Akuma no Riddle


Akuma no Riddle or Riddle Story of Devil is a manga written by Yun Kōga and illustrated by Sunao Minakata. At the all girl's school and boarding school Myōjō Academy, thirteen girls are transferred into the 10th year Class Black. Twelve of the thirteen students, including Tokaku Azuma of the infamous Azuma family, are assassins, and are all tasked with assassinating the thirteenth student, Haru Ichinose, in exchange for anything they desire. After becoming Haru's roommate and growing to know her and her life, Tokaku decides to protect her from the other assassins.

Power of the Verse

Akuma no Riddle lies in Tier 10 to 9, with the characters ranging in power from normal humans with decent preparatory skills to superhuman assassins capable of dodging bullets. The most physically powerful character, Sumireko, can effortlessly shatter walls, throw chandeliers, and is impervious to bullets. There is some hax, namely mind manipulation.






Student No. 1: Tokaku Azuma

Student No. 2: Isuke Inukai

Student No. 3: Kouko Kaminaga

Student No. 4: Hitsugi Kirigaya

Student No. 5: Shiena Kenmochi

Student No. 6: Haruki Sagae

Student No. 7: Suzu Shutou

Student No. 8: Otoya Takechi

Student No. 9: Chitaru Namatame

Student No. 10: Nio Hashiri

Student No. 11: Sumireko Hanabusa

Student No. 12: Mahiru Banba

Student No. 13: Haru Ichinose


Riddle Story of Devil -- Official English Subtitled Opening

Riddle Story of Devil -- Official English Subtitled Opening

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