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Amagasa is a Darwin’s Game player and a doctor at the hospital where Suzune Hiragi used to stay. She's a member of the «Olive Tree» clan, where members are free to do whatever they please; Amagasa decided to become a "farmer", someone who forces people into Darwin's Game so they can easily obtain points by then killing them.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B, At least 9-C with stat amp

Name: Amagasa, Red Viper

Origin: Darwin's Game

Gender: Female

Age: 20s/30s

Classification: Human, Player of the Darwin’s Game, Member of the «Olive Tree» clan, Doctor

Powers and Abilities: Biological Manipulation[1], Poison Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction, Sense Manipulation, Perception Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Blindness Inducement, Death Inducement, Judo

Attack Potency: Human level, At least Street level+ with stat amp (Threw over a transformed Suzune Hiragi and rendered her unconscious in one strike. Can casually crush necks)[1]

Speed: Average Human, far higher when drugged

Lifting Strength: Average Human, at least Above Average Human with stat amp

Striking Strength: Human Class, Street Class+ with stat amp

Durability: Human level, At least Street level+ with stat amp (Survived an attack from Suzune)

Stamina: Seemingly above average as she's trained in judo. Likely much higher with chemicals and drugs

Range: 30 centimeters for Asclepius, Hundreds of meters with stat amp

Standard Equipment: Several syringes, Several vials with various chemicals

Intelligence: Has a masterful knowledge of chemistry and any of its components, and can perfectly create any chemical substance on the spot, as well as knowledge of the human anatomy. She's also adept in combat and survival, from her time as a Darwin's Game player

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, diminished when drugged

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Asclepius: Amagasa's Sigil allows her to create, synthesize, and refine chemical substances on the spot, anywhere within 30 centimeters or her body, whether in liquid form inside syringes and vials, or aerial forms as poison, gas, or radioactivity. Her knowledge of chemistry is masterful, and she knows the right proportions to create any chemicals with the desired intensity and quantity; that includes doping substances, chemicals with various negative side-effects, Napalm, Propofol, several gases (Lachrymal, Nerve, Erosive, Choking, etc.), insta-death poisons, and even VX Gas.


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