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Albireo manga.png
I would appreciate it if you’d continue to address me as you have been, “Ku:Nel Sanders”.
~ Albireo Imma


Albireo Imma, also known as Ku:Nel Sanders is one of Nagi Springfield's former companions and a member of Ala Rubra. While his past is still a mystery, he is supposedly very old. He delights in simple tricks and pranks, particularly on Evangeline. Albireo fought alongside Ala Rubra during the Great War in Magicus Mundus, and later became the Librarian of the Mahora Library Island. After sealing the Mage of the Beginning under Mahora Academy's World Tree, he has been stuck there for ten years and can only send out a replica of himself every year during the school festival with the help of the World Tree's magic. He appeared during the Mahora Festival to participate in the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament and pass a message from Nagi to his son Negi.

In the Third War Against the Mage of the Beginning, set years prior to the start of UQ Holder!, Albireo Imma was fighting alongside Negi and their friends. During the fight, he was corrupted by her and became her puppet, explaining why he is currently fighting alongside Negi Ialda as one of her apostles.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-C, up to 5-B with Spelaion Mikron Baru Melan. Varies with Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai

Name: Albireo Imma, Ku:Nel Sanders, The Librarian of a Thousand Faces

Origin: Mahou Sensei Negima!

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Mage, Librarian, Book, Apostle of the Lifemaker (UQ Holder only)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Flight, Magic, Enhanced Senses (Able to notice ordinarily invisible ghosts that even shamans and exorcists couldn't see), Extrasensory Perception (Able to sense both chi and magic), Magic Barrier, Gravity Manipulation, Black Hole Creation, Darkness Manipulation, Duplication, Intangibility, Invisibility, Telepathy, Healing (Easily healed Ku Fei's broken arm), Teleportation, Necromancy, Shapeshifting and Power Mimicry via Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai, Magic Barrier Negation, Weapon Creation (Created Touta's Gravity Blade), Portal Creation, Memory Manipulation, Self-Sustenance (Type 1), Non-Physical Interaction (Can touch and damage ghosts thanks to the dead corpses he summoned). Resistance to: Mind Manipulation and Possession (His mind is filled with enough madness that Santa was forced out when he tried to possess him), Extreme Cold, Cosmic Radiations, Telekinesis (Blocked Santa's Telekinesis)

Attack Potency: Moon level+ (Stated to be on the same level as Evangeline A.K. McDowell, should be comparable to Jack Rakan. Easily defeated Dynamis in the past), up to Planet level+ with Spelaion Mikron Baru Melan. Varies with Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai (Depends on the strength of the copied individual)

Speed: Likely Sub-Relativistic+ (Can keep up with the Lifemaker's constructs like Dynamis, should be comparable to Jack Rakan)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown (Doesn't rely on physical strength)

Durability: Moon level+ (Blocked an attack from Nagi Ialda)

Stamina: High

Range: Varies from hundreds of metres to several kilometers when using magic, standard melee range otherwise.

Standard Equipment: Pactio card and Artifact

Intelligence: Gifted; probably have hundreds of years of experience and is very knowledgeable, especially about the mysteries and secrets of Mundus Magicus.

Weaknesses: None

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Hai Bubloi Hai Biographikai: Albireo's artifact is a bookmark accompanied by a spiraling limitless archive of books. It has the ability to record half of a person’s life in one of its books. Each book can allow Albireo to physically imitate the person in question, inlcuding any physical characteristics or abilities possessed. The creation of each book requires conducting a special ritual, as well as hearing the subject’s name spoken from his own lips – one’s true name, as expressed by the person himself, and thus a piece of his own soul. In addition, each book can allow a one-time only ten-minute perfect replication of the subject, recreating emotions, tastes and preferences, memories, and other mental conditions. However, as the book cannot automatically update itself, this recreation is limited to the subject the time of the recording. People known to have been registered in the artifact:


Albireo is the only known user of Gravity Magic, a powerful branch of magic with a wide range of applications. He uses this magic by greating gravity spheres of various sizes, crushing the enemy through brute force or sending them flying using repulsion force. As a mastery of this type of magic, he can also generate real black holes.

  • Spelaion Mikron Baru Melan (小さく黒く重い洞, Chiisaku Omoku Kuroi Hokora; Small Heavy Black Hole): Albireo creates a micro black hole to attack his opponents.
  • Curtain of Night-Harpoons to Pierce the Leviathan (魔鯨穿つ夜銛の帳, Makujira Ugatsu Yomori no Tobari): The spell creates dozens of spears of darkness that launches towards a target to impale and immobilize them.
  • Magna Confractio Dimensionis (大次元破り, Daijigen Yaburi; Great Dimension Breaker): A high-tier gravity spell used by Albireo, he creates a micro black hole for an instant. This spell is often used to destroy pocket dimensions, and was copied and used by Jack Rakan.


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