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Artwork credit to 0.9 Lives Studio

Rebecca stared down at her hands, clenched and unclenched them. What would her parents say? What would the doctors and nurses say?

She walked across the empty building. By the time she reached the other end, she was floating, her feet not even touching the ground. She set her hands on the wall, dragged her fingertips through the concrete, then crushed it in her hands. It should have ruined her skin, left scrapes or torn her fingernails, short as they were, but it hadn’t.

I used to be a shadow of a person, barely there. Now I’m something more in every way.


Alexandria is a member of the Protectorate and one of the three heroes of the Triumvirate. Her secret identity is Rebecca Costa-Brown, the Chief Director of the Parahuman Response Team.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C

Name: Alexandria, Rebecca Costa-Brown

Origin: Parahumans

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Classification: Parahuman (Brute/Mover/Thinker)

Powers and Abilities: Genius Intelligence[1], Master Martial Artist[2], Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses[3], Flight, Invulnerability (Her body is in a type of stasis, making injuring her through normal means difficult, if not virtually impossible), Immortality (Type 1; her hair and fingernails don't grow because she's in stasis, so it's unlikely she ages at all[4][5]), Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Her mental functions are offloaded to her Shard, making affecting her mind difficult; she could not be affected by the Simurgh[6]), Power Nullification, and Power Mimicry (Is unaffected by the Echidna's touch[7][8], who disables powers on contact. Taylor had doubts Grue's power would work on her[9], which is later proved to be true[10])

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Was able to hold up the Cauldron base until the structure completely gave way, and plays a key role in fighting against Behemoth, Leviathan, and the Simurgh. Fought and damaged Echidna. When redirected by Behemoth, one of her punches shattered the earth around him and made it noticeably sink, bringing down an unstable three-story building in the process[11])

Speed: Subsonic (She can move as fast as a normal person can run while slowed down to a tenth of her speed[12][13] and was able to fight on par with Scion) with High Hypersonic+ flight speed (Can fly halfway around the Earth in six minutes).

Lifting Strength: Class M (Can lift over 500 thousand tonnes of steel and lifted Leviathan into the air[14])

Striking Strength: Large Building Class

Durability: Unknown (Capable of withstanding Scion's attacks, [15] with Scion needing to resort to Durability Negation to destroy her body. [16] Her body is in a type of stasis preventing her from normal harm. Word of God implies that the only things capable of harming her negate durability in some way [17]).

Stamina: Superhuman. Fought alongside Lung in a battle with Leviathan that lasted hours[18] and fought alongside Legend and Eidolon against Khonsu for three days with intermediate rest[19]

Range: Standard melee range.

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable.

Intelligence: Genius. Alexandria has a perfect photographic memory and processes and learns information at an accelerated rate, giving her the ability to discern the emotions of others and whether or not they're lying based on their body language. She absorbs information quickly and can read two pages of a book with a glance. She is fluent in most commonly spoken languages, is skilled in no less than ten martial arts, and can match the world's best non-Tinkers when it comes to computers.

Weaknesses: Alexandria's invulnerability does not protect her from interdimensional phenomena, nor does it protect her brain, allowing her to be killed by suffocation or other means that would damage the brain.


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