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The only one who can break a work of art is the artist themselves! What the hell are you doing without permission!?
~ Alina Gray, after cursing at children.

Holy Alina profile.png
When the life-themed artist (INNOCENT ARTIST) fused with the fur god (BEAST FORCE) has noticed the mankind's frozen heart, she, as a wish granter (BRILLIANT MAKER), creates a paradise (UTOPIA ZERO) inscribed in genes!? It's time for complete star demolition (STARDUST CLEANING)!
~ Magical Girl VS Series? Round 2


Alina doppel sprite.png
The Doppel of fever. Its form is a paint tube. The master of this emotion is fascinated by her own Doppel’s beauty, but she still doesn’t know about its hidden true form. The Doppel’s actual body is behind its master’s back. It oozes a paint called “Pathogen Tempera,” which it then congeals and uses to form a massive false body with which to attack the opponent. Since its master’s human body is buried in the paint and completely obscured from view, it boasts a presence that’s more like a witch than a Doppel. The master can’t see what her Doppel looks like from the outside, but according to her, it looks beautiful from the inside too.
~ Offical Description of Doppel Old Dorothy

Holy Alina Doppel sprite.png
"The Doppel of fever. Its form is a piping bag. The master of this emotion believes that the artwork she desires is also what humanity desires on a deep, unconscious level, and is gathering energy to make that artwork a reality. Having realized that the beauty of personal emotional expression is the fundamental artistic motif of humanity, her resulting joy has also affected her Doppel’s form. In addition to embodying her festive cheer, even the Pathogen Tempera it pipes out now shines in a wide range of colors. That said, though, the pain and suffering that it gives and receives are exactly the same. The agonized screams of those it devours shall surely sound like beautiful hymns to its master’s ears."
~ Description of Holy Doppel Old Dorothy


Alina Gray is one of the four Magius in Kamihara City, first introduced in Magia Record as an antagonist. her mental state was almost always indulged in her ability to draw and paint, reaching the point that she was considered a prodigy and featured in a museum. However, upon receiving a letter that suggested she should quit creating art because she has no goal other than drawing, she spirals into madness, ultimately leading to an attempt of suicide. She survives, and becomes a magical girl drawn to the nature of life, death, and witches, at times bordering on insanity.

Holy Alina is the perfect merger of two imperfect beings, Alina being her usual unstable self and a Rumor created solely for her. In her event story, its revealed that her powers were overridden by the Happy Stamp Uwasa, hence the happy results.

Realizing that her plans differ from the rest of the Magius, Alina once again combined with her Rumor against the wishes of Nemu, resulting in her madness only rising. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Powers And Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, likely higher as Doppel Old Dorothy. | Likely 6-C

Name: Alina Gray, Doppel Old Dorothy | Holy Alina, Death Santa/Death Santa of Luck, Shinigami Girl (Death God Girl).

Origin: Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Magia Record

Gender: Female

Age: 15 (When she first became a magical girl), 16 (As of Chapter 10), possibly 17 (During the events of the Tart event, if she survived up to that point).

Classification: Magius, Magical Girl, Doppel Witch of Fever | Perfect Magical Girl/Rumor Fusion, Modified Rumor.

Powers and Abilities:

Puella Magi Physiology, Awakened Power (As a magical girl of Kamihama City, she has the ability to transform into a Doppel Witch), Light Manipulation (Which can be used to create constructs or intense flashes of light for damage, controls the light within her barrier), Possible Illusion Creation, Pocket Reality Manipulation (Which she can use as BFR, Age Manipulation and Soul Manipulation [Often uses her barriers to trap and encase witches; is revealed to have turned Kyubey into a baby and moved Ui Tamaki's soul into), Summoning (Can also summon other witches as a Magical Girl, such as Durbar. Also has control of witches she's captured), Status Effect Inducement through Connect (Poison Manipulation and Empathic Manipulation as just Alina, Curse Manipulation and Paralysis Inducement as Holy Alina). Doppel Witch Physiology, Paint Manipulation (Which can be used to create a Fake Body of Large Size (Type 1, covered a massive statue of the Virgin Mary)), Body Control, Intangibility (Elemental), Illusion Creation, Flight, possible Darkness Manipulation, Corruption and Madness Manipulation (Type 2, corrupted Ai-Chan, forcing Sana Futaba to kill her). Resistance to Curse Manipulation and Poison Manipulation.

All previous abilities, Weather Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Life Manipulation (Can steal the life force of others, though she usually gives a 'wish', which can be something as small as making someone warm, in return), Blessed and Probability Manipulation (The Rumor of Happy Stamps overrode the Rumor of the Fur God, resulting in Holy Alina bringing luck to everyone she meets), Flight (Saved Mifuyu and flew out of an exploding building). Should have the base abilities of a Rumor as well. Resistance to Existence Erasure (Somehow prevented Nemu from wiping her Rumor out of existence, may have to do with the nature of the Rumor itself.)

Attack Potency: At least City level (With a mere hand sign, she broke the barrier of a witch. Should be leagues above any Kamihara witch and most, if not all, the normal Kamihara magical girls. Absorbed multiple Staceys and their barriers within her own in the anime), likely higher as a Doppel witch (Considerably strong by magical girl standards, should be similarly overpowered as Old Dorothy) | Likely Island level (Should be comparable to Holy Mami, proved herself to be a great threat to Nemu as well)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic, possibly Massively Hypersonic+ | At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Should prove herself as one of the fastest magical girls, should be far faster than Rumor Tsuruno, an imperfect merger of a Rumor and a magical girl. Can fight off and content with Nemu, who in turn can summon all the previous Rumors)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely Class 50 as Old Dorothy (Her fake body should weigh a significant amount, she should also be significantly stronger than a Berserk Felicia) | At least Class 50 (Should be far stronger than her previous form, even as a Doppel Witch)

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least City level, significantly Higher with Pocket Reality Manipulation (Capable of containing witches with the greatest of ease, even going so far as making them stronger.) Higher for her Soul Gem and as Doppel Old Dorothy | Likely Island level, Higher with her Barriers

Stamina: At least Superhuman (Described as a magical girl with immense potential by Kyubey meaning she is easily superior to the likes of Homura Akemi. Notably used Doppel twice in a battle, when even one-time usage in combat is borderline destructive to a magical girl.) Reverting from her Doppel form will restore her stamina | Superhuman as Holy Alina (Has stated that the fusion with the Fur God has considerably terrible mileage, however, still can go a week without extreme corruption, though she did lose her Invisibility)

Range: At least several kilometers, is notably a ranged fighter which tends to be around kilometers in the Puella Magi verse and creates barriers which generally are also around a few kilometers. The soul gem can only possess the magical girl's body up to 100 meters away. Interdimensional with Extrasensory Perception (All magical girls can detect witches location from outside of their barriers) | Several kilometers (Warped the sky, creating a nebula like image in the sky by sending one of her light constructs deep in the atmosphere), likely higher with Extrasensory Perception (Could detect people with 'cold' hearts regardless of what part of the city Alina was in)

Standard Equipment: Her soul gem and possibly some grief seeds. A cube construct that Alina had made out of light, several witches in her pocket realities (Including Durbar and multiple Staceys) | Now wields a tetrahedron star construct, several death masks

Intelligence: Likely Genius in terms of combat (Is a Magius, which makes her one of the three leaders of the Wings of Magius cult, heavily implied she managed to beat Mami Tomoe and somehow escaped the Doppel form of Touka Satomi), likely Gifted otherwise (Studies the "biology" of the magical girl and as well as Rumors and Doppel Witches, has an in-depth knowledge of art.) Doppel Witches generally have a mind of their own in addition to their 'Masters', however, it is usually equal to their magical girl form albeit more violent and bordering on the morally gray

Weaknesses: Is addicted to art (She also considers witches art), to the point that she would risk her life to complete an artwork. It is possible that Alina is a sociopath or insane, as Kyubey comments that her emotions may mimic stuff like worry and fear, they are, however, not those emotions; additionally, she even considers her own death worth recording for the sake of art. Destroying her Soul Gem would kill her immediately | Removing her clothes would revert her back to an ordinary magical girl, the Rumor is likely driving her even madder

Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Connect: Abilities that one bestows upon another magical girl.
  • Nine Phases: By using her cube construct of light, Alina creates threads that suddenly appear entrapping her enemy, flashing them nine times. Could possibly also create illusions.
  • Endless Decay: Also dubbed Infinite Decay, by sending her light construct (Now a tetrahedron star) into the sky, she warps the atmosphere into a nebula-like appearance, and said nebula bombards the Earth through several energy attacks. At the cost of her own durability, there is a chance to daze her enemies and will lower their Resistance.
  • Memoria:
  • Pocket Reality Manipulation: The standard ability for most witches, the barrier is a small pocket universe that can greatly vary in terms of size made to protect the witch from the outside world, only accessible by magical girls or when witches allow access. They are based around the witch's former life's mental condition. Alina has the ability to create pocket realities similar to that of a Barrier, only exceedingly more potent. Not only does Portal Creation not work on them, they are also significantly more durability, and it can absorb other pocket realities inside them. Because they are on whim, it also serves as BFR.

  • Weapon Creation: Most Puella Magi are capable of creating weapons out of thin air using their magic. While most select specific weapons, some with a heightened mastery of their abilities can create different weapons with their own minor capabilities.
    • Telekinesis: On top of creating weapons, they can also control their weapons in the air and with no limit to how much at a time. The same applies to many weapons that they have enhanced.
  • Puella Magi Physiology: Because their bodies no longer harbor a soul, they effectively act like flesh puppets that have no real impact on the 'essence' of a magical girl. According to several interviews and in-series showings, a magical girl can have all their blood drained from their body and still fight with little impairment, or have their head torn off or shot through and still walk just fine.
    • Fusionism: When two opposing magical abilities (Like Fire Manipulation and Ice Manipulation) or opposing main abilities (Like a magical girl who wished for Creation and another who wished for Existence Erasure) combine their attacks, the result is an attack the multiplies in power. In addition, if two soul gems were to harbor the same body, the result can be them swapping control or fusing into one magical girl, albeit temporarily.
    • Extrasensory Perception: Magical Girls were shown to be capable of detecting despair and magic from within their cities as well as being able to telepathically communicate with one another. As of Magia Record, it is shown that their abilities extend well into other cities and is not limited to emotions or magic.
    • Doppel Witch Transformation: In the light of a new miracle, magical girls have now gained the ability to become a half-witch whenever their soul gem reaches maximum corruption, resulting in a Doppel Witch. Unlike normal witches, both the witch and the magical girl are in control of their respective bodies and in a short time will revert back into a magical girl. However, older magical girls have been stated to keep traits of their Doppel form even after reverting, and the same for magical girls who use the transformation for too long.
  • Summoning: Another standard ability, a witch can summon several familiars (or create alongside the barrier) to fight on her behalf. If they absorb enough life energy, they can become duplicates of the witch itself. Alina has several enhanced witches in her pocket realities, waiting to be summoned, such as Durbar, her personal favorite.
  • Witch's Kiss: Witches can manipulate the mind on innocent bystanders by thought (not an actual kiss), often causing them to commit suicide or create suicidal cults.
  • Absorption: A witch can passively absorb the life energy of those who enter their barriers. However, this is a rather lengthy process.
  • Reality Warping: A witch can manipulate reality to cause issues for their enemies. This has been shown from manipulating the outsides of the barrier to attack the enemy, preventing them from even entering, or manipulate unresistant enemies themselves.

  • Feats:

    Key: Alina Gray | Holy Alina


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