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I'm me. And that means, I'm everyone.
~ Amorpho


Unlike the majority of the ghosts in the series, Amorpho is one of the few not entirely evil. He uses his power of shapeshifting to impersonate other beings to cause mischief, all for his personal amusement.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C, likely higher

Name: Amorpho

Origin: Danny Phantom

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Ghost, Shapeshifter

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Shapeshifting (Amorpho is able to shapeshift into anyone or anything he sees), Flight, Surface Scaling (Ghosts can cling to vertical surfaces, and walk up and down walls), Ectoplasm Manipulation (Ghosts can manipulate their own unique ectoplasmic energy for a verity of effects), Aura (Ghosts can summon an aura around themselves made of their energy), Light Manipulation (Ghosts can project light using their ectoplasmic energy or shot balls of energy that burst into blinding flashes of light), Heat Manipulation (Ghosts can shot beams of heat/plasma from they eyes or hands), Electricity Manipulation (Ghosts can release electricity from their hands or entire body), Weather Manipulation (Ghosts can unleash small scale weather effects), Telekinesis (Ghosts can infuse or cover an object with their ectoplasmic energy which allows them to control), Non-Physical Interaction (Ghost can harm other non-corporeal/intangible ghosts with their energy attacks, they can use their energy to push other ghosts out of people they are overshadowing without harming the victim), Body Control (Ghosts have the power to manipulate their physical forms at will, ranging from opening holes in their bodies, splitting themselves in two, stretching parts of their bodies or changing them into weapons (ropes, hammers, blades and more), creating extra limbs and changing their form into goo, gas, smoke, fire, and energy), Weapon Creation (Ghosts can make different types of weapon using their ectoplasmic energy or their ectoplasmic bodies), Invisibility (Ghosts can turn invisible), Intangibility (Ghosts can turn parts of, or their entire physical body intangible), Power Bestowal (Ghosts can pass on their abilities to those they are touching or overshadowing, such as invisibility, intangibility and more), Possession (Ghosts can turn intangible and phase into a human, inanimate object, and even other ghosts, and take control of body and mind), Soul Manipulation (Ghosts can remove a person's spirit from their body while overshadowing them), Dream Manipulation (If a ghost overshadows a person while they are asleep, they can enter that person's dream and interact with it), Data Manipulation (If a ghost overshadows a computer, they can merge themselves with data and control it), Fusionism (Ghosts can merge with objects or each other), Biological Manipulation (Ectoplasmic energy can effect the body on a molecular level and alter it, while overshadowing humans, ghosts can effect they bodies and increase their muscle mass and physical appearance), Durability Negation (Can ignore durability by phasing), Self-Sustenance (Type 1, 2 and 3, ghosts can survive in space and lack any biological functions), Incorporeality (Ghosts have no true form, and are spirits that have a non-corporeal/intangible core and consciousness), Avatar Creation (A ghost's ectoplasmic body is a manifestation of their ectoplasmic energy and consciousness that they use to physically interact with the world), Regeneration (Mid-High for his body, a ghost's ectoplasmic body can recover from being reduced to puddles, dust, and steam), Immortality (Type 1, 3, 6 and 7, ghosts do not age and are consistently stated to not be alive, if unable to regenerate, they can take possession of another and switch their consciousness), Likely Disease Manipulation (Some ghosts have been shown and stated to cause sickness, ectoplasmic energy can cause ecto acne, which can lead to death)

Mind Manipulation and Empathic Manipulation (Ghosts can easily resist the effects of Ember McLain's music which can control the minds and emotions of hundreds of students and the entire female population of Amity Park, Can withstand attacks from other ghosts that affect the mind), Disease Manipulation (Ghosts are unaffected by the ghost mosquitoes' bite which caused the students at Danny's school to become sick), Soul Manipulation (Can withstand attacks from other ghosts that affect the soul), Cosmic Radiation (Ghosts can survive in space with no issue), Power Nullification (Unlike Danny, he could still use his ghost powers after both were hit with the same device that nullifies ghost powers), Gravity Manipulation (Ghosts are resistant to the effects of gravity)

Attack Potency: At least Island level, likely Island level+ (Matched Danny Phantom in a brief struggling)

Speed: At least Sub-Relativistic+ (Comparable to other ghosts who can easily catch up to and keep up with the Specter Speeder, comparable to other ghosts who's energy attacks move this fast), likely Massively FTL+ (Comparable to Danny Phantom)

Lifting Strength: Class K (Comparable to Danny Phantom)

Striking Strength: At least Island Class, likely Island level+

Durability: At least Island level, likely Island level+ (Took multiple attacks from Danny Phantom)

Stamina: Ghosts lack biological functions and don't feel physical fatigue, their natural ectoplasmic energy can be used as a constantly replenishing fuel source.

Range: Standard melee range, hundreds of meters with energy attacks

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Ghosts are physically incapable of interacting with the real world unless they make themselves a physical form. While invisible, ghosts can be seen using infrared vision due to their bodies giving off heat, They can be harmed and have their powers nullified by the effects of Blood Blossoms, Ecto-ranium, and Anti-Ghost Technology like the Specter Deflector.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Ectoplasm Manipulation: All ghosts have their own unique ectoplasmic energy signature and can manipulate ectoplasmic energy in many ways. Ghosts mainly project their energy in the form of beams and other constructs as well as heat, light, electricity and fire.

Body Control: All ghosts have the ability to manipulate their physical forms at will in various ways. Ranging from opening holes in their bodies, splitting themselves in two, stretching parts of their bodies or changing them into weapons (ropes, hammers, blades and more), creating extra limbs and changing their form into goo, gas, smoke, fire, and energy.

Invisibility: All ghosts have the power to turn themselves invisible. Most ghosts use this ability to hide or to sneak up on and surprise their opponents. This power can be passed on to anything and anyone the ghost is touching.

Intangibility: All ghosts have the power to turn themselves intangible. This allows them to phase through walls, other objects and attacks with no issue and effect other intangible beings of the same nature. This power can be passed on to anyone or anything a ghost is touching.

Possession: All ghosts have the power to take over a living being, inanimate objects and even other ghosts by phasing into them. It is shown that more than one ghost is capable of overshadowing a single target at a time and can push other ghosts or the spirit out of a person's body. When overshadowed, the target loses all control of their body and the ghost's consciousness takes over. The ghost can use most of their abilities while inside the host and physically alter the targets body like increasing muscle mass or turning their skin green and giving them a monster-like appearance. After the possession is over, it leaves the target with nothing but a vague memory of what happened while they were overshadowed and in a dizzy state. A ghost can allow a person to overshadow another with them as long as they are holding on to them. If a ghost is rendered incapable of regenerating, they can swap their consciousness with another and take over their body.

Regeneration: A ghost's physical form is a manifestation of their ectoplasmic energy and consciousness. Due to this, ghosts can restore their physical form after it is damaged. This allows them to recover from cuts, lost limbs, bisected, splattered into puddles, turned to dust and steam.


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