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Ana Schariac was made the squad leader of Snow Lotus last year. The squad was garrisoned at Coral Island. She became a Herrscher during the eruption. Comm records showed that she tried to fight the Honkai but failed... Ana left after killing other Valkyries. We believe she still held on to a thread of humanity at that time. We have yet to discern her exact powers, but we're calling the 5th Herrscher as the Herrscher of Ice.
~ Alvitr explain about how Ana become a Herrscher

This is what I treasure the most. Return it to me after we make it out alive.
~ Ana gave her precious necklace to Owl

I will save Ana and free her from shackles of Honkai. She will be human once more. I know what the World Serpent has store for her. You refused to give me a chance. I have no other choice.
~ Owl confronting with Mei

Ana... I want you to know... That I've lost everything on that day. I don't know what I did to deserve this, or what I should do afterwards. Nothing else mattered. Everything became meaningless. I embarked upon a path of self-destruction. There was despair... Helplessness... acceptance... and then longing... You became my last beacon of hope. I wanted to meet again... to start over. I began studying Honkai, Shicksal, and anything that might be linked to you... I chanced upon a way where I could see you in person... I joined the World Serpent and became an officer... and then I found you... Though it was my wish... I feared I was no longer fit to see you again... My body was no longer human and my life would be ending soon. So all I wanted was to see you from a distance without you knowing... and even that became impossible... Ana.... I don't know if I should thank you or hate you... but you were the one who saved me from the stricken city.. Ana... I have... decided... to return my life to you. Take it all... and assume my power as well... We're now enemies of this world... but if there's a chance... Ana... Live on... for my sake
~ Owl's last sentence for Ana


An 18-year-old A-Rank Valkyrja who was promoted leader of the new Snow Lotus squad, as the only survivor from the original one. In chapter 18, her unit, which was deployed in Coral Island in South-East Asia, is wiped out again by her own hands after she became the Herrscher of Ice.

Born in the Schariac family, she has been trained to fight Houkai since she was a child. She became a Valkyrja at the age of 12 and was promoted to an A-Rank Valkyrja at the age of 16, and served as the deputy captain of the Snow Lotus squad. In the Manila Houkai incident in 2015, the Snow Lotus squad was almost completely wiped out. Only Ana survived, but because of her achievements in saving dozens of victims, the Snow Lotus squad was not revoked, and Ana took over as the captain.

In the chapter 18: Condensed from Frost, the Coral City where the Snow Lotus squad is stationed suffered by Houkai, and Ana became the 5th Herrscher of Ice. Due to the resistance of herself and the Houkai consciousness, she was in an unconscious state, and killed all the other members of the Snow Lotus squad while out of control.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 4-B, likely higher | At least 4-B, likely higher

Name: Ana Schariac

Origin: Honkai Impact 3rd

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Classification: Valkyrja, A Ranker, Captain of Lotus squad, Human(Former), Herrscher of Ice, Herrscher of the Rimestar

Attack Potency: At least Solar System level, likely higher (Fought on par with Herrscher of Thunder and Bright Knight Excelsis Durandal, and pushed both of them back with a powerful attack that shook the entire island. While weakened, she stomped Artemis Rita and the entire Immortal Blades forces. Would have created a global disaster by her presence with an extension of time) | At least Solar System level, likely higher (Immensely stronger than before. Requires the combinate efforts of both Mei and Durandal with the Imaginary Scepter in order to defeat her)

Speed: FTL (Can track down Herrscher of Thunder, and evenly matched her and Bright Knight Excelsis) | FTL (Easily kept with Mei and Durandal at the same time)

Lifting Strength: At least Class E (Could create and launch massive Ice structures. Should be comparable to Herrscher of Thunder. Stronger than Sirin) | At least Class E, higher with Gravity Manipulation (Tore apart all of Coral island with her Gravity sphere and sent massive pieces of the space elevator suspended in the air)

Striking Strength: At least Solar System Class, likely higher | At least Solar System Class, likely higher

Durability: At least Solar System level, likely higher | At least Solar System level, likely higher

Stamina: Almost Limitless

Range: At least dozen of kilometers, potentially higher wither over time

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown, lacks any conventional common senses and logical thinking but still knows how to fight and use her powers

Weaknesses: Uncontrollable emotionally and possesses no complex thinking

Key: Herrscher of Ice | Herrscher of the Rimestar



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