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I want you to do just one more thing for me...

Would you die for me please...?

~ Alice


Alice (アリス, Arisu) is a recurring Demon appearing in the Megami Tensei franchise, usually along with Demons Belial and Nebiros, who are always portrayed as being her father-figures, and the ones responsible for her existence as a Demon / Ghost. She is usually thought to be based on the homonymous character from the story Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, as part of the Through the Looking Glass, as shown by her appearance as a young girl with blonde hair and blue dress, although these resemblances are mostly cosmetic and her characterization in the Franchise is heavily distorted as a mentally ill and borderline psychopathic Demonic Child

Although usually left untold, her backstory is shown in Raidou Kuzunoha 2, where Belial and Nebiros described her as a young girl loved by them who died for unknown reasons at a young age and had her Soul directed to Heaven by YHVH, before being snatched away from it and transformed into a Demon due to the interference of her father-figures, who were both disgusted by YHVH’s actions and judged them to be done out of selfishness and arrogance. Although despite contradicted, Belial and Nebiros’ version of Alice’s backstory may co-exist with further explanations that she is an evil spirit from a writer’s mind or a memory of the real Alice, given the mechanics of the Shin Megami Tensei series

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 1-C | 1-A

Name: Alice

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown. Appears as a young girl, although in truth exists beyond Time

Classification: Demon, Fiend, Ghost / Immortal Spirit

Powers and Abilities:

Cognitive Physiology (Mid-Tier), Magic, Existence Erasure (Can use the "Megido-" line of skills, which exerts control over the light of destruction that engulfs all in its range into the "annihilation beyond death," leaving no trace of the opponent behind), Resistance Negation which bypasses Barriers, Reflection, Invulnerability, Absorption, and Law Manipulation (Almighty attacks are able to hurt someone wielding the Omnipotent Orb, which bends the rules of reality to defend the user from attacks, and Reason Bearers, who are able to enforce rules into reality to protect themselves from attacks), Absolute Zero and Ice Manipulation (With Bufudyne and Absolute Zero), Death Manipulation and Curse Manipulation (via "Mudo-" based spells, Hell's Eye, Omega Cluster and Die For Me!), Statistics Amplification, Statistics Reduction and Nullification (Can use White Rabbit Watch to double the reaction speed of her allies, can also use spells such as Sukunda and Debilitate to decrease the stats of the enemy and can remove effects of similar abilities with Dekunda, can reduce the level of a male target permanently with Devil's Kiss (Male)), Summoning (She can summon teddy bears or card themed soldiers to attack), Absorption (Can drain vitality and spiritual energy with Deathtouch, Spirit Drain and Energy Drain), Status Effect Inducement (Empathic Manipulation with Joy Song, Fog of Temptation and Marin Karin, Sleep Manipulation with Dream Needle and Lullaby, Petrification with Petra, Fear Manipulation with Evil Smile and Paralysis Inducement with Shibaboo, can inflict Sleep, Panic and Charm with Mad Tea Party), BFR (With Another Dimension, sends an enemy to another realm which can kill them upon entering it), Damage Boost (Can use Mind Charge/Concentrate to increase her next magical attack power by 2.5x), Power Nullification (Can bind an opponent's magic, strength and agility with Salome's Kiss)

All previous abilities to an unfathomably higher level, plus Cognitive Physiology (Archetype)

Attack Potency: Low Complex Multiverse level (Superior to both Belial and Nebiros, with her spirit being unable to be captured by them when travelling randomly across space and time, needing Raidou Kuzunoha to be able to subdue and then absorb her into a staff.) | Outerverse level (Exists as an Archetype, a primordial formless image which is a fundamental unit of the Collective Unconsciousness, that resides within the Atziluth, a realm that is beyond the very concept of dimensions)

Speed: Immeasurable (Demons are natural residents of The Expanse, a higher-dimensional plane that transcends past, present, and future. Capable of freely travelling throughout Time and Space, outspeeding Belial and Nebiros when doing so) | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (Exists beyond the laws of physics) | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Low Complex Multiversal | Outerversal

Durability: Low Complex Multiverse level | Outerverse level

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Low Complex Multiversal | Outerversal

Standard Equipment: None Notable.

Intelligence: Likely Average, although hard to properly define (Alice does not perceive Time linearly and is capable of traveling through it at will, although she acts much like a little child and is visibly insane and psychopathic) | Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: None Notable.

Key: Base | Archetype

Note: Skill list can be found here.


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