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But you wear my amulet. Finally, you embrace the truth the Elder Gods deny. The truth I was cast out for speaking.
~ Shinnok to Dark Raiden about his amulet


The Amulet of Shinnok is a powerful weapon used by the fallen Elder God of Death, Shinnok. It is a gold talisman inscribed with intricate markings of the four elements on side of the square which holds a green jewel at its center.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C | 7-B | Low 6-B

Name: Amulet of Shinnok, Shinnok's Amulet or simply the Amulet

Origin: Mortal Kombat

Age: Unknown

Classification: Amulet, talisman

Wielders: Dark Raiden (current owner), Shinnok (former owner), Mileena (former owner), Havik (former owner), Onaga (former owner), Quan Chi (former owner)

Powers and Abilities: Invulnerability, Energy Projection, Sealing, Forcefield Creation, Portal Creation, Invisibility, Limited Deconstruction, Soul Manipulation, Absorption, Energy Manipulation, Corruption, Mind Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Status Effect Inducement, Power Bestowal, Death Manipulation, Necromancy, Magic

Attack Potency: Small Town level+ (Can harm Elder Sub-Zero with the Elemental Icons) | City level (Easily oneshotted Raiden, Scorpion and Fujin) | Small Country level (Stronger than before)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+

Durability: Possibly Small Town level+ (Unscathed by Raiden's self-destruct) | Small Country level (Raiden states that the amulet cannot be destroyed, the Elder Gods stated this as well) | Small Country level (Stronger than before)

Range: Tens of kilometers (Destroyed a Shokan vessel sitting on the horizon)

Weaknesses: Slowly kills wielders weaker than Shinnok, depending on how long it is used

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Amulet Fireball: Shinnok sends a fireball from his amulet.
  • Shield: Shinnok uses his amulet to create a protector shield that will cover his entire front.
  • Amulet Strike: Shinnok pulls out his amulet and blasts magic. It can neutralize enemy projectiles.

Key: Original Timeline | Current Timeline | Unrestricted Shinnok

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