Anima Hazael by Wen M

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-B, higher with weapons. At least High 7-C with Sacra Spectrum

Name: Alius, Holy Soldiers

Origin: Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Gender: Genderless, referred as males

Age: Ageless

Classification: Light elemental

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Social Influencing (Possesses Style 50 and Leadership 105), Enhanced Senses (Possesses Notice 65 and Search 25), Martial Arts (Guardianship), Non-Physical Interaction, Flight, Extrasensory Perception, Justice Sense, Ki Manipulation, Holy Manipulation and Forcefield Creation, Banishment (Only agaisnt dark creatures), Resistance to Status Effect Inducement (Can resist any alteration of the body and mind, as well as animic effects)

Attack Potency: City Block level (Stronger than an Ice Maiden), higher with weapons. At least Large Town level+ with Sacra Spectrum (Grants a bonus of +40 to attack ability [+240], making it superior to a Chthon)

Speed: Superhuman (16.66 m/s) with at least Transonic combat speed and reflexes. Far higher with Sacra Spectrum (Grants a bonus of +40 to attack ability)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: City Block level, higher with weapons. At least Large Town Class+ with Sacra Spectrum

Durability: At least City Block level, Large Town level+ with its shield (Defensive stats match with the Chthon's attack). Higher with defensive abilities (Total guard grants a bonus of +60 to defense ability. Sacra Aegis grants a bonus of +50)

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Extended melee

Standard Equipment: The Alius wield both a spear (although it can be any other melee weapon such a sword, axe or mace) and shield made of a sacred metal bounded to the Alius body and soul that no one else can use

Intelligence: High, possesses INT 8, with the Occult 50

Weaknesses: If a Holy Soldier commits a single wrong act, even against its will or made by accident, its essence is consumed at once and it dies

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Sacra Spectrum: The Holy Soldier’s energy accumulates at the tip of its weapon creating a spiral of light. Immediately thereafter, the spiral of light launches at the target, carrying the Alius with it
  • Sacra Aegis: The Alius’s shield emits a golden glow for a few moments, creating a screen of light that both knocks back its opponents’ attacks and guides its weapon to eliminate the enemy


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