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Amanda Young
I found myself a father... a leader... a teacher.
~ Amanda talking about John Kramer


Amanda Young is on of the main characters in the three original Saw films. She was originally a drug addict who was brought under the wing of John Kramer after surviving the Reverse Beartrap. She became his apprentice, and served her mentor along side Mark Hoffman.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A physically, 9-C with handgun. 9-B with Shotgun Collar

Name: Amanda Young

Origin: Saw

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, adult

Classification: Apprentice of Jigsaw

Powers and Abilities: Stealth Mastery, Preparation, Adept with a Handgun, Sleep Manipulation (Via syringes), High Pain Tolerance

Attack Potency: Athlete level physically (Easily overpower normal people), Street level with handgun (Normal handguns are this level). Wall level with the Shotgun Collar (Does massive damage to the human skull; comparable to an average shotgun)

Speed: Average Human, possibly higher physically (Can occasionally catch victims off guard, though this is likely due to stealth), Supersonic with Pistol and Shotgun Collar (Pistol attack speed is this level. Shotgun Collar include the normal firearm's mechanisms which would make it this level)

Lifting Strength: Average Human, possibly Athletic Human (Can lift and overpower fully grown adults)

Striking Strength: Athletic Class

Durability: Athlete level

Stamina: Athletic Human

Range: Standard melee range, likely up to 50 meters with pistol. Below standard melee range with shotgun collar (Requires the trap to be placed on the head of a victim)

Standard Equipment: Syringe, occasionally a type of pistol and the shotgun collar

Intelligence: Above Average, likely higher (Was trained by John Kramer to carry on his work, could create her own traps, and manipulate people)

Weaknesses: Is emotionally imbalanced, has been a drug addict and dabbles in self harm. The shotgun collar has to be setup and place around the neck of the victim.


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