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I am Akuma. And I will teach you the meaning of pain!
~ Akuma[1]

Akuma V clean.png
Ridiculous! I chose the path of the demon. At the end of my path, should I shed my humanity, I care not. Your pure fist of humanity, Mu no Ken, and my demon god fist... Now heaven and earth, light and dark will clash! Let nothing disturb our battle!
~ Akuma to Ryu[2]

I am power made flesh! Feel how weak you truly are!
~ Shin Akuma[3]


Akuma (悪魔 Akuma, "Devil"), known in Japan as Gouki (豪鬼 Gōki, "Great Demon", "Great Devil" or "Great Ogre") is a self-proclaimed "Supreme Master of the Fist" who wields the Satsui no Hadou ("surge of murderous intent"; also translated as the "Evil Intent", the "Killing Intent", "Dark Hadou", or the "Murder Wave").

The Satsui no Hadou forces unto its wielder the urge to win every battle at any cost, even if it means the death of their opponent. When he was still training under Goutetsu, Akuma delved further and further into the Satsui no Hadou; he eventually mastered its ultimate technique the Shun Goku Satsu ("Instant Hell Murder", but popularly known as the "Raging Demon") and killed Goutetsu with it to prove his mastery. He challenged his brother Gouken sometime afterward and killed him as well. Despite his arrogance, Akuma will not fight anybody who is not equal to or more powerful than himself, feeling that they present no challenge. Akuma views Ryu as a worthy adversary, and he constantly seeks to convince Ryu to follow the Satsui no Hadou as well.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 7-A, likely higher, higher as Shin Akuma

Name: Akuma, Gouki (in Japan), epithet "The Master of the Fist"

Origin: Street Fighter

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, likely in his 50s

Classification: Human, Demonic Martial Artist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master of Shotokan Karate and an assassination martial art known as Ansatsuken, Acrobatics, Genius Intelligence, Ki Manipulation and Projection (Master of Satsui no Hadou [Surge of Murderous Intent] an innate Ki which increases his fighting capabilities and can be projected as energy attacks), Aura, Extrasensory Perception (Can sense[4] ki), Transformation (Into Shin Akuma), Fire Manipulation (Via Sekia Goshoha and Sekia Kuretsuha), minor Air Manipulation and pseudo-Flight (Via Demon Armageddon), Statistics Amplification (Via Dohatsu Shoten and Shiretsu Hasshi), Intangibility/Teleportation (Via Ashura Senku), Death and Pain Manipulation (Via Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon. This technique brings death to its victim through the weight of their own sins[5], and not by Akuma's fist. The eviler the victim is, the more they suffer in death), possibly Non-Physical Interaction/Spiritual BFR (Via Houten Seikengeki; Akuma used this technique to vanquish[6] Kage, who might not be an entirely physical entity, sending him back to Ryu), minor Power Nullification (Via Rakan, which nullifies the opponent's blows, and Kiai, which cancels out normal projectiles), Damage Boost (Can perform enhanced versions of his Special Attacks), Status Effect Inducement (By hitting the opponent repeatedly, without them being able to recover, he can cause them to enter the "Stun" status, which leaves them unable to react. His Focus Attack causes the opponent to enter a "crumpling" status), Resistance to Soul Absorption (Via Mudo Tensho; Necalli couldn't devour[2] his soul) and Corruption (Has perfect control over the Satsui no Hado, preventing it[6] from consuming him)

Attack Potency: At least Large Mountain level, likely higher (Destroyed the island Gotenkou with a single punch, which had several mountains on it that were pulverized in the process[7]. Killed[8] M. Bison with his Raging Demon during the second World Tournament[9]. Fought evenly[4] with his brother Gouken. Effortlessy defeated[2] Power of Nothingness Ryu, stating that he wasn't even equal to him[2]. Destroyed[2] Torrent of Power Necalli from the inside. Becomes constantly stronger, with it being acknowledged by Gen[2], who previously was his equal. Contended[9] with Oro), higher as Shin Akuma (Stronger than before. Akuma takes this form when he faces a worthy opponent and needs to employ his full power)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Way faster than Power of Nothingness Ryu and M. Bison; the latter couldn't even react to him. Kept up with Gouken. Able to block[10] Gen's Zan'ei), higher as Shin Akuma (Faster than before)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 100 (Far stronger than Ryu), higher as Shin Akuma (Stronger than before)

Striking Strength: At least Large Mountain Class, likely higher (His punches could split the Ayers Rock in half and sink the island Goutentou. Went toe to toe with Gouken, Gen and a casual Oro), higher as Shin Akuma (Stronger than his base)

Durability: At least Large Mountain level, likely higher (Able to take blows from Gouken and a casual Oro), higher as Shin Akuma (More durable than before)

Stamina: Very high (Has never shown exhaustion in a fight. Constantly wanders across the world on foot or swimming through the oceans. Was able to remain underwater at massive pressure for an extended period of time)

Range: Standard melee range, tens of meters with projectiles

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Combat Genius (Mastered the deadly Ansatsuken martial arts and even added his own innovations to it, refining it like no other before and constantly creating new techniques while improving himself. Flawlessy controls the Satsui no Hado, harnessing its several combat applications without any problem. Can match other fighting geniuses such as Gouken, Gen and Oro, and has defeated the first two on at least one occasion each. Can surpass Ryu even while holding his power back and is implied[11] to have fought M. Bison in a fair match to test his skill. Is somewhat knowledgeable in mysticism and philosophy.)

Weaknesses: He goes easy on opponents often, as most of his fights are done with the bulk of his power sealed. He desires to actually see an opponent to surpass and kill him. Also, he is very easy to anger.


  • Managed to defeat and kill his master Goutetsu. Matched and then defeated Gen (but he backed out of the first duel once he found out that Gen was fatally ill). Defeated Kage and killed one of Seth's clones[4], Torrent of Power Necalli, M. Bison and Gill (the latter in an alternate ending). Won over Ryu multiple times, even when he was using the Power of Nothingness. Has ties with his older brother Gouken and won their first clash. Contended with Oro.
  • Sank the island Goutentou[7] with a single punch.
  • Split the Ayers Rock in half[12] with his Kongou-Kokuretsuzan.
  • His Demon Armageddon destroyed the ruins of a ship[13] and made it burst out of the depth of the ocean.
  • His Sekia Kuretsuha razed part of a forest to the ground.[14]

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Zugaihasatsu ("Cranium Crush Killer"): Akuma delivers an open palm chop to the opponent's head.
  • Tenmakujinkyaku ("Sky Demon Air Blade Leg"): Akuma jumps, landing in a diagonal-fall with a strong kick.
  • Kikokurenzan: Akuma delivers a high roundhouse kick. He then spins toward his opponent and finishes with a spinning heel kick.
  • Kongoken: Akuma delivers a strong punch. Once his attack connects, Akuma pivots toward his opponent and finishes the combo by hammering his other fist on top of them.
  • Sekiseiken: Akuma leaps into the air and performs a huge chop to the ground on the descent.
  • Tenha: Akuma performs an upward palm strike that hits almost vertically above him.
  • Kikoku Rentotsu: Akuma delivers a palm strike with his left hand, followed by another one with his other hand, knocking the opponent down.
  • Focus Attack: A heavy move that grants an augmented defense to the user during the execution and, if it lands, makes the opponent crumple.

  • Goshoha: Akuma grabs his opponent and delivers a palm strike to his opponent's midsection, knocking them on their back.
  • Shuretzuzan: Akuma grabs the opponents, switches side and strikes them with a kick in the face.
  • Syuretto: Akuma grabs the opponent, pulls them towards him and strikes their back with a chop.
  • Seoi Nage: Akuma grabs his opponent and pulls them over his shoulder, causing them to land on their back.
  • Tomoe Nage: AKuma grabs his opponent and falls in backwards roll, planting a foot on them and applying pressure, causing them to flip back and crash on the ground.

  • Gohadoken ("Great Surge Fist"): Akuma fires a sphere of energy infused with the Satsui No Hado. The EX version is faster, stronger and goes farther.
  • Zanku Hadoken ("Slashing Air Surge Fist"): Akuma jumps and thrusts his hands, firing an airborne Hadoken from a single hand. With the EX version Akuma can fire either two Zanku Hadoken or a single, but stronger and faster one.
  • Sekia Goshoha ("Red Crow Great Char Blast"): Akuma fires a a Gohadoken imbued with fire. The EX version is stronger.
  • Goshoryuken ("Great Rising Dragon Fist"): Akuma performs a powerful jumping uppercut. With the EX version Akuma delivers two Goshoryuken.
  • Tatsumaki Zankukyaku ("Tornado Slashing Air Leg"): Akuma jumps and performs several spinning kicks while travelling forward. One of its variants features the opponent being brought up into the air and then slammed down by the final kick. It can also be performed while already in the air, hitting the opponent while descending. With the EX version Akuma performs a stationary spinning kick, which hits multiple times and deals more damage than normal.
  • Ashura Senku ("Asura Flashing Air"): Akuma widens his stance, glows red, then lifts one knee and "glides" along the ground to another location with his eyes aglow. He cannot be hit while gliding.
  • Hyakkishu ("Hundred Ogre Assault"): Akuma leaps forward and spins on himself high into the air. The EX version allows Akuma to hit the opponent with the jump intself, bring them with him before delivering the final attack. The move can finish in different ways:
    • Hyakki Gozan ("Hundred Ogre Great/Strong Slash"): The default ending of the Hyakkishu, a sliding kick that trips the opponent.
    • Hyakki Gosho ("Hundred Ogre Great Pierce"): Akuma aims a flying 'smash' palm strike at the opponent's head, knocking them down.
    • Hyakki Gojin ("Hundred Ogre Great/Strong Blade"): Akuma alters his momentum and performs a downward kick at a generally steep angle.
    • Hyakki Gosai ("Hundred Ogre Great/Strong Smash"): A flying grab which features several variations. Akuma grabs the opponent's shoulders and flips them over, slamming them back-first on the ground. Akuma can perform an alternative version of the same, with which he flips the opponent over, stomps the ground and sends a shockwave towards the falling opponent. Akuma can also grab the opponent, flip again and slam their back on the ground or their head on his knee.
    • Hyakki Gotsui ("Hundred Ogre Great/Strong Crash"): Akuma grabs the opponent and rises into the air, spinning a few times, then violently drive the opponent's back on the ground.
    • Hyakki Goho ("Hundred Ogre Great Cannon"): Akuma performs an EX Zanku Hadoken after the front flip.
    • Hyakki Gorasen ("Hundred Ogre Great Cannon"): Akuma performs a midair EX Tastumaki Zankukyaku after hitting the opponent with the spinning jump.
    • Hyakki Gosen ("Hundred Ogre Great Tip"): Akuma enters a horizontal position and falls on the opponent, hitting them with his legs.
  • Zenpou Tenshin ("Forward Turnover"): An evasive move performed by rolling forward, useful to dodge attacks and go behind the opponent.
  • Kimonkai: Akuma attack withs a Goshoryuken. If it connects, the opponent will be lifted from the ground while Akuma cancels the first hit into a punch to the ground, causing his red aura to surge and strike the target.
  • Shura Rengoku ("Shura/Carnage Purgatory"): Akuma performs the Ashura Senku, and if he touches the opponent, he strikes them with a gut punch, then follows up with another punch, this time infused with the Satsui no Hado.

  • Messatsu Gohado: Akuma fires far more powerful version of the Gohado.
  • Tenma Gozanku: Akuma fires a much stronger version of the Zanku Hadoken.
  • Messatsu Goshoryu: Akuma performs two or three Goshoryuken which are stronger than normal.
  • Messatsu Gorasen: Akuma performs a more powerful version of the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku and rises vertically. He then finishes with a final swift spin kick to end the attack.
  • Kongou Kokuretsuzan ("Vajra Province Rending Slash"): Akuma puts his hand up and charges it with energy, violently slamming his fist on the ground; the resulting explosion of pure energy first takes the form of a lightning bolt, and then emanates outwards in a shock wave of energy that rises from the ground as a geyser formation.
  • Messatsu Gohado

    Tenma Gozanku

    Messatsu Goshoryu

    Messatsu Gorasen

    Kongou Kokuretsuzan

    • Demon Armageddon: Akuma turns away from the opponent before delivering a high roundhouse kick that sends them several feet into the air, zooming after them with an extremely powerful Tatsumaki Zankukyaku that envelops him in a whirlwind. As he hits his opponent, a giant red kanji of "heaven" (天, ten) appears in the background. Akuma then flies through them with the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku, shattering the kanji and sending the opponent tumbling to the ground.
    • Sekia Kuretsuha ("Red Crow Air Rending Blast"): Akuma channels an incredible amount of ki into his palm and drives it into the ground, striking the opponent with an exploding pillar of flaming energy.
    • Shun Goku Satsu (Flash Prison Murder)/Raging Demon: Akuma glides towards the opponent and grabs them. Before anything else can be seen, the screen blacks out as the character is relentlessly beaten. The attack is a series of progressively faster teleport punches around the opponent's body until it progressively goes fully blank screens again. The punches are shown to be targeting vital weak spots located throughout the body, solidifying that the technique utterly destroys the opponent's body. This move usually defeats the opponent instantly or kills them, the basis of the attack is said to be linked to karmic forces, channeling an infernal punishment in which the weight of sins and evil the victim has committed casts a painful and supernatural death sentence upon them.

    • Gosenkyaku: After blocking an attack, Akuma jumps and delivers a spinning kick toward his opponent.
    • Rasen Shuto Uchi ("Spiral Knifehand Strike"): Akuma quickly dashes backwards to dodge an incoming attack and replies with a powerful chop that strikes the opponent before they are able to react, knocking them down
    • Rakan: Akuma strikes a defensive stance. While in this stance, he can block and nullify a single incoming attack.
      • Rakan Gosho ("Arhat Great Palm"): A palm strike delivered immediately after the Rakan.
      • Rakan Gokyaku ("Arhat Great Leg"): An upward kick delivered immediately after the Rakan.
    • Kiai: Akuma stomps on the ground and widens his stance as red energy surges from his body. This aura nautralizes projectiles, builds up Akuma's energy and can even damage a close opponent, which will be sent into the air. Akuma can maintain this aura from an extended period of time and fire an enhanced version of the Sekia Goshoha.
    • Dohatsu Shoten ("Towering Rage"): Akuma envelops his body with ki as he powers up, enhancing his special moves.
      • Gohadoken: It is more powerful and has an extended range.
      • Zanku Hadoken: Akuma can fire two Zanko Hadoken at the same time.
      • Goshoryuken: After landing the Goshoryuken, Akuma follows-up and violently drives his opponents into the ground.
    • Shiretsu Hasshi: Akuma enhances his special attacks, allowing him to chain his special move together into stronger versions.

  • Kongou-Kokuretsuzan: An extremely powerful punch considered by Akuma as being "the ultimate technique". Akuma performed it while standing on the Ayers Rock, spreading several shockwaves all around and splitting the giant monolith in half.
  • Mudo Tensho: A technique used by Akuma to resist Necalli's attempt to absorb his body and soul. It not only allowed Akuma to be saved, but even shredded Necalli to pieces, presumably killing him.
  • Houten Seikengeki: A straight punch Akuma used to get rid of Kage. It may have the effect to exorcise incorporeal beings and force them to leave.

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