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Let me start with the conclusion…My power is infinite. I can overlay settings over pre-existing settings. For example, let’s say you somehow acquired unusual abilities and powers in order to defeat me. Then, I can simply resolve that like this. ‘Your unusual power won’t work on me, and I can still defeat you with one finger.’ Do you think this is ridiculous? Yes, that’s right. I won’t deny it. However, such an inexplicable statement can sometimes be stronger than a never-ending exchange


Alovenus is the main villain of A Wild Last Boss Appeared series. She is the Goddess of Creation who created the Midgard universe. Her birth was a singularity with less chance of happening than the universe itself. She was the only one on Earth who had supernatural powers. She eventually overthrew the original God and took their place, giving mortals a utopia where all their desires were fulfilled.

She noticed however that they were never satisficed nor happy. If a person eats the best foods every day, they wouldn't be happy with it, but a poor person who can't afford it, would be. Thus Alovenus decided that in order for mortals to be happy, suffering is necessary, and thus she had her scenario take effect. Mortals would be continually pushed to the brink of annihilation over and over again.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, Low 5-B with Argonautai | 4-A, Low 2-C with Big Crunch | Low 2-C | 1-B, to Low 1-A | Low 1-A

Name: Alovenus, The Goddess of Creation, "Third Rate Author"

Origin: A Wild Last Boss Appeared

Gender: Female

Age: Tens of billions of years old

Classification: Goddess, Singularity

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 9; Her true form exists beyond where she can be harmed), Teleportation, Attack Reflection (Can absorb her opponents attack using X-Gate and then send it back at them), Portal Creation, Information Analysis (Can see her opponents level, remaining HP, and their stats), Healing, Longevity, Photographic Memory, Space-Time Manipulation (Can distort space-time[1]. Can control time), Mind Manipulation (Can manipulate minds), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense mana), BFR (Can banish things to the space between dimensions), Flight, Dimensional Travel (Travelled from Midgard to Earth), Body Control, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Can create alternate dimensions in order to store inorganic matter), Memory Manipulation (Can erase and rewrite her opponents memories and personalities), Metal Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Forcefield Creation, Resurrection, Sealing (Sealed Ruphas 200 years ago), Resistance Negation (Like Brachium, her unique skills also bypass resistances as it unconditionally takes effect. Can ignores resistances), Homing Attack (Like Brachium, her unique skills automatically hits her target), Pressure Points (Like Brachium, her unique skills ignore defenses and penetrates the body), Power Nullification (Like Brachium, her unique skills bypass skills and directly deals damage to people, such as those are buffed with having luck that grants them absolute evasion), Causality Manipulation (Like other skills from other agents of the Goddess, Alovenus' unique skills have higher priority than any other skills. These skills are absolute as they are permitted by Alovenus rules. They can't be prevented, take absolute priority over all skills in place, and once used are absolutely certain to happen), Statistics Reduction (Can assign a maximum damage restriction on the target), Creation (Can create skills), Fear Manipulation (Can amplify fear), Time Travel (Can travel to the past and future), Enhanced Senses (Can sense distortions in space-time), Soul Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation (Can control souls and put people to sleep), Death Manipulation (Can grant instant death to both the living and non-living[2]), Subjective Reality (Can use whatever abilities people can imagine[2]), Aura (Radiates an aura that make even the fabric of space-time flicker), Resistance to Fear Manipulation (Should be able to resist Ruphas Coercion), Madness Manipulation (Type 2, Can resist Aigokeros madness manipulation that affected an entire country), Heat Manipulation (Comparable to The Twelve Heavenly Stars who had no issue in in ridiculous heat which could even melt and boil boulders. High level individuals can withstand -100 degrees Celsius with no issues), Sleep Manipulation (Level 1000s have resistance to sleep magic), Death Manipulation (Most boss-class monsters are immune to instant death attacks), Power Nullification (Her unique skills can't be negated), Information Analysis (Can conceal her status by setting up a fake status), and Law Manipulation (Alovenus is stated to be on the same level as Ruphas, Ruphas broke past the level 1000 level limit and further broken pass 4 more walls of restrictions imposed by Alovenus rules)


All previous abilities on a vastly higher scale plus Perception Manipulation (Alovenus is an expert in manipulating people's perception[4]), Empathic Manipulation (Can manipulate the emotions of every living thing in the world[5]), Power Bestowal (Blessed heroes with divine power[6]. All skills and magic are gifts from her[7]), Curse Manipulation (Can curse others[8]), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; Can survive in space[9]), Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 5; Is ageless[2]. Even before becoming a God, life and death were phenomena that she could bend to her will[2]. She gave herself the setting that she can't be killed by any means[10], thus death can't come to her by any means except for suicide, even if she is killed, she doesn't die[11]), Existence Erasure (Can win regardless of the process, can inflict the defeat condition on the opponent, can erase everything with a glance[10]), Probability Manipulation (Her slashes have absolute accuracy and deal absolute destruction[11]), Regeneration (High Godly; She can regenerate even when her HP had been reduced to zero or less, or when the concept of HP is erased. Even if her soul was destroyed, erased without any traces left, or rendered non-existent, she will still return[11]), Plot Manipulation (The world itself moves according to her scenario)[12], Avatar Creation (Can create avatars), Acausality (Type 5; When she became a deity, her human self vanished from history as if she never existed[13]. Alovenus is a singularity whose birth had less of occurring than the birth of the universe itself[9]. As a singularity, she is unbound by all laws, all laws and providence are contained within her[9]), Cosmic Awareness (Can observe the entire world of Midgard from outside the universe[14]), Creation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; Within the realm of God concepts, laws, providence don't exist, they are things those who have reach the realm of God create on their own whim. Alovenus paints her own "colors" on the blank white canvas that is the realm of God, which is outside the universe and contains all creation), Nigh-Omniscience, Reactive Evolution (She can become stronger if she wills it[10]), Possession (Has the ability to possess others), Fate Manipulation (Controlled the fate of the demon race[14]. Guided the fates of heroes to meet Pollux and then die fighting Orm[15]), Size Manipulation (Shrank the multiverse[16]), Precognition, Power Absorption (Can penetrate whatever abilities and kill the opponent, can see through the opponent’s next move and the move after that, has willpower to overcome whatever the opponent did, can seize the opponent’s powers for herself)

Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1; Was affected by the concept of death being used against her by the previous God[9]), Plot Manipulation, Fate Manipulation (She is a walking singularity whose birth had a lower probability of occurring than the birth of the universe itself. She is the biggest bug in the world. Thus she should be able to ignore scenarios and fate like Ruphas who is another bug in the world), Black Hole Creation (Black holes don't work on her), Death Manipulation, Power Absorption, Reactive Power Level, Time Manipulation, Power Nullification, Attack Reflection (Abilities such as an instant death attack that kills the opponent just by facing them, an ability to take away all of the opponent’s powers just by being present, a trait that always makes her opponent stronger than her, turn back time to undo events, becoming a resident of a higher dimension and tossing away the opponent’s settings like a piece of waste paper, the power to nullify all kinds of abilities, an invincible barrier that can reflect any attacks at several times their original power, a constitution that manipulates the concept of victory and ignores the process to attain absolute victory, a cheat that instills the concept of defeat into the opponent to ensure absolute defeat for them, or pure, unrivaled power that can penetrate and kill everything without exception, all don't work on her[16]), Pain Manipulation (Gave herself the setting that she is immortal, and can't feel pain[10]), Subjective Reality, Resistance Negation, Precognition, Power Absorption (Ruphas used everything she had on Alovenus. The battle between the 2 also became dead even with the 2 just glaring at each other and then proceeding to a simple sword fight despite all the abilities they were using earlier)

 All previous abilities

Attack Potency: Unknown (Despite being Level 800, in exchange for her powerful Argonauutai skill, Alovenus has little combat power. She is inferior even to adventurers), Small Planet level with Argonautai (Comparable to Ruphas Mafahl) | Multi-Solar System level (Erased a number of stars in the sky[2]. Superior to the Earth Ouroboros who can create a black hole that can destroy the entire solar system and everything else nearby, said black hole had enough attraction to pull faraway stars from outside the solar system), Universe level+ with Big Crunch (Alovenus is the person who created the universe, Big Crunch is skill she uses when she decides to end it[17]) | Universe level+ (Can rewrite the universe, and everything is under her control, reality, dreams, past, future and present[3]), | Hyperverse level (Exists within the realm of God which contains the universe which is like software, this software has saved data, that data is what forms parallel worlds. Beyond the universe (software), there are many more softwares, organized in a folder. Outside the folder, is more folders, outside the computer is more computers. There are also higher dimensions and super dimensions that contain many higher dimensions. A resident of a higher dimension is stated to toss away the opponent’s settings like a piece of waste paper. She can paint her own "colors" on the blank white canvas that is the realm of God based on her own whims which she demonstrated while playing around, by creating a universe that was transcended by another which was in turn transcended by another, repeated a hundred times), to Low Outerverse level (Merely believing she is stronger than her opponent makes her so, she can insist infinity is just 1 before her and continuously transcend into higher realms. Eventually just the aftereffects of Ruphas and Alovenus colliding created shockwaves which spread throughout the infinite Final Point and even caused cracks within it. The Final Point is the beginning and end of everything, it is an infinite white canvas which has no concept of size or any concepts in general hence why Gods can paint whatever they desire upon it. Even then her power kept increasing) | Low Outerverse level (By the end of the series, Alovenus has already ascended to the peak of infinity)

Speed: Unknown, Relativistic+ with Argonautai (Comparable to Ruphas Mafahl) | Massively FTL+ (Far superior to Level 3000 Ruphas who is this fast) | Massively FTL+ (Far superior to before) | Infinite (Alovenus started off being faster than Benetnash who can move faster than infinity. Against her infinite speed is nothing more than one, and she is one hundred times faster. She continuously got infinitely faster and faster at a rapid rate) | Infinite (Same as before)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, Class M with Argonautai | At least Class Y (Far superior to Level 2100 Ruphas who lifted Orm who is as big as planet) | At least Class Y (Far superior to before) | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Unknown, Small Planet Class with Argonautai | Multi-Solar System Class | Universal+ | Hyperversal, to Low Outerversal | Low Outerversal

Durability: Unknown, Small Planet level with Argonautai | Multi-Solar System level (Like other boss class characters Alovenus is far more durable than the damage she can unleash, this is demonstrated when Level 4200 Ruphas who is comparable to her in Ap, even with the maximum damage she can unleash, only takes out 1/1000 of Alovenus HP[2]) | Universe level+ | Hyperverse level, to Low Outerverse level | Low Outerverse level

Stamina: Infinite (Alovenus can draw an unlimited amount of arcane power and divine power from the world of Midgard itself) | Infinite | Infinite | Infinite | Infinite

Range: Tens of meters | Interstellar, Universal with Big Crunch, Interdimensional with X-Gate | Universal+, Interdimensional with X-Gate | Hyperversal to Low Outerversal | Low Outerversal

Standard Equipment: Her Sword

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient (Alovenus is close to being omniscient[18])

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Divine Magic: A supernatural ability different from Arcane Magic. It is the opposite of magical power and possesses the properties of repelling magic. Furthermore, it can be used to enhance substances other than arcane power. This is also used by healing and strengthening skills.
    • Avatar Creation: The ability to create avatars with divine power, she can also let them be possessed by the souls of the dead to result in something akin to resurrection
    • Argonautai: The basic and most powerful skill of Alovenus. Its effect is the mass summoning of the spirits of heroes from the past. Even the braves and heroes from recorded history could be summoned. Although each summoning has the inefficient cost of 1000 SP, Alovenus can easily summon several hundreds of people without any problem. The strength of the hero makes no difference to its SP cost. The cost would be the same whether the hero was Level 10 or Level 1000. The summoned hero will not hesitate to use sacrificial or self-destructive tactics, since they can cheat by reviving immediately. The heroes’ combat powers are as if they were at the prime of their lives, therefore it is difficult to deal with. Furthermore, Alovenus can receive arcane power and divine power from Midgard via her true body, so her SP is practically infinite and she can summon and revive them indefinitely. However, this skill can only summon those whom Alovenus recognized unmistakably as heroes, and they will disappear upon Alovenus’ defeat.
  • Soul Succession: One of the skills possessed by one of the heroes summoned by Alovenus. It creates a permanent barrier, weakening enemies and strengthening allies. However, in proportion to its powerful effects, the price was high, requiring the life of the person who uses the skill.This skill the Argonauts were strengthens all the Argonauuts by several tiers, while reducing the status reducing the status of her opponent.

  • X-Gate: Spatial magic which allows the user to create portals and travel vast distances, simply connecting the coordinates with each other. It is a combination of Arcane Magic and Divine Magic. The Divine Magic and Arcane Magic touch each other, punching a hole in the Space-time Continuum, distorting the world created by the Goddess Arovinas.
  • Observing Eyes: An that displays the level, remaining HP, and even the stats of an opponent if the user is skilled enough. However unless your own level is double that of Search Eye’s target, only their name and level will be displayed. Furthermore, if the target’s level equals or exceeds your own, Search Eye will fail to activate.
  • Memory Manipulation: A skill which lets her rewrite or erase the memories of anyone she sees.
  • Metal-Attribute Arcane Magic: Arcane magic which can be used to give birth to a metal.
    • Cleta: An ability which creates thousands or even tens of thousands of Metal-attribute raindrops which she drops on her opponent.
    • Dawn Star: The strongest Aoe Metal attribute arcane magic which creates a gigantic globe, kilometers in diameter high up in the sky which she then uses X-Gate to bring it down towards her opponent.
    • Auxo: An ability which uses her Metal-attribute raindrops to create trees by bathing the earth with them.
  • Aglaia: An ability which creates a bright light which blinds her opponent.
  • Illusion: Water magic which uses mists to confuse the opponents and change one’s appearance.
  • Star of Asclepius: The highest-tiered Water attribute divine magic. The effect of the skill is to fully recover the HP of all allies within the specified area around the user whilst stripping all status buffs, irrespective of their effects, and it also comes with the effect of resurrecting the dead.
    • Rasalhague: The most powerful unique skill, which has the effect of activating all the ouroboroses simultaneously. As the stand-in for the Goddess, she has the ability to wake the ouroboroses, not only that, after waking them up, she has the authority to give orders to them.
    • Yed Posterior: A unique skill which is used to control time. A set period of the target's time is cut away and removed, causing the enemy’s movement itself to elongate over the cut period. It is an extraordinary skill only usable because she is the proxy of the Goddess. It is an absolute skill with an unfair effect. Not only that, this skill’s effect only become more potent the more time the target was placed under. Eventually, not only is the target’s time stop completely, it goes beyond that, and tread into the negative territory. The target’s time itself is revert and rewind back into the past. This skill can't be prevented and it takes absolute priority over all others that are in place.
    • Cebalrai: A unique skill which manipulates the target’s memory, and implants fake memories. Furthermore, by manipulating their recognition, the user is able to make the target perceive them as air or a rock, thus making them unable to feel their presence. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Muliphen: A unique skill which can assign a maximum damage restriction on the target. It is able to drop their maximum damage down to 9999. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Yed Prior: A unique skill which separates the target’s time from the surroundings and allows it to be sped up infinitely without an upper limit. Eventually, the target of this skill can be sped up such that they transcend past the limit and concept of time itself. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Sabik: A unique skill that creates skills. However, this does not mean that it can create any skill whatsoever on a whim. There are 100 points that can be distributed out during the creation of a skill. For example, if the power of the skill is raised too much, it may end up as an extremely destructive skill but possesses a terrible accuracy rate or end up as a skill with no special effect. Alternatively, if you evenly distribute points to those effects, there will be less assignable points to power. Additionally, if the previously made skill still remains in place, Sabik cannot be used to create another skill. If Alovenus wants to create a new skill, she will need to get rid of the previously created skill.
    • Marfik: A unique skill which allows the Goddess to possess the body, skyrocketing all stats by multiple times. When this skill was used, Dina in a very literal sense, became the Goddess’s avatar. Her consciousness was be erased. This skill can be activated by the Goddess, regardless of Dina’s will. It has the priority rank 6, and as such, it takes precedence over every other skill. It cannot be negated by any means.
    • Subspace Seal: A skill which abandons the target in the space between dimensions.
    • Ceraunus: A skill within which the sky is parted and lightning descends. The lightning strike is powerful enough to incinerate even stars and erased a number of stars shining in the sky.
    • Mahakala: A skill which scatters flames in all directions. It grants instant death for both living and nonliving things and penetrates resistances as well.
    • Izanami: A skill which causes the surrounding mana began to coalesce into the shapes of people. They take the forms of Japanese-styled men and women holding weapons, and give off a sense of being rather formidable.
    • Big Crunch: A skill Alovenus uses when she decides to destroy the universe. It completely destroys the entire universe.

  • Midgard: Magic in which the magic power of each of the seven attributes of Midgard is increased and mixed, and is sublimated into the strongest magic that collects all seven attributes. It has flames that consumed even the stars, massive water that swallows even the sun, thunderbolt that pierces even a perfect circle, gravity that crushes even the solar system, silver arrows that wipe out the stars, meteor shower that fills the entire field of view, and sunshine that destroys everything. All at once, they pour down, obliterating the Earth's surface, shattering planets, annihilating everything and laying waste to their target. The gathered destructive forces turned, raising each other up and creating a single star in the center of it. The mother planet Midgard, then shines, expands and eventually, turns into a polar light and explode on the spot.

  • Hypernova Explosion: A skill which triggers a massive chain explosion that can burn the entire universe.
  • Law Manipulation: Alovenus can rewrite the common sense of the universe, apply new laws at her convenience, and forcefully push reason aside.
  • Plot Manipulation: Alovenus has the ability to manipulate the entire world according to scenarios she wants. She has stated that her power is infinite as she can overlay settings over pre-existing settings. For example, if someone somehow acquired unusual abilities and powers in order to defeat her, she can simply defeat them by saying their unusual power won’t work on her, and she can still defeat them with one finger. Even if someone has infinite speed she will just say infinite speed before her is nothing more than one, and she is one hundred times faster. If someone has infinite power, she’ll just say even that infinity is just one, there is always another infinity beyond. If they go beyond that, she’ll simply say that there’s even more beyond. If they say that they’ll become infinitely stronger and stronger, she can simply make herself become infinitely stronger, but at a rate one thousand times faster than them.

  • Key: Avatar (Pollux) | Avatar (Dina) | Avatar (Eos) | True Form | True Form (Eos)


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