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I'm Alex Russo, and my hobby is to poke things with a stick.
~ Alex


Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo is the main protagonist of the fantasy-teen sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Place. She is the daughter of Jerry and Theresa Russo, and sister to Justin and Max Russo; she is the middle child and only daughter. As of the finale of the season, she is the Family Wizard after winning the Family Wizard Competition. She is currently in a long-term relationship with werewolf Mason Greyback, whom she met in the third season.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 4-C. Unknown with Stone of Dreams

Name: Alexandra Margarita "Alex" Russo, Little Meatball (by Mason), Brown Eyes (by Mason), Love (by Mason), Mija (by Theresa), Lexi (by Magdalena), Russo (by Dean)

Origin: Wizards of Waverly Place

Gender: Female

Age: 14-19

Classification: Human, Russo Family Wizard, Waverly Sub Station Waitress

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman reflexes, agility, Skilled at hand to hand combat, Magic, Clairvoyance, Elemental Manipulation (The four elements are: Earth, Air, Fire and Water), Electricity Manipulation, Telekinesis, Molecular manipulation (Molecular duplication/Cloning, Molecular immobilization, molecular transformation, Molecular combustion), Able to reverse time a few seconds into the past, Can exist outside of space-time, Creation, Existence Erasure, Teleportation, BFR, Telepathy, Levitation/True Flight, Can open portals, Can enter any kind of storybook, Duplication, Reality Warping, Mind Manipulation, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Shapeshifting, Can make inanimate objects come to life, Weather Manipulation, Muting, Can create force fields, Memory wiping, Can take away the ability for someone to use magic, Can stop time, Phasing, Gravity Manipulation, Can create illusions, Body Switching, They can shrink themselves to the size of cells, Petrification, Invisibility, Can blend into the environment, Able to put a person to sleep with magic, Plant Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Can create a black hole strong enough that the entire universe was being consumed + plus more stuff with prep, Perception Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Cloth Manipulation, Age Manipulation, Chain Manipulation, Rope Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Sense Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Can translated what people are saying, Time Travel, Transformation, Empathic Manipulation (with magic marker), Genius Intelligence (with Smarty Pants), Magnetic Energy Negation (with Bermuda Shorts), Alternate Timeline Creation (Caused her parents to never met), Can grant any wish or reverse any spell (with Stone of Dreams), Dream Manipulation (with Dream Helmet), Power Bestowal, Acausality (Type 1; did not lose memory or get sucked into the vortex of non-existence), Pick-Pocketing, Subjective Reality, Technology Manipulation, Biological Manipulation, Dimensional Travel, Aspect Expulsion, Resistance to Radiation Manipulation and Morality Manipulation (shown here)

Attack Potency: Large Star level (Comparable to Ronald, who was able to move several stars in the sky), able to ignore durability in many ways. Unknown with the Stone of Dreams (Capable of reverting any spell or granting any wish with it[1])

Speed: Average Human with Superhuman reactions (Is able to keep up with Justin who was able to play ping pong with a dozen balls at once), Subsonic flight speed with magic carpet, far higher attack speed with various spells

Lifting Strength: Average Human physically, Multi-Stellar with Telekinesis (Comparable to Ronald, who was able to move the stars in the sky)

Striking Strength: Human Class, Wall Class with magic carpet (Flew through a ceiling)

Durability: Human level, possibly much higher (Comparable if not superior to mortals like Mr. Laritate who survived being struck by a piece of an asteroid that destroyed his school)

Stamina: Above average human

Range: From a few dozen up to several hundred meters with standard spells. Galaxy+ with teleportation, she can send herself and another person this far. (1:30 mark). A few hundred years in the past and future with time travel, likely higher since she just needed to specify the time period for the spell. Planetary with time stop, possibly higher. It isn't specified if they need a certain device or not to do this. This time stop lasts for a year. Another variation lasts as long as the user can stand on one leg.

Standard Equipment:

  • Alex's wand: A wand she casts a majority of spells with it. It is made up of a deep red colored shaft with a black handle. At the top of the wand, atop a small column-like carving is a tiny green glass orb that glows various colors when casting a spell and she can make phone calls with her wand with tapping her wand and saying a beeping sound. This wand could be 14 or 15' (depending on if the orb is counted). Alex usually keeps her wand in her boot or other legwear. She is surprised that Tina could see her wand sticking out of her boot because most people don't. Her wand can access "Wand Apps" and can call other wands like a cell phone.
  • Alex's Journal: A journal that is full of her secrets like her crush on Dean. She draws herself a knight in shining armour, a teddy bear and a Hello Ponie Blankie.
  • Forbidden Book of Spells: A book in which are contained spells considered "forbidden" because they are extremely powerful and dangerous so only a trained wizard must use. Because of the great power of these spells, the individual power of a wizard may not be enough to use them properly for what is required to use it in conjunction with the Family Wand to work. The book was given to Justin by Jerry along with the Family Wand, until Alex stole the book. When it's created an alternate reality where Jerry and Theresa never met, the book happens to be in the hands of Jerry.
  • Russo Family Wand: More commonly known as the family wand, is the wand of the Russo family introduced in Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie. Though, it's not said, the current owner of the wand is Alex Russo since she became the family wizard. However, since Alex's brother, Justin Russo, kept his powers to become the headmaster of WizTech, he may have kept the wand to himself. The Family wand is silver. It has a oddly shaped handle with a leather section. On a part of the handle which is the middle top there is a red bump. The shaft is shiny silver which is shaped like a twig. When split up, the two wands made from it appeared as silver like twigs.
  • Charm bracelet: This magical bracelet was first introduced in The Wizards Return - Alex vs. Alex. It appears to be a regular bracelet with colored glass charms attached to it. In the movie, evil Alex uses that bracelet to capture all of Alex's friends and family to use as leverage so that she would perform a spell to rid the world of humans. Alex has no choice but to do as they say, but eventually she secures the bracelet and saves the day.
  • Family wizard robe
Optional Equipment:
  • Magic carpet: A carpet that has had some form of magic cast upon it so that a Wizard would be able to use it as a form of magical transportation.
  • Bermuda Shorts: Special shorts that gets rid of the magnetic current that interferes with magic
  • Magic Marker: Makes a person become whatever attitude they write on their body. The marker ink can be washed off in order to reverse the spell.
  • Smarty Pants: These pants are magical because wearing these gives the parson a superior knowledge on everything there is to know. Side Effects from prolonged use of Smarty Pants are: (according to Justin) headache, nausea, rash, chronic giggling, belly button bubbles, say it don't spray it disease, tongue reversal, ear gas, sweaty knees, Picasso face, problems with the bow... (he falls asleep midword when Alex places the NightCap on his head).
  • portal key: Used for the Wizard Instant Parcel Service (WIPS) spell.
  • Dream Helmet
  • angel wings
  • Wizinko Copy Machine: Turns 2-dimensional images into 3-dimensional copies of itself.
  • Stone of Dreams: The Stone of Dreams (La Piedra de los Sueños) is the most powerful magical artifact in the whole entire wizard world, capable of reverting any spell or granting any wish. The Russo family siblings, Alex and Justin went on an epic odyssey to get the stone to break Alex's reality warping spell.

Intelligence: Skilled with a large variety of spells, is the most powerful wizard of the current generation. She's very manipulative, using everyone's weaknesses to her advantage. Extraordinary Genius with Smarty Pants (gives her superior knowledge on "everything there is to know")

Standard Tactics: Unknown, depending on the situation, but usually seen with any sort of molecular, elemental manipulation, reality warping and all others. Alex's favourite spell is Rainon Chainon

Weaknesses: She has a tendency to be very lazy, when given the option of the easy way and the proper way she will pick the easy way every time without hesitation, getting her into trouble often, because the easy way always has consequences she doesn't bother to think about until they're upon her. She also hates reading.

  • Plastic: Like other wizards, magic can’t affect plastic.
  • Magnetism: Magic is highly affected by magnetism. (can be remedied with Bermuda Shorts)
  • No wand: Spells become drastically weaker without their wands. She can still perform magic, but just not as strong. For example, when trying to persuade her mother into making her go to a party with wand-less magic, her mother quickly resists. She then groans, saying it didn't have "enough juice."
  • There are side effects from prolonged use of Smarty Pants.


  • Justin exact duplicate of a rabbit.[2]
  • Standard magic includes opening portals, disappearing stuff, and levitation.[3]
  • With e-mimication, a wizard can cause the original to do actions that its duplicate is made to do.[4]
  • They can rewind a few seconds back in time.[5]
  • The time rewind spell has at least a few hundred meters in range. Only magical beings recognize being in a time loop. Non-magical beings only sense deja vu.[6]
  • Can give a person the skills to be competent at a certain job/task.[7]
  • Alex warps a jacket out of existence.[8]
  • Alex switches one of her hands with her foot.[9]
  • Alex can create a house out of magic.[10]
  • T. J. is able to control his parents mind with his magic.[11]
  • A room in T. J.?s house has a black hole inside of it.[12]
  • Alex uses magic to create a runway.[13]
  • Alex transports her brothers and herself to Mars. They apparently no need to breathe air to survive.[14]
  • Alex can increase for hearing to superhuman levels.[15]
  • A truth spell[16]
  • Can shape shift people into animals (the human acts on the animals instincts).[17]
  • Alex and Justin teleport themselves into a movie.[18]
  • Can make objects come to life.[19]
  • Returns the animated object inanimate again.[20]
  • Max causes the inside of a sandwich shop to begin snowing accidentally.[21]
  • Max teleports their apartment to China, then Hawaii.[22]
  • A genie mind wipes Justin from existing.[23]
  • The genie turns Justin invisible.[24]
  • Alex uses the WISP key to send her stuff back to her room but ends up sucking up space-time of the room itself leaving only blank space in its place.[25]
  • Superhuman reactions via ping pong on steroids.[26]
  • Wiztech headmaster uses a truth spell on Alex.[27]
  • Alex creates a force field.[28]
  • Alex slows down a ball to below human speeds.[29]
  • Mass memory wipe at a local baseball game.[30]
  • Shape shifting a guinea pig into a dove, brick, and a dove that sneezes.[31]
  • Prof. Crumpet takes away Alex's powers.[32]
  • Time freeze that lasts only as long as the caster can stand on one leg.[33]
  • Magic can sometimes be taken away by water.[34]
  • Body switching: two people switch bodies and if not switched back by sunset the change is permanent.[35]
  • Alex brings Babe Ruth to life from a picture.[36]
  • A spell that can make objects go through other objects.[37]
  • Max and Jeff grab objects that can go through solid objects.[38]
  • Anti-gravity spell (may need two people to perform).[39]
  • Magic, no kind of magic, can affect plastic.[40]
  • Ronald Longcoat creates three people with no spell incantation.[41]
  • Ronald moves a whole bunch of stars to form a message.[42]
  • Alex gives Harper the power to do a bunch of powers one of them being able to ricochet lasers.[43]
  • Alex teleports herself and Harper outside of the Milky Way galaxy.[44]
  • Max created a room full of illusionary people that had their own thoughts and feelings that were able to mimic real people.[45]
  • Alex transports herself to Fairy World (unknown how she got there though).[46]
  • Wizard powers are powered by a power plant in the Wizard World.[47]
  • TJ turned Jenny (16 y.o.) into a 40-year-old woman.[48]
  • Made lava into snow.[49]
  • Future Harper travelled back in time due to one of the most powerful wizards ever.[50]
  • Alex switches Harper's place with Max.[51]
  • Justin changes the weather throughout certain parts of the city.[52]
  • Mother Nature controls the weather in the world. She maintains it.[53]
  • Alex took away Jennifer's brain (meaning she's really dumb).[54]
  • Body switching spell has glitches in it.[55]
  • Alex manipulates space with a spell that essentially makes a loop through doors.[56]
  • Justin changes a bunch of space (less than 100 meters in diameter) into a silent movie.[57]
  • Inside-out spell by Max.[58]
  • Eye of Beholder: Causes people to see what they want to see (range: affected everyone within a school).[59]
  • According to Alex, Justin (and by extension her and Max presumably), they can stop time for a year.[60]
  • Juliet causes Justin to fall asleep with a command.[61]
  • Kelbo travels back to 1492 to discover America.[62]
  • Justin creates 1.21 gigawatts of electricity.[63]
  • Alex can cast a spell to see events happening in other places.[64]
  • Justin can do spells without an incantation.[65]
  • Magic that can enhance normal humans to superhuman stats.[66]
  • Fight scene, weak offensive move by Justin that caused a lot of smoke but not damage.[67]
  • Uncle Kelbo is Shakira (those dancing feats).[68]
  • Alex freezes Stevie into solid ice.[69]
  • Sleep spell.[70]
  • Time spell that sent the family and principal back to the Old West (1800s-ish?).[71]
  • Can manipulate minds back to a certain point in time.[73]
  • Alex created a black hole. Apparently, it was sucking up everything in the universe.[74]
  • Duplication spell that made multiple copies of the family.[75]
  • Prof. Crumbs creates a sophisticated illusion that was very complicated.[76]
  • The family wizard robe has invisibility, a chameleon feature, and unlimited hoagies in the right sleeve.[77]
  • Wizards can shrink themselves to the cellular level.[78]
  • Depending on an angel's side (Light or Darkness), they can influence others to act a certain way.[79]
  • The Moral Compass has universal range.[80]
  • A spell to slow down the speed of others.[81]
  • There is a speed of magic.[82]
  • Principal survives being in the immediate area of a meteor strike.[83]
  • Petrification (slow acting)[84]
  • The Most Powerful Wand in the Wizarding World is strong enough to cancel other wands (namely Justin's).[85]
  • MPWWW creates a black hole (unknown if it has properties of a real one).[86]
  • They have a time machine.[87]
  • Justin breaks through a wall.[88]
  • Alex gets rid of her negative qualities.[89]
  • Alex created a Wizard Speed Pass which is stated to only be able to be created by the most powerful wizards.[90]
  • Alex is the most powerful wizard of the generation.[91]
  • Mason tears down a cement wall.[92]

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • A party I must attend on that, we can't agree, but for refreshing change, today you'll side with me: A convincement spell is a forbidden spell that causes the target to access anything that the user says. The spell lasts 24 hours.
  • After all that's been said we want to switch back our heads: Switches hair styles back and switches voices, but not bodies/brains.
  • Although I like such tasty snacks, I'd rather have my brother Max: A Tasty Snacks Reversal Spell that is used in the episode Movies by Alex. It is an Improvised spell that is first mentioned and taught to them by Jerry in this episode. This spell was used to reverse the spell Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter and jelly done by Max. Although after she said this, she revealed that it wasn't even true.
  • Animoza Espinoza: A transfiguration spell used to transform a human into an animal.
  • Bookus Mustardus: A fake spell that supposedly transforms books into mustard bottles.
  • Dissapearus: This is a suffix that makes what should come before it in the magical phrase disappear.
  • By all my power is to go, a wizard's essence, spirit, and soul will be nothing but a lump of coal, by all the power vested in me, my power will be wrested out and forever free: A Wizard Power Stripping Spell that can be used by a wizard to strip themselves of their powers. The spell also cancels any current magical effect the wizard is having on the world, effectively neutralising any active spells. This spell does not permanently strip a wizard of their powers as there are ways to get them back through the power granting abilities of other magical creatures, such as the Stones of Justice.
  • (Name #1, Name #2) Cambia Corporum Meum Corpora Sua Nominavi/This has all been a pain, now we want to switch back our brains: Body/brain switching spells used to exchange the minds between two beings. The two people involved in the spell must switch back into their original bodies before sundown, or the two will be trapped in each other's bodies forever.
  • Cashmerus Appearus: Zaps a cashmere sweater into the caster's body instantly.
  • Cerebellum Erasus: Erases recent memories from wizards and mortals in a certain distance; the Amnesia Spell.
  • Commakus Pancakus: Also known as the "Pancake Stack spell," is a spell used to conjure up a stack of warm pancakes.
  • Cranium Revolvis: Rotates people's heads around their bodies. Holding the head can prevent the spell's effect.
  • Dehydratus Lugatus Apus Escapus: Drains all liquids from a place and transforms sea chimps back into humans.
  • Don't let this garden go to waste, give this food a lot more taste: Grows a giant pumpkin.
  • Edgebonoutoosis: A duplication spell used to duplicate an object or person.
  • Frames of figures, step out of your pictures: A Picture Animation Spell that makes any picture come alive and materialize in the real world. To reverse it, you must know the place and date where the pictures were made.
  • From your chin to your toes, an elephant trunk grows: Transforms a nose into an elephant trunk.
  • Garibay Immobilitay: Reverses the Animation Spell Murrieta-animata.
  • Gilesjay Timesday: A time freezing spell. It was developed by Dr. Jay Giles, who only had one leg. When faced with a situation and time is running out, it gives you the ability to freeze time without freezing yourself as long as you stay on one leg.
  • Gothrough Mothrough: An Atravesandus spell that allows the target to pass through solid objects.
  • Hairbrainium Exchangium: Swaps hair (color and style) between two people.
  • Hear these three (Family Name) cry, begone (Name) vaporize: An Angel of Darkness Vanquishing Spell that can be used to destroy an Angel of Darkness.
  • Huminoza Espinoza: A transfiguration spell used to change humans who were previously changed in animals back to humans. It's the counter-spell of Animoza Espinoza.
  • I'm old enough to hang with actress/model/spokeswoman Ruby Donahue, so get me into Night of the Halloween Sorority Party Disaster 2
  • In Spanish class I took a nap then, how about a floating caption: A Spanish Translating Spell that translates what the people were saying by flashing a floating subtitle into thin air.
  • Levitatus: A basic levitation spell to levitate objects.
    • Levitatus Liatus: Make oneself levitate.
    • Levitatus Liquidatus: Make liquids levitate.
    • Levitatus Lampatus: Make lamps levitate.
  • Literarium Terrarium: A spell used to transport someone inside of a book.
  • Mailus Spontaneous, (person's name or place): A Wizard Instant Parcel Service (or WIPS for short) spell used to open up a portal to send mail and items to another person or place. The incantation is mailus spontaneous, and the spell must be used in conjunction with a special portal key.
  • Make your troubles no more, go in through the outdoor: Whenever someone tries to leave, they always come back in.
  • McReary-Time Reary: A spell that rewinds time by a few seconds to give wizards a chance to correct a dire mistake. It is mentioned that the spell should only be used in emergencies because it's dangerous since it bends time and space and is known to causes a disturbance in the space/time continuum. Only people in the magical world remember time was rewound, while people in the regular world just have déjà vu.
  • Murrieta-animata: A spell that can bring any inanimate object to life. If you leave an animated object animated too long, then it develops emotions, and it can't be changed back. However, it can be brought back to its original state with water.
    • Murrieta-animata grande: A spell to make an inanimate object come to life, but bigger than Murrietta-animata.
  • Pictures of faces, return to your places, (place and date): Brings figures back into their pictures, a reverse of Frames of figures, step out of your pictures.
  • Please please, tell me now, is there something I should know, Deranium, Deranius: A Spying Spell that allows the user to watch anything they want to know through a reflective surface.
  • Rainon Chainon: A spell that binds with chains all people who are around the user.
  • Satisfy my empty belly, make me a peanut butter and jelly: A Tasty Snacks Spell that changes a person into peanut butter and jelly.
  • Scritty politty, no quitty: Prevents someone from quitting.
  • Some are ​evil, some are kind, but now, all must speak their mind: A truth spell used in Season 1. It causes everyone to say what they're thinking.
  • Some people are a gem, some people are​ a rat, to learn who's who, give me the ear of a bat: An Ear of a Bat spell that replaces the user's ear with a bat ear with super-sonic hearing. This enables the user to hear things from a distance.
  • Stop all the racket, I'll wear a jacket: A Jacket spell first used in season one of Wizards of Waverly Place by Alex Russo.
  • Take this girl with the skills of a bench, and turn her into a serving wench: Turns a girl into a waitress.
  • Take this girl who's a great serving wench and give her back the skills of a bench: Undoes the waitress spell, returns someone with no waitress skills back to the way they were.
  • The weight of this mural is too much to shoulder, watch me use the eye of the beholder: An Eye of the Beholder Spell that makes everybody see what they want to see.
  • This (person/thing) is now not, a (person/thing) should fill its slot: A Transfiguration spell used to transform things and people.
  • This has all been a pain, we want to switch back our brains: (this spell has unexpected results) Brains combined into one head.
  • Threemetris Movetris: A spell that allows the user to Teleports 10 feet away.
  • Tomunan Kinesis: Also known as the "Telekinesis spell", is a spell used to replicate the power of Telekinesis.
  • Transfix Transpose, make (name of person #1) look like (name of person #2), from head to toes: The Transfix Transpose is a transfiguration spell that makes the target take the appearance of another.
  • Transportium Nextorbitorium: A spell that teleports the user to another planet.
  • Voices Rightnoises: Switches voices only.
  • We are now not small and teeny weenie, take us inside to see the genie: Takes people inside a genie lamp.
  • We are now small and teeny weenie, we are done visiting the genie: Brings people out from a genie lamp.
  • What I need right now is the opposite of clean, make me a girl without hygiene: Turns the caster into a girl without hygiene.
  • You haven't acted with any responsibility, say goodbye to your magical ability: Suspends a wizard's powers.
  • Zippozap Zippozee Zippozarum: A Sparks Fly Spell that is used to create fire. However, if it is used on people, it flares up their emotions and fills them with a positive electric charge.
  • ZublahubalahubulabubalabubalabubalaBEE: Increases water pressure.
Full list of spells

Note 1: This is a profile for Alex but it also details the general abilities a wizard should have by the end of the series. These feats mainly occurred in the first two seasons while they were learning magic so these abilities should be applicable to EoS wizards like Justin, Professor Crumbs, and other (competent) family wizards.

Note 2: Alex is noted to be the strongest wizard of her generation by the end of the series.


Basic Powers

  • Spellcasting: Alex is a mistress in the art of casting spells to cause all kinds of magic effects, such as:
  • Molecular Manipulation: Using spells Alex can channel this power to manipulate time, natural characteristics of living beings, giving them supernatural powers or transform objects and people into other things.
  • Molecular Duplication/Cloning: Alex can create copies of herself with a spell and have mastered it to the point that the "what happens to the clone happens to the original" problems doesn't occur.
  • Molecular Combustion: By channeling the Power of Three with her brothers Alex can vaporize a powerful being such as Gorog.
  • Molecular Immobilization: Alex can stop time as long she holds on just one leg, using the spell Gialsjay Timesday.
  • Enchantment: Alex can place enchantments to gain temporary powers or activate powers, such as:
    • Telekinesis: Alex forced Rosie to copy all her actions, using the copycat spell 'This that copycat'.
    • Power Control: Alex mistakenly gave Harper a superhero costume all superheroes basic powers.
    • Wish Granting: Alex could grant Harper a magic wish to fulfill all her selfishness.

Other Powers

  • Power of Three: The collective powers of the Russo siblings which enhances all of their abilities to the point of being able to destroy an Angel of Darkness, Gorog. Presumably, now Max doesn't have his powers, Alex can no longer access the Power of Three, but, as the Family Wizard of the Russo family, she may have similar magical strength without her brothers and be capable of similar feats on her own.
  • Spell Improvisation: Alex knows how to create or use spells in the exact moments she needs.
  • Use of Magical Objects: Alex can use magical objects to counter-effects places where normally her powers would be weakened, such as the Guardian Angels Wings to fly to the Dark Angels HQ or the Bermuda Shorts to neutralize the magnetic forces of Bermuda Triangle.
  • Elemental Affinity: Alex has a natural affinity for the magic of the four classic elements as she could use element-based spells in the premature Wizard Competition.
  • Creation of Alternative Realities: If in possession of powerful artifacts such as the family wand, Alex can create alternative timelines.
  • Family Wizard Capabilities: Being the Russo Family Wizard, Alex's magical capabilities have been greatly enhanced.
  • Pickpocketing: Alex has shown to be able to pickpocket easily, and she is proud of that skill.
  • Stealth: On many occasions, Alex snuck into different situations, sometimes without being seen or heard.
  • Basic Combat: She has physically fought on numerous occasions, as well as ran, climbed and showcased other great physical abilities. Whether she has used magic to teach herself that is not known.
  • Physical Combat: Alex showed formidable fighting ability when she fought her evil counterpart on the Billboard. She was skilled in hand to hand combat and was able to defeat her evil self. Alex's evil side was able to perform flips. Also, Alex showed to be very flexible and able to swing on the bars of the billboard.



Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


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  58. S2E22 My Tutor, Tutor 21:00
  59. S2E23 Paint By Committee 10:25
  60. S2E26 Wizards vs. Vampires On Waverly Place
  61. S2E26 Wizards vs. Vampires On Waverly Place 16:40
  62. S2E30 Retest 00:50
  63. S3E01 Franken Girl
  64. S3E05 Night at the Lazerama 14:15
  65. S3E06 Doll House
  66. S3E06 Marathoner Helper
  67. S3E09 Wizards vs. Werewolves 37:00
  68. S3E12 Detention Election 05:30
  69. S3E15 Third Wheel
  70. S3E16 The Good, The Bad and the Alex 12:05
  71. S3E16 The Good, The Bad and the Alex 12:15
  72. S3E20 Max's Secret Girlfriend 00:30
  73. S3E21 Alex Russo, Matchmaker?
  74. S3E22 Delinquent Justin 04:50
  75. S3E28 Wizards Unleashed
  76. S4E01 Alex Tells the World 10:45
  77. S4E03 Lucky Charmed 07:50
  78. S4E04 Journey to the Center of Mason
  79. S4E09 Wizards vs. Angels
  80. S4E09 Wizards vs. Angels 18:50
  81. S4E09 Wizards vs. Angels 19:20
  82. S4E17 Misfortune at the Beach 08:50
  83. S4E18 Wizards vs. Asteroid
  84. S4E18 Wizards vs. Asteroid 08:50
  85. S4E24 Get Along, Little Zombie 01:20
  86. S4E24 Get Along, Little Zombie 10:20
  87. S4E25 Wizards vs. Everything
  88. S4E27 Harperella 43:40
  89. Special - The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex 17:00
  90. Special - The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex 20:00
  91. Special - The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex 30:20
  92. Special - The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex 44:00


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