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AlecThanda Render.png
We're both Ghosts. I could never forget the face of an enemy. I've fought for so long.


Alec Thanda is one of the most accomplished soldiers in the West. He is a natural-born warrior who's snatched eight victories from the jaws of defeat.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, 9-B with preparation

Name: Alec Thanda

Origin: May These Leaden Battlegrounds Leave no Trace: Bullet Magic and Ghost Programs

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Ex-Human, Mage, Ghost

Powers and Abilities: Immortality (Type 8 - as long as wars exist so will a Ghost), Precognition (Can see the future via Qualia), Magic, Body Puppetry (Via Mark of Grankaisers - the Oud), Shockwave Manipulation (Via Voldora Bullet), Fire Manipulation (Via Voldora Bullet), Forcefield Creation (Mages have a barrier around their bodies that protect them from harm)

Attack Potency: Athletic Human level (Is a trained soldier and a mage making him be a peak human in performance), Wall level (Mages are stated to be comparable with a fixed cannon if they are let to focus their magic)

Speed: Athletic Human (Is a fit soldier and should be able to run at this speed), Supersonic reactions (Can dodge multiple bullets that move at supersonic speed)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human level (Is a trained soldier and a mage making him be a peak human in performance)

Striking Strength: Athletic Human Class (Is a trained soldier and a mage making him be a peak human in performance)

Durability: Athletic Human level (Is a trained soldier and a mage making him be a peak human in performance)

Stamina: Above Average, should be ably capable of exerting actions for prolonged periods of time thanks to being a fit and trained soldier.

Range: Normal melee, tens of meters with gun

Standard Equipment: Gun, Extelia

Intelligence: Genius as he is a war hero, being able to bring victory multiple times from the jaws of defeat thanks to his strategies. A mage needs to calculate multiple factors, from information on the enemy to their surroundings, all the way down to the details of the strategy itself as they need to piece all these together individually with their Qualia to base their decisions off the result to be able to fight another mage.

Weaknesses: No notable one

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Bullet Magic: Bullet Magic is a technique in which mages imbue live rounds with mana to produce special effects. The Magic itself is a technique from the distant past. As the century of warfare continued, people sought a more practical application of magic thus laced bullets with magical effects become widespread among soldiers. A magic developed with a single goal, to murder.

Qualia: Those endowed with magical power, regardless of how much they had, possess this ability. Qualia is a sixth sense of sorts, an ability to observe the future. It is an ability that enables mages to evade bullets moving at supersonic speeds. A battle between mages is a battle between individuals capable of reading the future, which was why the mage who could see further forward came out on top.

Mark of Grankaisers - the Oud: The Oud's property is called Enthrallment, allowing the user to enforce orders on any target the bullets pierce. It's not limited to just people, but machines, animals, corpses, and more. Anything can be forced as long as it can physically handle the task.

  • Even if a human is dead and more than half of its body is missing, it can still be enthralled.

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