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Nyawn? The girl's name is Alice.

~ To Aru Majutsu No Index Genesis Testament 5


Alice Anotherbible is a character introduced in To Aru Majutsu no Index: Genesis Testament. She is a young girl that uses magic inspired by Alice in Wonderland. She acts as a kind of leader to a group of magicians, although that appears to be less due to her leadership and more because they can't oppose her power.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown

Name: Alice Anotherbible

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, looks to be about 12

Classification: Human, Magician

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Supernatural Luck[1], Dimensional Storage[2], Time Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Power Modification, Power Bestowal, Mind Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Reality Warping, Life Manipulation (created living creatures), Law Manipulation[3], Non-Physical Interaction, Darkness Manipulation[4], possibly Teleportation (Suddenly disappeared from her base in a rainforest and appeared in Tokyo instead[5]), Resistance to Poison Manipulation[6], Curse Manipulation, Sound Manipulation & Internal Damage[7]

Attack Potency: Unknown (Aradia suggested that Anna Sprengel could not defeat Alice, but also stated that it was an issue that went beyond a mere comparision of stats)

Speed: At least Average Human level, Massively Hypersonic Attack Speed and Reactions for the flamingo cricket bat (Blocked Frillsand's lightning[8][9]), Massively FTL+ throwing speed (Once got upset and threw her ceramic pot to a planet dozens of lightyears away.[10])

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Wall level (It is said that her familiars only block attacks to avoid making her angry, not to protect her. Some of those attacks are those of Frillsand, but also drops from a great height and ten thousands of carriers bugs)

Stamina: Above Average (ran with Kamijou Touma through the city for a day while he resolved an incident and appeared not tired in the slightest at the end.)

Range: At least Planetary (Live Adventures in Wonderland affects the entire world[11]), Interstellar throwing distance (Once threw her pot to a planet dozens of lightyears away.)

Standard Equipment: Her familiars.

Intelligence: At least Average (often acts childlike, but appears to have a proper understanding of everything that goes on around her. As an extraordinarily powerful magician she likely has deep insight in at least some branch of the arcane.)

Standard Tactics: Alice will usually softly direct the events in her desired direction using Live Adventures in Wonderland. If attacked, she relies on her familiars to defend herself. Should attacks continue, Alice will let the executioner kill the opponent. Should even that not work, she will personally take action.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Life Adventures in Wonderland: Alice has the ability to connect ideas as she pleases in order to make any theory, no matter how farfetched it is or how wrong the measurements it is based on where, become reality on a global scale. She could, for example, notice that a paint set on sale had 12 colors, associate that with the 12 numbers on a clock, and with nothing more than that gain a complete control over time. Except it wouldn’t just apply to Alice herself. The moment she decided that was true, all the paint in the world would gain the same power. Using this power Alice can change reality in virtually any way she pleases.[3]
    • Supernatural Luck: Alice won a small lottery on the first try. She also made even Kamijou Touma lucky.[3]
    • Time Manipulation: Alice can easily stop and reverse time.[3][12]
    • Statistics Amplification: Alice allowed Kamijou Touma to survive many events unharmed which he usually have been injured by, such as getting caught up in a train crash, dropping from a large height or getting grazed by Frillsand's lightning.[3]
    • Power Modification: Alice has demonstrated to modify, change and enhance the powers of other, as well as granting them new powers. That includes such mundane powers, like enhancing ones information gatherin capabilities, to fantastic science powers, like linking an artificial ghost to an android in order to resurrect the dead.[3]
    • Mind Manipulation: Alice manipulated the behavior of many people to her own ends, such as making Kuroko Shirai work with a criminal or making Frillsand attack exclusively with lightning strikes. She also emotionally manipulated Uiharu Kazari to allow her to give a neutral report of gruesome crimes.[3]
    • Wonderland: Alice can modify reality in all kinds of weird ways and by that turn her surroundings into a fantasy land. She made it so that a giant towered into the heavens above an abandoned leisure spa and enormous pumpkins shaped like human faces broke through the asphalt to grow from the ground all over the place. A five-pointed shooting star drew a trail behind it in the night sky and incomprehensible ancient characters and diagrams danced about like neon signs.[3]
    • Various Theories: Alice mentioned a number of theories she could make reality if she wanted to. These are: 'There are four emotions and four elements, so when roleplaying, you can draw on a special power by intentionally drawing on a specific emotion in yourself’, 'Burning something requires phlogiston', 'observing one of a pair of separated particles determines the spin of the other one no matter the distance between them' and 'neutrinos can travel faster than light'.
    • Familiars: Alice can pull a number of familiars from seemingly nowhere. They will also appear on their own, in order to defend Alice. That defense is less to keep Alice from harm and more to prevent her from getting mad, though.
      • Flamingo cricket bat: A pink cricket bat that floats around Alice and deflects all attacks against her, even Frillsand's lightning.[13]
      • Hedgehogs: Several Hedgehogs can appear from below her dress. They are soft and springy, serving mainly to cushion any kind of fall for her.[14]
      • Executioner: The shadow of Alice extends and from it a emaciated and bony silhouette appears. It has crystal clear bones and a one-sided axe with a sharp sword blade extending from the butt end of the staff. It is covered by a tattered black coat. This executioner attacks his target by spinning its axe around, but the place the cuts appear are independent on where and if the axe actually cuts. This technique even managed to knock Frillsand's head around, breaking her neck, despite the ghost being incorporeal.[15]
  • Inner-Alice: For unknown reasons and purpose it appears like the Alice that usually walks around is just a shell, with another Alice inside of it, bound a connected to the shell by Metal buckles and red and black belts.[3]


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