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The Amadeus Syndicate is a criminal organization specialized in cyber terrorism and robotic, and represents the main antagonist in Metal Slug 4. It is led by a mysterious figure known only as "The Doctor", who plans to take over the world by using a computer virus called "White Baby", which can override the military systems of every country of the planet. While the world plunges into panic after learning of the upcoming threat, the Intelligence Agency's satellite captures a picture of General Morden, and this leads the Regular Army to connect him to Amadeus. The same happens to the Rebel Army, which apparently is providing a large amount of troops and weapons to the Syndicate, apparently obeying to their orders. As it will be later discovered, Amadeus built fake, robotic versions of Morden, and used them to manipulate the Rebels from behind the scene and deceive the World Government. Tarma and Eri were dispatched to protect researchers developing a "vaccine", while Marco, Fio and the new recruits, Trevor and Nadia, were deployed to stop Amadeus, which started a military attack in various parts of the world.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C to High 8-C, possibly higher

Civilization Type: Post-Industrial Civilization

Name: Amadeus Syndicate

Origin: Metal Slug 4

Classification: Crime Syndicate, Paramilitary Organization

Kardashev Level: Type 0

Age: Unknown, at least more than 4 years

Population: Unknown, at least hundreds by themselves, likely thousands including the rebels

Territory: Their HQ and some parts of the world obtained by manipulating the Rebel Army. They have been able to put under siege two large cities and an amusement park

Technology/Abilities: Peak to Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon and Vehicular Mastery, likely a certain degree of Hand-to-hand combat and Stealth knowledge (Due to being an army of trained soldiers), minor Acrobatics (Soldiers are able to perform jump attacks on the ground as well as jump off flying vehicles), Explosion Manipulation (Via explosives), Flight (With air vehicles), Underwater Breathing (Type 3 via Sea Satan), Preparation, Hacking (Developed the White Baby, a powerful computer virus that was about to override the main military systems of countries around the world in a brief period of time), Social Influencing (Deceived and manipulated the Rebel Forces by using the Morden robots, making them believe it was their real leader and using them for Amadeus' purposes), Inorganic Physiology (Type 2 for vehicles and robots), Danmaku (When in large numbers), Large Size (Type 0 to 1 depending on the machinery), Camouflage (Via snow suits), Energy Projection (Via energy weapons), pseudo Summoning (Many vehicles and other weapons house groups of soldiers that can come out when needed), Electricity Manipulation (Via Morden Robot), Fire Manipulation (Via Toschka Dalanue), Biological and Disease Manipulation (Stored, weaponized and possibly synthetized the zombie virus and the mummy gas. Zombies and mummies can infect others and spread the contagion. Amadeus' scientists are armed with bullets containing a serum that turns the victims into monkeys), Purification (Type 3; They possess serums and potions to heal from the zombie, mummy and monkey transformation), Immortality (Type 7 for mummies and zombies), minor Teleportation and Insect Manipulation (Mummies can appear from nowhere and release insects from their mouth), Organic Manipulation (Zombies can attack by ejecting their organic matter, infecting those who get hit), Self-Destruction (Rebel zombies are prone to jumping on the enemy and explode), Resistance to Disease Manipulation, some forms of Poison Manipulation and possibly Radiation Manipulation (Via Hazmat suits)

Attack Potency: Street level to Large Building level, possibly Higher (Regular weapons and war vehicles are within these levels. Part of their arsenal can match or surpass those of the Regular Army, which can easily destroy buildings and war vehicles such as helicopters and tanks, and their strongest machinery are superior to the normal units in every aspect. The Syndicate was seen as a serious threat by the Regular Army. The Brave Guerrier was able to almost completely destroy a cargo ship)

Power Source: Very likely oil, gas, electricity and other common power sources on Earth. Unknown for energy weapons.

Industrial Capacity: Relatively high. By tapping into the resources of the Rebel Army they can obtain a great number of weapons and vehicles in a short time. Their HQ is also a factory for the production of their own machines, as seen by the large number of androids that were being mass produced. Zombies and mummies can esponentially increase their numbers by infecting more and more people.

Military Prowess: Likely thousands accounting all of their resources. Their forces are mostly comprised by the leftovers of the Rebel Army, which have been fully used by the Syndicate. By themselves they possess at least some hundreds of soldiers and machines, and can increase their numbers by hiring external units, such as the pirates, or spreading the zombie and mummy diseases. If successfully uploaded, the White Baby virus grants the control of the military system of every country in the world. During the events of Metal Slug 4, the Amadeus Syndicate seized two large cities and an amusement park in a short period of time.

Notable Individuals:

  • The Doctor: The leader of the Amadeus Syndicate. He is the one who arranged the army of the Syndicate, deceived the rebels and started the war. Among his inventions there are the White Baby virus and likely all of the special machines possessed by the Syndicate.

Weaknesses: Soldiers are prone to slack off and lower their guard when not engaged in combat.


  • Soldiers: Troops specialized in military combat on foot and most of them are comprised by rebel soldiers. Everyone is equipped with a knife for close combat but the majority of them carries other weapons such as grenades, rocket launchers, rifles, swords, shields, miniguns, mortars and landmines. There are also special troops deployed for different purposes, like camouflaging in snowy environments or riding motorcycles and military vehicles. Some of them are dressed in blue and represent the personal elite soldiers of the Syndicate, being more skilled than the rest of the troops and armed with special autorifles.
  • Pirates: Bandits of the sea hired by the Amadeus Syndicate to board a Cargo ship of the Regular Army. They are equipped with cutlasses and pistols.
  • Scientists: Researchers of the Amadeus Syndicate that can also take part in combat. They are equipped with a special rifle whose bullets contain a serum that turns the victim into a monkey.
  • Hazmat Soldiers: Special units of the Amadeus Syndicate, which are enstasked with handling biological weapons. They are equipped with knives and grenades containing the zombies virus or the mummy gas and are dressed with hazmat suits to protect themselves by said biological agents.

  • T-2B Melty Honey: A light tankette focused on speed. It is lightly armored, with a hefty spiked plate added additional frontal defense. Its only armament is the frontal cannon that fires slow guided missiles.
  • Girida-O: The main battle tank of the Rebel Army, balanced between mobility, firepower and survivability. It fires cannon shells that fly in an arc.
  • Di-Cokka: One of the main tanks of the Rebel Army. It is more armored than the Girida-O and is armed with a cannon capable of rapid fire. The driver usually is equipped with a rocket launcher. The Amadeus Syndicate possesses a special white variant, which is more durable and can fire in quicker succession.
  • M-15A "Bradley": A tank specially designed to be a long range artillery unit. It is able to fire a volley of rockets either directly in front of it or in an arc by rotating the turret. It is best suited for support fire.
  • Nop-03 Sarubia: A fairly armored vehicle designed for support fire and to keep the enemy busy. It drops rolling mines from its cannon.
  • Iron Iso: A heavy tank designed mainly for defense. It is heavily armored, serving well as an armed roadblock and as cover for troops and other vehicles. Its cannon fires shells in an arc.
  • MH-6S Masknell: Light utility helicopters. The Masknells are fast, reliable, and can attack the enemy with their miniguns. They usually work in packs and scatter all over to panic the battlefield.
  • Eaca-B: An air-to-ground fighter that amkes most of the Rebel Army's air force. Fast and versatile, they carry self-propelled-heat-seeking bombs which serves as their main firepower, but some of them can fire semi-homing missiles and others are can use machine guns.
  • Flying Tara: A secondary airplane used by the rebel air force, with better armament and maneuverability. They only carry a single heavy bomb with them, after throwing it, they fly away.
  • R-Shobu: The main attack helicopter of the Rebel Army. They are very fast, attacking by dropping bombs on ground targets or using rockets for aerial targets.
  • Parachuetruck: A large support van used to bombard an area with several volley-bombs under parachutes, and then are able to deploy Rebel soldiers by launching them with the launchers above its roof.
  • Landseek: A transport vehicle used to carry enemy troops to the battlefield. It also has the capability to transport heavy artillery and vehicles.
  • 3-ton Utility Truck: An alternative to the Landseek used to transport troops. This provides an easy exit to the troops.

  • Mummies: Ancient egyptians that came back to life. They normally are found only in some ancient ruins, but the Amadeus Syndicate has been able to put its hands over the gas they breath and use it as a weapon. This gas is a special substance that can turn others in mummies by making contact with them. These creatures can appear from nowhere in a cloud of said gas, and they attack the enemy either by breathing their poison on them or spitting rounded bombs filled with the same substance. Some mummies can also release flying bugs from their mouth, which can easily kill a person.
  • Dog Mummies: Mummified animals that often accompany other mummies. They are very fast and agile, and they share the ability to breath the infected gas.
  • Zombies: Regular people and soldiers that have been turned into undeads by the zombie virus, which was somehow obtained and deployed by the Amadeus Syndicate. They became mindless monster and proceed only to spread the infection. They are very slow, but this weakness is compensated by their durability, which is higher than that of a human, and by their ability to expel biological matter and fluids from their bodies, infecting anyone is touched by it, effectively turning them into zombies. Some of them are special, like the Rebel Zombie and the Tar Man. The former is faster and leaps on the enemy, exploding on contact, while the latter can throw large quantities of infected liquids.

  • Patrol Robot: Small defense drones used to protect the main facilities of the Amadeus Syndicate. They are heavily armored, so their only weak spot is their lens, which they use to fire fast laser beams.
  • Amadeus Robot: Small machines that assist the Doctor in combat. They can fire a laser beam from their head, but they serve more as a distraction rather than true fighting tools.
  • Morden Robot: Androids that possess the same appearance of Donald Morden and that were used to deceive the Rebel Army and make them follow the orders of the Amadeus Syndicate. These robots are equipped with a rocket launcher and are highly resistant. However, once received too much damage, they will partially explode, revealing their true metallic appearance, normally concealed by the artificial skin. Once this happens, they drop their bazookas and start to limp around. They are still dangerous, since their body can release electricity and their head can explode, causing damage to those caught by the blast.
  • Mecha Allen: Another type of android, who possesses the appearance of Allen O'Neil. Its equipment and combat behavior are the same as the original, but it is said to be more durable than him. After receiveing enough damage, this robot will lose part of its skin, revealing its true, robotic appearance. When this happens, it become more ferocious and his machine gun somewhat stronger than before.
  • Brave Guerrier: A blimp with support and combat purposes. It can carry many troops and attack with the multiple weapons mounted on it. Its lower part features a minigun, three rocket launchers that can fire several guided missiles, a hatch that releases bouncing spiky bombs, two turrets armed with a pair of cannons each and finally another hatch, concealed by the Amadeus Syndicate logo, that can fire larger missiles. The sides also possess multiple rocket launchers, able to fire from great distances.
  • Toschka Dalanue: A heavily armored tower composed of five segments, operated by a Mecha Allen. Sector 5 is armed with two cannons, sector 4 firer large missiles, sector 3 fires flaming bombs from its cannons and finally sector 1 comes with a large cannon and a series of launchers that fire several parachute bombs in the air, which then slowly fall on the enemy. The entire tower houses many soldiers, who can come out and provide support when needed.
  • Iron: An improved version of the Iron Nokana, a tank of the Rebel Army, designed to be more lethal and resistant. The thick armor makes it impervious to damage and it can attack by firing energy projectiles from the main cannon or a volley of guided missiles from the launcher on the side. It is usually driven by a Morden Robot, that can also appear and shoot with its bazooka.
  • Big John: A large stationary animatronic repurposed and turned into a weapon by the Amadeus Syndicate. It possesses a suspended claw that can smash the opponents underneath or fire a laser beam. If the claw receives too much damage, it will turn into a cannon that releases energy bombs and the head of Big John will partially explode, revealing its true appearance. When this happens, a second hand comes forth and starts releasing large rockets and many propelled virus dials that can turn the enemies into zombies on contact. Big John also houses some soldiers, that can come out to help in battle.
  • Sea Satan: A huge submarine deployed during naval battles. It is ridden by several soldiers that will come out to directly face the enemy, while one of them maneuvers a turret placed on the front, which serves both as a minigun and a rocket launcher. Occasionally, it can dive underwater and release several large rockets from below.
  • Amadeus Mother Computer: The main computer located in the depth of the Amadeus Syndicate HQ. It occupies an entire room and is made of multiple machines, some of which are also weapons driven by the Doctor. The so-called Type α is a large blue machine that can fire missiles from the front hatch and energy projectiles from the main cannon. The Type β is similar, and attacks by firing multiple rounds from its mini-guns hidden in the front hatch, sending out a buzz saw, and launching satellite drones which attack by firing energy projectiles. The central machine controls a series of laser guns placed all over the room, which can fire energy beams or multiple smaller rays that bounce on surfaces. The central part can also release a circular energy wave.
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