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There are 8 Alin Genies across the campaign of Rise of Legends, all with the same sprites and abilities, all related to summoning.

Marwan is the strongest lesser Genie created by Sawu. He does his master’s bidding without question. He is an extremely strong user of glass magic and can easily summon armies of Dark Glass creatures. He is a recurring enemy in the campaign, even faking his appearance to trick Giacomo. Enemy.

Mendes, Buto and Baharya are three perfectly identical Genies created by Sawu. They usually carry various missions in the likes of corrupting powerful beings (like in their attempt to corrupt Damanhur) and exploring ruins to acquire their hidden power. Enemies.

Memphis, Kharga and Theben are three perfectly identical Genies created by Sawu. They usually serve as army leaders and deal with expanding the territory of the Dark Alin. Enemies.

Avaris is a Genie not created by Sawu. He likely possesses vast knowledge. He was captured by The Doge and imprisoned in the prison of Dirsi. Ally.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 9-B with attacks and Dark Walkers, 9-B to 9-A with most summons, At least High 8-C with Glass Cannons ans Golems, At least 7-B with Glass Dragon | Weaker regular attacks, Same for the summons | Same | Weaker

Name: Marwan, The Dark Alin, Acerbus | Mendes, Buto, Baharya | Memphis, Kharga, Theben | Avaris

Origin: Rise of Legends

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Genie, Dark Alin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Summoning, Crystal/Ice Manipulation (described as Glass Manipulation), Absolute Zero, Creation, Life Manipulation, Full Conversion Shapeshifting, Statistics Reduction via their summons, Pseudo-Levitation, Resistance and Damage Reduction against Magic, Regeneration (Low) | Same abilities as before except Shapeshifting | Same abilities as before | Same abilities as before

Attack Potency: Likely Wall level with attacks and Dark Walkers (shoots projectiles the size of walls), Wall level to Small Building level with most summons, At least Building level with Glass Cannons and Golems (designed to easily destroy colossal buildings), At least City level with Glass Dragon (its Glass Fury ability can destroy towns in-game) | Weaker regular attacks, Same for the summons | Same | Weaker

Speed: Subsonic attack speed with regular attacks and powers, Superhuman movement speed (comparable to Sawu). Reaction/Combat speed is hard to determine due to game mechanics, but likely Subsonic | Slightly Faster | Same as Sawu | Faster than all others

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Likely Large Mountain level in-game (Can easily tank Doge’s Hammer from The Doge). Significantly Lower realistically, likely Small Building level | At most Mountain level in-game (Can barely tank Doge’s Hammer from The Doge), Same realistically | Same | Slightly Higher

Stamina: Extremely high

Range: Melee with physical strikes, Glass Spiders and Glass Scorpions, Short to Long range with regular attacks and other summons, Very Long range with Glass Cannons

Standard Equipment: Large Glass Spiders, large Glass Scorpions, Marids (lesser genies), Glass Golems, large Glass Mantas, Glass Cannons, Glass Dragon, several teams of Dark Walkers (small golems that throw boomerang-shaped glass projectiles that reduce the target’s stamina and health with every hit)

Intelligence: As Marwan is a creation, likely Average | Same | Same | Likely very high

Weaknesses: None outside of game mechanics

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Regular attacks: Attacks by shooting ball of compressed energy.
  • Summoning: All the genies can summon creatures made of Dark Glass, enough to create entire armies from the Dark Glass they create.
  • Summon Glass Dragon: Summons a huge flying dragon of glass that breaths ice energy which "corrupts" (At least x4 Sawu's size).
    • Glass Shock: Creates a shockwave of glass magic around it that corrupts.
    • Healing: Greatly improves regeneration for 50 seconds.
    • Glass Fury: Sends a powerful blast of condensed glass magic over a large area. (Is immune to pain during the 8 seconds of charging)
  • Corruption: The Genies’ attacks and powers have a curse-like effect called Corruption, which reduces the target’s stamina and health with every hit
  • Summon Dark Army: Like other Alin Heroes, the Genies are able to use the Alin’s National Power, Summon Army, but modified to only Dark Glass creatures. It summons temporary troops composed of 5 6-man teams of Dark Walkers, 2 glass manta-mounted archers, 1 glass scorpion, 1 glass spider and 1 glass golem.
  • In-game stats
    • HP: 5400, 1500 as Acerbus | 1000 | 750 | 800
    • Mana: 1200, 1200 as Acerbus | 1000 | 1200 | 1200
    • Ground Attack: 44, 12 as Acerbus | 8 | 13 | 8
    • Air Attack: 22, 8 as Acerbus | 11 | 13 | 8
    • Siege Attack: 4, 8 as Acerbus | 4.8 | 6 | 4.4
    • Movement Speed: 40 (Described as Medium), 22 as Acerbus (Slow) | 45 | 40 | 58

Key: Marwan | Mendes/Buto/Baharya | Memphis/Kharga/Theben | Avaris


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