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Alcatraz in Prophet's Nanosuit 2.0, fighting during the Battle of New York City, August 2023.


James "Alcatraz" Rodriquez is the protagonist in Crysis 2 and the novel Crysis: Legion, which contains additional personal background about him. He is a Force Recon Marine originally sent to New York City to (unknowingly) combat the Ceph, before receiving the Crynet Nanosuit 2.0 from Prophet, and ultimately becomes a "reincarnation" of Laurence Barnes, as shown in Crysis 3, having merged with the original's personality and conscious being stored within the nanosuit.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-A

Name: James "Alcatraz" Rodriquez

Origins: Crysis 2

Gender: Male

Age: 32 (by the time of Crysis 2)

Classification: Former Human/U.S Marine, Nanosuit Lifeform

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception (Via Threat Detector), Master Fighter (Due to his extensive experience as a Marine), Self-Sustenance (Type 1 underwater, Types 2 and 3 everywhere else), Weapon Mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Fire Manipulation (via several fire-based and thermite weapons), Adaptation, Absorption, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Explosion Manipulation (via explosive weapons), Smoke Manipulation (via smoke grenades), Cloaking (Bending lensing fields and warped lights and blending him into the surrounded environment), Hacking (Can easily hack into Earth and Ceph technology), Statistics Amplification (With each respective modes such as Maximum Power, Armor and Cloak Engage, the Nanosuit 2 can fuse and link with his body to the last molecule), Regeneration (At least Mid-High. It can even regenerate any damaged parts of his body using expandable biomass with Cry-Weave, its nanoshell can also self-repair if it suffers any kind of damage, like Prophet's re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere which completely destroyed him and the suit as seen in the ending of Crysis 3), Energy Manipulation and Energy Projection (after absorbing Ceph energy sources the suit can also become significantly stronger by absorbing Ceph's energy, channeling and unleashing them in the form of energy blasts), Information Analysis, Hacking, Reactive Evolution, Reactive Power Level, Multi-Lingualism, Shapeshifting (Upon its complete destruction, the Nanosuit 2.0 reformed itself and restored Prophet's former human appearance), Extreme Pain Tolerance and Resistance to Poison Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation (The nanites inside the suit will prevent any disease and virus from affecting him by blocking and reprogramming them at nano-scale, features hardened Faraday anti-EMP mesh, the Nano-catalyst it absorbed allowed Alcatraz to unlock new features and making him stronger day-by-day, his linguistic skills increased significantly, memory becomes eidetic and functionally ambidextrous thanks to Nanosuit 2), Radiation Manipulation and Extreme Cold and Heat (The nanoshell of the suit allows him to survive any imaginable and extremely harsh environment, ranging from the vacuum of space to several thousand degrees of heat gained upon re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere)

Attack Potency: At least Small Building level+ (Casually took down a Stalker when he was barely used to the Nanosuit, can easily smash through concrete and large metal structures. The Nanosuit 2.0 is said to be 32% stronger than the first Nanosuit. Can easily send armored cars flying into the air with his strikes. Right after getting shot with a Gauss Rifle, he effortlessly smashed Commander Lockhart through a CryNet nano-shielded window while being low on power, said nano-shielded window being durable enough to take JAW missiles and M17 fragmentation grenades with no damage), higher later on and with weapons

Speed: Athletic Human running speed normally (Explicitly stated to be 30 km/hr) and Superhuman with speed boost (Chased down a fleeing Ceph Stalker when he was still getting used to the suit and it was not at full power. Therefore at least 30 m/s and likely improved later on). Supersonic punching speed normally (A single casual punch of his can easily hit 10,000G) with High Hypersonic combat speed (The N2 affords the wearer 0.08 millisecond reaction times. Prophet in N2 was able to perceive heavy machine gun tracer rounds as if they were a "slow and graceful arcing light show") and Massively Hypersonic reactions and short-burst combat speed (While trying to get rid of a Ceph tick on his visor, he directly punched himself in the face with the force of over 10,000 Gs but then deflected it at the last microsecond, causing it to avoid his face but still hit the edge of his respirator with enough force to send him spinning into the ground "like a ballerina")

Lifting Strength: Class 50 (Can easily flip cars upside-down with a Power Kick and can lift well-armored soldiers and toss them through reinforced CryFibril glass, rip HMGs from their stations with ease, earlier Nanosuit models could easily grant enough power to casually carry around missile launchers, heavy objects like washing machines, ovens, tire changers and whatnot with just their bare hands and throw them several dozen meters into the air like nothing. Prophet with the suit easily pushed a gigantic train carriage filled with high-power explosive, despite it being stuck into place with over decades of rust and sent it rolling with great speed)

Striking Strength: At least Small Building Class+

Durability: At least Small Building level+ (Should be comparable to his attack potency, can withstand his own punches. Can take M17 grenades and C4 Charges exploding right under him. Can also take hits from the Gauss Rifle as seen in his confrontation with Lockhart)

Stamina: Extremely High (Does not need food, water or sleep. Can keep on fighting in decade-long battles endlessly)

Range: Extended melee range by himself and via shockwaves, higher with weapons, several kilometers via Ceph Spike and Lithoship

Standard Equipment: CryNet Nanosuit 2, which contains the following-

Nanosuit 2 specs:

-Starts with a honeycombed coltan/titanium exoskeleton with 32% greater strength than the N1 at half the weight. Wrapped in CryNet’s patented artificial muscle: an armored carbon-nanofiber composite storing elastic energies of up to 20 J/cm^3, with electromechanical coupling that exceeds 70% under most battlefield conditions. Sheathed in a flexible dopedceramic epidermis and a Faraday weave that shields against EMPs while still supporting telemetric throughput of up to 15 TB/sec. Put it all together and you have a combat chassis that laughs at almost anything short of a direct hit with a battlefield nuke. (In fact, in three out of five simulations, the Nanosuit 2.0 even withstood the pointblank detonation of a Lockheed AAF 212 Circuit-Breaker!)

- Results may vary during actual combat.

- And what fuels this unmatched combination of power and protection? Virtually anything. While the N2’s primary coupling is compatible with any BVN-series hydrogen cell, the suit also acquires and stores energy automatically from a wide range of ambient sources: kinetic motion, passive solar/thermal, and atmospheric microwave to name but a few. The standard-issue universal adapter allows recharging from virtually any hardline electrical source, domestic or military—and with CryNet’s optional Necro-Organic Metabolites plug-in (NOM), the N2 can even extract usable energy from battlefield carrion!

  • The Ionic Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Liquid Armor: (a fast-twitch reflex co-polymer incorporating colloidal doped ceramics and a copper nanolattice in an ethylene-glycol buckyball matrix) gives the wearer unparalleled protection against radiation and physical impact. It also drastically increases motor reflexes (giving users on average a 0.08 millisecond reaction time), and features a dynamic Faraday anti-EMP mesh.

Specifications and Armor Components:

  • Coltan-Titanium Exoskeleton; all insertion points carboplatinum-reinforced.
  • Gold-Cobalt Oxide Lattice: Increases fuel-cell capacity by 20%.
  • Nano-circuitry: Force-grown using proprietary peptide-matrix viral templates.
  • Ionic Electroactive Polymer (EAP) Liquid Armor: Fast-twitch reflex co-polymer (0.08 millisecond RT). Incorporates colloidal-doped ceramics and a copper nano-lattice in an ethylene-glycol buckyball matrix.
  • Dual-intake UV/HEPA-filters: Traps particulates as small as 500 nm, kills biologicals and neutralizes a wide range of chemical agents without compromising tidal flow.
  • Monocular stereopsis and range finding: Provides unsurpassed depth perception even through a single lens.
  • Full-spectrum acuity from 1m to 103m (including terahertz radiation); output rendered as false-color visible light; optional acoustic and tactile modes; 60x optical zoom at visible wavelengths (100x digital interpolation).
  • Six-thousand-channel remote telemetry integration ensures complete and transparent access to all ambient data streams without the need to painstakingly sort signal from noise.
  • Utilizes continuous real-time derivation and analysis of all proximate tactical objectives consistent with stored parameters.

A.I - S.E.C.O.N.D (Semi-Autonomous Enhanced Combat-Ops: Neurointegration and Delivery):

  • The sentient A.I of Nanosuit 2, it's capable of imitating perfectly anything of its previous users and storing their conscious, memories, experience and feeling as data (though it will put them at infinite hold and stored them inside storage if was too corrupted) , reduced actors that negatively affected them in battle such fear and fatigue and optimize their emotional state to increase mission successful chance, instantaneous and integrating brain processing speed that easily surpassed supercomputers with simultaneous steams of information by feeding tactical telemetry from thousands of sources and channels, the A.I also actively augments positive and beneficial factors and maintain them nonstop
  • When adapting to changing battlefield conditions, when improvising in the face of the unknown and the unknowable, the human brain is still the best computer on the planet. When it comes to the instantaneous processing and integration of thousands of simultaneous streams of data, however, it could use a bit of help.
  • That’s where the N2’s Semi-Autonomous NeuroTactical Augmentation (later SECOND) AI comes in. Powered by a parasitic blood-glucose infusion and our optional electrolytic Ballard microstack, this tenth-generation nonsentient biochip is built around a 10e+13 -synapse core that runs at a blazing 1.5 BIPS. SANTA* instantly integrates remote telemetry and first-person input from up to six thousand distinct channels—ranging from full-spectrum EM to acoustic, barometric, and pheromonal—presenting clear, concise tactical summaries and recommendations via an interface integrated directly into the visual cortex. It can also assume the Nanosuit’s purely autonomic and regulatory functions in the event of somatic damage, or should mission priorities call for operations not consistent with the normal reflexes of the N2.
  • SANTA/SECOND’s most truly innovative feature, however, is its ability to not only monitor the physical and emotional states of the soldier, but to actually optimize those states for mission success. SANTA continuously regulates dopamine, lactate, and corticosteroid levels, anticipates debilitating stress and fatigue reactions, and counteracts them before your troops even feel the urge to yawn.
  • Nor does SANTA stop at the mitigation of debilitating reactions; it actively augments beneficial ones. Adrenaline, GABA, and tricyclics are all maintained at optimal levels for lightning reflexes, maximal sensory acuity, and positive emotional state. Your forces will pursue their objectives with tireless and unswerving dedication for days on end.
  • Extended operation in battlefield-optimization mode is not recommended. Prolonged exposure to agonistic neuroinhibitors can result in long-term damage to metabolic systems. Soldiers should be regularly fed and rested for best long-term performance.

Main Modes:

  • -Armor Mode: Suit power is diverted to the CryFibril nano-muscle to deflect incoming high-speed objects by tightening of the suit's outer weave and increasing suit armor density, blunt trauma and energy blasts are also absorbed. This decreases the suit's power, rather than the user's health. It should be noted that due to the suit's outer layer increasing in density when in armor mode, footsteps are louder and the wearer's stealth properties are decreased if operating on certain terrain, such as concrete or brick. A slight glow will flow through the suit's fibers as it channels power dampening energy.
  • -Infiltration Mode (Cloak): Nanofibers on the suit's surface dynamically scan the surrounding area and feed it onto the suit skin in full depth, cloaking the wearer, in addition to suppressing any sounds made by wearer movement. It will instantaneously drain all of the user's available energy if the user performs a shot from an unsupressed firearm; however, if the user fires a surpressed firearm, this amount is lessened. As such, it is advised to aim for the target's head to maximize damage while remaining cloaked. The suit will temporarily deactivate the cloak matrix if the wearer strikes an enemy, picks up an item/enemy, or performs a stealth kill ( Afterwards, cloak automatically resumes. ).
  • -Power Mode: This passive mode only activates when needed, it is a combination of Speed and Strength from the previous Nanosuit although it performs better than the two. It activates and uses up energy when performing actions such as a "power jump," "power sprint," or "power slide," moving an extremely large and/or heavy object, or crashing down on a surface or enemy with titanic force ( Known as an "air stomp" ). Once the player picks up an item, the player can hold down the "attack" button to throw items in power mode, increasing the speed and damage of the throw. Apparently, in the Nanosuit 2, Power Mode is activated when the player picks up an enemy. This drains energy quickly as opposed to the first Nanosuit. Power Mode is active for as long as it is needed, or until the suit's modular capacitors are fully drained of suit energy.
  • Secondary Modes
    • -Visor Mode: This mode replaces the tactical binoculars from the first game and integrates it with all the action. It allows for efficient streaming of vast amounts of battlefield information. The wearer can pick out items of importance, such as corpses, weapons, ammo, conduits, consoles, objective points and the like, and scan them for details, as well as 'tag' enemies to track them as they traverse the environment. This mode also filters out ambient noises and enhances sensory perception, so that the wearer may easily pick up on conversations occurring in the vicinity.
    • -Nanovision: In this mode the Nanosuit visor highlights anything with a heat-source, it is essentially a thermal vision mode and makes it easier for the user to see enemies. (This can be used in-conjunction with Tactical Mode.) Nanovision can also be used as a form of low-light goggles, since the "Night-Vision" feature from the original nanosuit has been removed in the Nanosuit 2.0.
  • Non-Modal Functions
    • -Defibrillator: This is a function that can be activated to revive the user on The Nanosuit when the he enters cardiac arrest. If a user takes too much damage as in the case of Alcatraz, the Nanosuit can heal ( grow into the wounds ), yet it cannot restart the heart which is the Defibrillator's function. In Crysis 2, the defibrillator can only be used when a scripted in-game prompt allows the player to do so, and cannot be used during normal play.
    • -Rebreather: This is a function automatically activated by the suit when it is submerged in water ( Or when oxygen is otherwise unavailable ). The rebreather provides the wearer with breathable oxygen. It is capable of recycling exhailed carbon dioxide back into oxygen, and can also utilize the process of hydrolysis to break apart water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, using the hydrogen to help power the suit, and giving the oxygen to the wearer to be inhaled.
    • -Hermetic seal: It also seems that the Nanosuit 2.0 is Hermetically Sealed as seen in the final Mission of Crysis 3.
    • -Thrusters: The Nanosuit 2.0 possesses thrusters, allowing for movement in zero-gravity environments, as well as easer movement underwater.

Intelligence: Average for U.S Marine, his skills and memory, comprehension ability, specialties, retention and recall, etc were increased on every aspects thanks the Nanosuit 2, long story short he is becoming much smarter than he initially was

Weaknesses:  Incapable of speaking or talking due to his vocal chords being damaged beyond repair even for the Nanosuit 2, and the suit basically acts as his life-support (Without it, he will die, due to having been mortally wounded by Ceph gunfire at the game's beginning). Powerful EMP nukes that specifically made against Nanosuits can disable them for a few minutes.. His interaction with Manhattan Virus and the Ceph Spores eventually corrupted and destroyed his mind until the Nanosuit is incapable of fixing it anymore, resulting his consciousness becoming dormant, allowing Prophet to take over.


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