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Save myself? From death? Is that it? Is that why I've come here? I'm not afraid to die. Times I've welcomed death!


Alice Liddell is the main character of American McGee's Alice. As a child, Alice's house was burnt down and her parents were killed. After a failed suicide attempt, Alice goes into an Angst Coma and winds up in Rutledge Asylum for ten years without any sign of recovery. After a nurse reunites her with her beloved toy rabbit, Alice was dragged down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and discovers her dreamland has become a combined dark world/horrible world. Wielding the Vorpal Blade, Alice goes on an almost ax-crazy roaring rampage of revenge to save Wonderland from the Queen of Hearts and save her own sanity in the process.

In Madness Returns, Alice has left Rutledge Asylum after defeating the Queen of Hearts. Now living in London under the care of a psychiatrist, Alice still has problems with reality and learns Wonderland has been warped again by her insanity.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 10-B | At least 9-B, possibly higher. 8-C via Eat Me cake

Name: Alice Liddell

Origin: American McGee's Alice

Gender: Female

Age: 18-20

Classification: Human, Former Maid

Powers and Abilities: None notable | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Size Manipulation (Shrinking Alice, Gigantic Alice), Invisibility (Looking Glass), Summoning (Demon Dice), Underwater Breathing (Type 3; via Turtle shell), Ice Manipulation (Ice Wand), Time Manipulation (Deadtime Watch), Mind Attacks, Intangibility, Glide, Homing Attack (Throwing Cards), Weapon Mastery, Statistics Amplification and Transformation via multiple forms (Rage Alice, Hysteria Alice, etc.), Rage Power or Berserk Mode (Hysteria and Rage Alice), Energy Projection (Jabberwock’s Eye Staff), Invulnerability (Hysteria Mode)

Attack Potency: Average Human | At least Wall Level (Tore open stone walls, easily cleaved Card Guards, shattered the White King, regularly fights enemies that can damage her), possibly higher (Slew a Skeletal Dragon). Likely Building Level (via Eat Me cake).

Speed: At least Average Human | At least Athletic Human, much higher with Butterfly Dodge

Lifting Strength: Unknown | At least Peak Human (Can wield very large weapons such as the Hobby Horse), likely much higher. Unknown with Eat Me cake.

Striking Strength: At least Average Class | At least Wall Class, possibly higher. Likely Building Class via Eat Me cake.

Durability: Athletic Human | At least Wall Level, possibly higher (Can withstand being doused in molten metal and explosions, withstood breaking through a brick wall and the fall to Wonderland). Likely Building Level with Eat Me cake.

Stamina: Average | Likely Superhuman

Range: Standard melee range | Standard melee range to Several hundreds of meters

Standard Equipment: None notable | Vorpal Blade, Hobby Horse (large hammer-like weapon), Teapot Cannon (fires grenades of boiling tea), Umbrella (can be used as a shield), Pepper Grinder (similar fashion to a gatling gun), Blunderbuss, Clockwork Bomb, Jackbomb, Jabberwock's Eye Staff (can shoot laserbeams (when the laserbeam ends, an explosive fireball is also shot) and it blasts rocket-like orbs into the air that come crashing and exploding on opponents in a beautiful hazy purple mist), Demon Dice (summon demons to kill enemies, but they may attack Alice), Deadtime Watch (allows the ability to time stop for short period), Croquet Mallet (creates a electric aftershock when it makes contact with an enemy and can launch an electrified croquet ball, which moves and bounces at a high velocity and also provides an electric aftershock to whomever it makes contact with), Jacks (throwing weapon, when thrown they bounce against the opponents, cutting them in the process), Playing Cards (homing throwing weapon), Ice Wand and etc.

Intelligence: A combat genius, and clever, intelligent and quick-witted, good at solving puzzles

Weaknesses: Her mind is unstable, she is constantly haunted by the fact that she survived the fire that killed her family.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Rage Alice: After being sprayed by a Rage Box, Alice turns into a demonic creature, with red skin, claw-like fingers, and black twisted horns, and she even roars like a predatory animal. For the limited time Alice is in this state, her attacks are stronger than normal and deal more damage; some of the weaker foes can die in one hit. Before the effects of the Rage Box wear off, Alice returns to her normal self.
  • Grasshopper Alice: From drinking Grasshopper Tea, Alice gains a bug-like appearance with green skin, black eyes, and a pair of wings on her back. As the name of the ability suggests, Alice is able to jump higher and run faster for a short amount of time.
  • Invisible Alice: As the name suggests, after staring into a Looking Glass, Alice becomes invisible for a period of time. This allows her to run past enemies unseen or to allow her to make sneak attacks. As she turns invisible, Alice displays a shocked expression on her face.
  • Shrinking: After being showered in a Drink Me bottle, Alice can shrink her size at will.
  • Underwater: After helping the Mock Turtle, Alice is declared an "Honorary Reptile" and given a Turtle Shell as a thank you. It increases Alice's breath intake so she can stay underwater longer. Despite the fact turtles use their shells as protection, this shell does not give Alice any protection from underwater enemies.
  • Shrinking Alice: Just like before, Alice uses a Drink Me potion – this time from bathing in a pool of it – to grow small. However, this time Alice can change size at will, and being small gives her Shrink Sense; an advanced sense of sight that allows her to see things she couldn't at her normal height, such as invisible platforms and drawings that tell her where to find her next target, or hidden items. Other helpful uses to being small is getting through small openings to enter hidden areas and using Shrinking Violets to recover health. However, being small means that Alice takes double the time to cover ground than she would being her normal size and she cannot jump, so it's not practical to stay small all the time.
  • Gigantic Alice: The dual opposite to shrinking, after eating a piece of Eat Me cake, Alice becomes enormous in size. She cannot use weapons in this form, and can only attack using her feet and hands, but is able to crush walls and destroy towers.
  • Hysteria Alice: Similar to Rage, Hysteria is a temporary form of destruction, but Alice can only enter this form in her last fraction of health (Unless she is wearing the Fleshmaiden dress, which gives her the advantage to activate the ability anytime, no matter how much health she possesses). In this form, Wonderland would be seen in gray-slate, and Alice appears in all white (except her hair) with blood-red eyes, and blood running from her eyes and mouth and covering her lower arms. Her weapons can also be seen covered in blood. In Hysteria, Alice gains superhuman strength, dealing twice the damage, and invincibility.
  • Butterfly Dodge: This power allows Alice to evade enemy attacks by turning into a swarm of butterflies and mist, which lets her move quicker than running. She will only be a swarm for a couple of seconds before turning back into her normal self.
  • Floating: In addition to jumping, Alice can gently glide from platform to platform while floating. Using this ability allows Alice to reach levels that she cannot normally get to with normal jumps.

Key: Real World Alice | Wonderland Alice

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