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I foresaw [my spark] would one day [ignite], and I decided I didn't want to wait for that.
~ Aminatou


Aminatou is an incredible young human planeswalker from an unknown plane of existence, who has an innate control over the fate of others. Unlike any other planeswalker, her spark was ignited at a young age seemingly randomly, although this was explained in that she foresaw herself becoming a planeswalker, and simply willed it so early. She is held in infamy in places she travels, because of her child-like disposition in spite of her vast intelligence, causing her to play tricks with the fates of those around her. Aminatou's magic revolves around fate and the manipulation of destiny. She can perceive the matrix of fate and foresee the destinies of others.

Like all eight-year-olds, Aminatou is playful and fickle. Her own destiny is something she toys with on a daily basis; some days she'll grow up to be a singer, other days a powerful wizard, some days a trainer of beautiful beasts and other days a conquering queen. She is young, but because of her powers, possesses the knowledge of a lifetime. The most striking feature of Aminatou is her calm demeanor.

Her magic is expressed through intangible moths. When one of her wisps of power lands on a person it nudges their fate in whatever direction Aminatou chooses.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C, possibly far higher with powers

Name: Aminatou, The Fateshifter

Origin: Magic: The Gathering

Gender: Female

Age: 8

Classification: Human, Planeswalker

Powers and Abilities: Mastery over Blue, Black, and White mana, Can planeswalk to other planes/universes within the MTG multiverse, Summoning (Can summon moths who have intangibility and can bring as many moths as she wishes), Animal Manipulation, Fate Manipulation (Able to casually rewrite and has perfect control over her own fate, and the fate of others, from small changes such as one stepping on a thorn, to larger changes, such as changing the date of someone's death. It is stated that if she wanted to, this can be applied to the multiverse as a whole), Precognition (Able to foresee the eventual fate of herself and others to the date of their deaths, as well as how her actions change the course of destiny on a multiversal scale), Resistance to Existence Erasure, Mind Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Void Manipulation, Reality Warping, Non-Physical Interaction, Corruption (Type 3), and Transmutation (As a planeswalker, she has resistance to the effects of the Blind Eternities)

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level physically (Is a small child of the age of eight), possibly far higher with powers (Stated that if she wanted to, she could unravel the entire multiverse. This may have been an exaggeration, however)

Speed: Unknown (Although she shouldn't be much slower than other post-mending planeswalkers)

Lifting Strength: Below Average

Striking Strength: Below Average Human Class

Durability: Below Average Human level

Stamina: Unknown, likely low physically as a child

Range: Standard melee range, Multiversal with her powers

Standard Equipment: Her staff, Intangible Moths

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Can see a myriad of possible futures, and knows how to make them happen through fate manipulation. Possesses cosmic intelligence that takes lifetimes to obtain)

Weaknesses: Still has the mental maturity of a child, despite her calm demeanor, and likes to toy around with the fates of others.

Standard Tactics: Aminatou will blow an intangible moth on her target, manipulating the target's fate when it lands.



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