindless solider. After escaping from the destruction ordered by Titan upon his tribe, he hid in a tomb known as the Stone Grove, where he buried himself into oblivion. Over the years, many have tried to find him for different reasons, some to gain his instruction, while others his head. Many strong, proud and fine warriors have claimed to fight Titan before. Each of them found Ancient and talked to him so that he would help them in the art of fighting. As time passed, he saw each one of them on Titan's leash, their eyes empty, devastating their own homeworlds. Seeing as history was repeating itself over and over again, Ancient lost all hope in anything, leaving the belief that Titan could be defeated in the past. This all changed when one day he met a great invincible warrior from Earth, who proved to him that Titan's defeat was a possibility. The champion motivated him to leave the Stone Grove and go to the war of his own. Before doing so, he saved the champion from death at Titan's hands by stopping time to give him another chance at defeating the conqueror. After the warrior succeeded in his quest, Ancient finally resumed his.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B

Name: Ancient

Origin: Shadow Fight 2

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, possibly more than 1000 years old

Classification: Alien, Sole survivor of the Ancient Race, Instructor, Hero

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Avatar Creation (Can create physical incarnations of the people he keeps in his memory), Causality Manipulation (via Inverted Controls), Combat Manipulation (via Magic Level 47, Equipment Level 47, Weapon Level 48, Equipment Level 48, Armor Level 49, Equipment Level 49), Cosmic Awareness (Is aware of events happening in other dimensions), Damage Boost (via Head Hit, Critical Hit), Damage Reduction (via Block), Damage Transferal (via Enemy Returns Damage), Darkness Manipulation (via Fight In The Dark), Death Manipulation (via Dodge Enemy Missiles, Dodge Enemy Magic), Dimensional Travel (Can travel from one dimension to another), Durability Negation (via Passing Burning Effect), Empathic Manipulation (via Shock), Fate Manipulation (via Historical Importance Index Mechanism, You Lose On Ring Out, You Lose If You Fall, Score Victory, Reach Aggressive Style, You Win On Timeout, Hot Ground, Disarm), Genius Intelligence, Healing (via Enemy Regenerates Until Being Hit), likely Incorporeality (Can become a ghost after dying), Information Analysis (Can gain people's memories by taking their form), Invisibility (via Invisible Enemy), Invulnerability (via Score Victory, Enemy Takes Damage In Shown Area Only, Throw Enemy In Shown Area, Disarm), Law Manipulation (Can copy, combine and inflict the universal laws of other planes of existence upon his enemy in the form of Fight Rules), Longevity, Madness Manipulation (Type 2; Can make people go insane by loading their mind with a certain idea), Martial Arts, Memory Manipulation (Can wipe people's memories and replace them with others), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm disembodied shadows and hear the screams of the ancients' ghosts), Pain Manipulation (via Head Hit, Shock), Plant Manipulation (via Thorns On Walls), Power Nullification (via Critical Hit, Shock, No Blocks, Kicks Only), Reality Warping (via Shrinked Fight Location), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Resurrection (Can give people new life and the ability to come back from their graves whenever they are defeated), Sense Manipulation (via Hidden Healthbar), Shapeshifting (Can change others' form as well as his own), Sleep Manipulation (Can forcibly put people to sleep), Sound Manipulation (Can change his voice so that it fits the one of the people he is impersonating), Statistics Amplification (via Reach Aggressive Style, Aggressive Enemy), Status Effect Inducement (via Passing Burning Effect), Supernatural Willpower (Has a strong will that allows him to resist mental powers), Time Manipulation (Can stop and reverse the flow time), Vibration Manipulation (via Periodical Earthquakes), Weapon Creation (Can recreate the weapons of the people he is impersonating), Weapon Mastery (Skilled Whip Sword user), Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Resisted getting turned by Titan into a mindless solider, not having his thoughts changed or his mind harrowed), Madness Manipulation (Resisted the Sphere's attempts at making him go mad), Empathic Manipulation (Resisted being turned by the Sphere into a monster filled with anger and Titan's attempts at changing his feelings), Memory Manipulation (Resisted Titan's attempts at changing his memories)

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Chi Manipulation (with Magic Amulets), Cyborgization (Partial; Mephisto appears to have wires and inhibitors implanted in his back and head which also conduct electricity through them), Damage Boost (via Head Hit, Critical Hit), Damage Reduction (via Block), Electricity Manipulation (Harpy can create an electricity current with her Shocker Claws), Empathic Manipulation (via Shock), Explosion Manipulation (with Dark Blast), Forcefield Creation (with Force Wave, Force Ray), Inorganic Physiology (Type 2; Golem's body is fully composed of stone), Light Manipulation (Abyss has a luminescent fin ray; with Force Ray), Magic (with Magic Amulets), Martial Arts, Natural Weaponry (Abyss has sharp claws and teeth), Non-Physical Interaction (Can harm disembodied shadows), Pain Manipulation (via Head Hit, Shock), Paralysis Inducement (Harpy can shock and paralyze people with the electricity current coming from her Shocker Claws), Poison Manipulation (with Toxic Cloud), Power Nullification (via Critical Hit, Shock), Reactive Power Level (Every fight they participate in makes them stronger), Regeneration (Low-Mid), Underwater Breathing (Type 2; Abyss only), Vibration Manipulation (Golem can cause earthquakes with his Pneumo Fists), Weapon Mastery (Abyss is a skilled Spear user; Golem is a skilled Gauntlets user; Mephisto is a skilled Sword user; Harpy is a skilled Claws user)

Attack Potency: City Block level (Was able to easily overpower Shadow in combat, who shortly after their fight defeated a Shroud that previously trashed a Shadow that formerly defeated Shogun in combat). Can ignore conventional durability with Passing Burning Effect.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Can keep up with Shadow in combat after the previous dodged Hermit's cloud to earth lightning)

Lifting Strength: At least Peak Human (With little issue he can grab and throw Shadow, who wears heavy steel armor and who also holds an extremely heavy weapon at the same time)

Striking Strength: City Block Class

Durability: City Block level

Stamina: High (Ancient can fight up to three rounds against Shadow, an enemy who never grows tired, while sustaining heavy battle wounds such as deep blade wounds to vital areas, powerful blunt attacks that knock him unconscious, impalements, being burned by plasma and fire, getting paralyzed from high voltage electricity, bleeding heavily, having a bomb attached to his body explode, getting crippled and having his legs broken)

Range: Extended Melee Range to Several meters with the Composite Sword. Interdimensional with Fight Rules.

Standard Equipment:

Composite Sword SF2.png
  • Composite Sword: A futuristic trick weapon wielded by Ancient. It has two forms: sword and whip form. It is composed of a whip base structure that has nine blade segments attached along the whip tail. Its handle features a small wheel system that has wrapped around it the whip wire. When the wire is fully retracted, all blade segments strongly connect to each other, causing the weapon to become and act as a big sword similar to a Dadao. Just by swinging the weapon, Ancient can make the wheel spin and thus give out the wire wrapped around it, loosening the strong connection of the blades and thus causing them to spread out from one another along the now extended wire, causing the weapon to become and act as a whip sword.


  • Thruster: A futuristic spear wielded by Abyss. This spear differentiates itself from the rest with its lighter weight and more pronounced pointy tips on its shorter head with less impactful edges made for slashing, as its main focus is fast thrust attacks with resonably long range. All these traits combined allow Abyss to wield the weapon in a way drastically different than all the other spears.
  • Pneumo Fists: A pair of futuristic gauntlets worn by Golem. Each of them features an automatic battering ram that is used predominantly by Golem in most of his attacks with them. The battering ram is launched with tons of force and speed with the help of pressurised air conducted to it through a pair of tubes, after which the ram returns back, ready to be launched again. The power of these weapons is so strong that Golem can cause earthquakes by smashing both of them to the ground with a jump.
  • Sword Saw: A futuristic sword wielded by Mephisto. It is used with one hand and its light weight allows for very fast slashes to be performed with it. What's special about it is the fact that instead of having a normal blade it features a sawblade which can be activated by Mephisto with a simple press of a button on the weapon's handle.
  • Shocker Claws: A pair of futuristic claws worn by Harpy. They are used just like normal claws are for the most part, but unlike their medieval counterparts they also feature a high-voltage electricity generator strapped onto them. This generator can conduct deadly electricity into the two blades of each claw, and Harpy can even create an electricity current that shocks the enemy and paralyzes them.

Ranged Weapons

  • Beast Axes: Abyss' throwing weapons of choice.
  • Weighted Shurikens: Golem's throwing weapons of choice.
  • Circular Saws: Mephisto's throwing weapons of choice.
  • Kunai of the Wind: Harpy's throwing weapons of choice.

Magic Amulets

Magic amulets allow their wearer to gather inner magical energy through combat and use it to create different types of magic based on what their amulets allow them to.

  • Toxic Cloud: Abyss' magic amulet of choice. It allows its wearer to create poisonous clouds.
  • Dark Blast: Golem's magic amulet of choice. It allows its wearer to create explosive charges.
  • Force Ray: Mephisto's magic amulet of choice. It allows its wearer to call down force rays of purple light from the sky.
  • Force Wave: Harpy's magic amulet of choice. It allows its wearer to create force waves.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Was the instructor of many fighters of many different worlds and thus has knowledge over a lot of fighting styles. His knowledge and intellect is as high as Bolo's and Nanami's, having a vast knowledge that Bolo possesses over the nature of time, and the incredible intellect of Nanami that allows him to manipulate reality by manipulating universal laws)

Weaknesses: None notable.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Head Hit: Landing a strike on the enemy's head triggers a Head Hit, making it deal 60% more damage.
  • Critical Hit: Any unblocked hit has a chance to be a Critical Hit, which deals 50% more damage and makes the enemy fall to the ground.
  • Shock: Dealing a Head Hit to the enemy has a small chance to result in a Shock, which will disarm the enemy and make them fall to the ground, forcing them to fight barehanded afterwards for the rest of the round.
  • Block: Ancient and his Champions can enter defensive stances to block incoming attacks from the enemy, greatly reducing their damage dealt.

Fight Rules

These rules are universal laws that Ancient claims to come from the worlds of the Champions that fell under Titan's feet. Being able to manipulate them, Ancient can combine and change them if he wishes to do so, the following set combinations he inflicts upon the enemy being only the rules the Champions used to fight under when they sparred with Ancient.

  • No Blocks, Kicks Only: In this fight, thou shalt only kick thy foe, and never block his attacks.
  • Magic Level 47: Thou shalt only fight in this combat if thou possess a magic amulet not lower than level 47.
  • Fight In The Dark, Hidden Healthbar: Dark shall fall upon thee from time to time in this fight, and thou shalt not see thy foe's health.
  • Periodical Earthquakes: Earth itself shall tremble under thy feet in this fight, and thou shall fall and suffer wounds.
  • Invisible Enemy, You Lose On Ring Out: In this fight thou shalt lose should thee step on the red, and thou shall not see thine adversary.
  • Hot Ground, You Lose If You Fall: Defeat shall be thy destiny in this fight, shouldst thou stand on the ground for five seconds or more, or shouldst thou fall.
  • Score Victory, Head Hits Only: The winner in this combat shall be he who gains more points with head hits.
  • Equipment Level 47: This fight is only open for those who have all equipment level 47 or higher, including magics and thrown blades.
  • Enemy Takes Damage In Shown Area Only: Fight, but know that thou shalt only be able to wound thy foe in the zone that is noted.
  • Weapon Level 48: To fight this combat, have a weapon not lower than level 48.
  • Dodge Enemy Missiles: In this fight, thy foe's throwing blades shall kill thee once they hit.
  • Throw Enemy In Shown Area: To win, thou shalt grip thy foe and throw him, all in the zone that is noted.
  • Enemy Regenerates Until Being Hit: Thy foe shall start regaining his health from hitting thee, but thou shalt be able to prevent that by hitting him.
  • Inverted Controls, Dodge Enemy Magic: As in a mirror, by walking to the left thou shalt move to the right, and vice versa. Also, thy foe's magics will kill thee insantly.
  • Reach Aggressive Style: Thy foe shall be tough as stone, but reach Aggressive style, and thou shall win at once.
  • Equipment Level 48: This fight is only open for those who have all equipment level 48 or higher, including magics and thrown blades.
  • Aggressive Enemy, You Win On Timeout: Thy task in this fight shall be that of ease: survive for 60 seconds, for thy foe shall be of unusual vigor.
  • Armor Level 49: To fight this combat, clothe thyself in armor not lower than level 49.
  • Shrinked Fight Location, Thorns On Walls: Fight in a narrow place this time, with damage-dealing thorns on the arena's borders.
  • Hot Ground, Score Victory: Deal more hits than thy foe to win this fight, and stay for five seconds or more on the ground to lose.
  • Passing Burning Effect, Enemy Returns Damage: Thy wounds shall bleed in this fight. Hit thy foe to stop the flow and he shall bleed instead, but thou shall be damaged in return.
  • Disarm: Disarm thy adversary if thou wishes to win this fight.
  • Equipment Level 49: This fight is only open for those who have all equipment level 49 or higher, including magics and thrown blades.
  • Periodical Earthquakes, Inverted Movement: Earth itself shall tremble under thy feet in this fight, thou shalt suffer wounds when falling. Walking one way, thou shalt move in the other.

Historical Importance Index Mechanism

Historical Importance Index is a mechanism in the Shadow Fight world which allows all people to change the course of world history processes with their wishes, thus being able to change the face of the world based on their personality. Because everybody has access to this power, more often than not their wishes will intercept and clash with each other over which one gets to become reality. The winner whose wish will triumph over the one of his adversary is the one who is simply more important to the world than the other. This is why people who are very important will change the fate of the world with their wishes so suddenly they won't even know how they succeeded so easily, because they don't even have to try much, while those who are less important than the previously mentioned won't be able to change the world with their wishes even if they try harder than the more important people to make them reality, their wishes getting completely overwritten by those of the more important individuals. One's historical importance index is as high as how many other lives they impacted, and how dramatically. The higher the index of historical importance of a person is, the more "luck" they get in all their plans, the more of their wishes will come true.

Composite Sword Moves

  • Stance: Ancient glides his Composite Sword from one arm over his shoulders to the other hand.
  • Double Slash: Ancient delivers an overhead slash to the enemy, before slashing upwards.
  • Heavy Slash: Ancient delivers a heavy overhead slash to the enemy.
  • Super Slash: Ancient delivers two spinning slashes to the enemy that ascendantly grow longer in reach and damage, ending the attack with a whip crack slash that has the longest range and biggest damage.
  • Spinning Slash: Ancient spins once all while slamming the tip of his Composite Sword to the ground, delivering a devastating hit.
  • Upper Slash: Ancient performs an upper slash.
  • Low Slash: Ancient performs a low slash to the enemy's leg.


  • Toxic Cloud: Abyss raises both arms in the air, after which a toxic cloud appears at the enemy's location.
  • Dark Blast: Golem slightly leans back and forms an explosive charge in one of his hands, before leaning forward and throwing it at the enemy.
  • Force Ray: Mephisto raises his arm, after which a purple light beam falls down from the sky upon the enemy.
  • Force Wave: Harpy swings her hand forward and sends out towards the enemy a force wave that damages them on impact.



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