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Monkey Alchemist.png
Harnessing powers of science and magic, splashes Bloons with acid, also brews various potions with different effects
~ Description in BTD6

Special brew gives Monkeys extra damage, range, and attack speed
~ Description in BTD6

Extra strong brew has even more powerful effect on the target
~ Description in BTD6

Alchemist BTD6.png
Berserker brew becomes PERMANENT on Monkeys who drink it
~ Description in BTD6

Coats MOAB-Class Bloons in an explosive substance that causes a large explosion when they are popped
~ Description in BTD6

Transformation ability: Turns Alchemist into powerful [cis] attack Monster for 20 seconds
~ Description in BTD6

BTD6AlchemTF 2.png
Transforms five Monkeys nearby into crazy attack monsters for 20 seconds
~ Description in BTD6

Converts Lead Bloons to GOLD
~ Description in BTD6

Converts all Bloons partially into gold, getting more cash per pop from affected Bloons
~ Description in BTD6

Secret shrink potion converts all affected Bloons into Red Bloons
~ Description in BTD6


The Alchemist is a tower in Bloons Tower Defense. It is a decently priced unit that throws acidic potions which deal great damage to most Bloon types. Its upgrade paths allow the Alchemist to either boost the stats of teammates, transform into a monster, or generate extra money with golden Bloons.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, At least 9-B with Perishing Potions | Unknown | Unknown, At least Wall level with Perishing Potions, Varies with Unstable Concoction, 8-B with Transforming Tonic and Total Transformation | Unknown, At least 9-B with Perishing Potions

Name: Alchemist

Origin: Bloons Tower Defense

Gender: None (It's confirmed that all monkeys are genderless with the exception of Heroes)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Monkey | Monkey | Monkey, Attack Monster | Monkey

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Small Size (Type 0), Self-Sustenance (Type 1. Monkeys can participate in the 3 space maps across the series and the 6 underwater maps from BATTD, When asked about how the monkeys breathe on the moon, it was simply explained as “Monkey Science!”), Body Control (Monkeys have prehensile tails), Enhanced Senses (All Monkeys are capable of seeing ghosts), Non-Physical Interaction (Monkeys can stand on clouds), Magic and Summoning (All Monkeys appear to have the power to summon darts, as long as they’ve bought them previously), Selective Intangibility (Before being able to fight against Bloons, Monkeys must learn the Physics of Friendly Fire, which they always keep turned off during battles, though they can turn friendly fire back on should they choose to), Acid Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement, Statistics Amplification (Can coat a monkey's weapons in an acidic mixture, boosting their power), Deconstruction (Perishing Potions can remove the Fortified property from Lead and Ceramic Bloons), Heat Manipulation (via the Monkey Knowledge "Hot Magic"), Resistance to Heat Manipulation (Most of the monkeys either wear only accessories or wear rubber suits despite the 10 winter/frozen maps (+9 from BATTD) and 9 volcanic maps (+6 from BATTD) across the series), Ice Manipulation and Cosmic Radiation (Can survive on the 3 space maps in the game), and partial to Time Stop (Time Stop power slows Bloons to 10% speed but only reduces Monkeys to 30%)

All base abilities enhanced, Statistics Amplification (Berserker Brew and upgrades increase a Monkey's damage, range, and attack speed)

All base abilities enhanced, Explosion Manipulation and Reactive Power Level, Transformation (Can transform himself, Total Transformation has the Alchemist permanently turned into the monster), Plasma Manipulation (Monster form can fire plasma lasers), Transmutation (Total Transformation allows the Alchemist to temporarily transform five other Monkeys into monsters)

All base abilities enhanced, Transmutation (Can turn Lead Bloons into gold, Can partially turn all Bloons into Gold, Can convert the equivalent of 200 Red Bloons (up to 2 ZOMGs or 4 DDTs) into Red Bloons), possibly Magic and Telekinesis (The artwork for Bloon Master Alchemist shows the Alchemist using magic to transmute an unknown Bloon back into a Red Bloon, however this may not be valid)

Attack Potency: Unknown (Potions negate durability), At least Wall level with Perishing Potions (Destroys the Fortified property of Lead and Ceramic Bloons and deals large damage to the Fortified property of MOAB-Class Bloons) | Unknown (The artwork for Permanent Brew shows the Alchemist constantly drinking Berserker Brews (which are superior to the Acidic Mixture Dip), likely meaning he's constantly under the effects), At least Wall level with Perishing Potions | Unknown, At least Wall level with Perishing Potions, Varies with Unstable Concoction (Explodes after the MOAB it's applied to is popped, dealing the equivalent to 10% of the blimp's max health to nearby Bloons), City Block level with Transforming Tonic and Total Transformation (Can solo BFBs) | Unknown, At least Wall level with Perishing Potions

Speed: Likely Superhuman (Real World monkeys can go this fast), Transonic combat speed (Compares to Boomerang Monkey) | Likely at least Superhuman, Transonic combat speed | Likely at least Superhuman, Transonic combat speed, likely Hypersonic combat speed as Monster (Though its plasma vision is slower, should compare to Super Monkey) | Likely at least Superhuman, Transonic combat speed

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Street level (Should be comparable to the Dart Monkey) | At least Street level | At least Street level, City Block level with Transforming Tonic and Total Transformation | Unknown

Stamina: Above average. Can attack non-stop for an extended period of time, albeit without moving or taking damage

Range: Several meters to Tens of meters

Standard Equipment: Various goggles, Flasks of red acid, Bucket of stat-boosting potion, Perishing Potions, Various bags, Various gloves, Surgical Mask | Various goggles, Bucket of stat-boosting potion, Berserker Brew, Barrels and steam chimney, Helmet | Various goggles, Unstable Concoction, Transforming Tonic | Various goggles, Flasks of red acid, Gold transmutation potions, Bracelets, Secret shrink potion, Crown

Intelligence: Gifted, possibly Genius (All monkeys know sign language, Is a master of alchemy, Invented the many different potions)

Weaknesses: Two of three paths are focused on hax instead of AP, Can only use it's most powerful abilities from one of three upgrade paths

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Acidic Potions: The Alchemist's main method of attack. Throws acidic potions that slowly deal damage to Bloons over time
  • Larger Potions: Throws larger potions that cover more area when splashing
  • Acidic Mixture Dip: Throws potions that boost other towers, allowing them to pop Lead Bloons and do extra damage to Ceramic and MOAB Bloons
  • Stronger Acid: Acid deals increased damage
  • Perishing Potions: Potions remove the Fortified property from Lead and Ceramic Bloons and greatly damages MOAB Bloons
  • Acid Pool: If no Bloons are nearby, Alchemist drenches the track in acid
  • Faster Throwing: Throws acid and potions faster
  • Berserker Brew: Throws a Berserker Brew, which increases Monkey's damage, range, and attack speed
    • Stronger Stimulant: Throws stronger Berserker Brews
    • Permanent Brew: Berserker Brew effects are now permanent
  • Unstable Concoction: Coats MOAB Bloons in a substance that explodes when they're popped
    • Transforming Tonic: Temporarily turns the Alchemist into a powerful monster
    • Total Transformation: Alchemist is permanently a monster and can temporarily transform five others
  • Lead to Gold: Turns Lead Bloons to gold, generating extra income when they're popped
    • Rubber to Gold: Partially turns all Bloons into gold
    • Bloon Master Alchemist: Converts all affected Bloons into Red Bloons

Key: Base (2/2/2) | Berserker Brew upgrade path | Unstable Concoction upgrade path | Lead to Gold upgrade path


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