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Akira Howard Female.png
Why'd you have to play hero like that?! I'm Dad's kid, just like you are! I don't need any help killing chimeras! I don't even need a Legion to hide behind! I'll show you! If I can't take a chimera myself... What's the point of even living?!
~ Akira to the Legionis

Akira Howard Male.png
Why'd you have to play hero like that?! I'm Dad's kid, just like you are! I don't need any help killing chimeras! I don't even need a Legion to hide behind! I'll show you! If I can't take a chimera myself... What's the point of even living?!
~ Akira to the Legionis

Astral Chain Raven Officer.jpg
Thanks to the commander, I'm good as new. Better, even. And did you see my new Legion? Cool, huh? They got the lab up and running again, and I'm helping test out the latest version. They say they reinforced the restraints, too. You know, considering what happened to the last batch of Legions. It feels like I'm really in control. Like the Legion and I are one body.
~ Akira showing off their new gear

Astral Chain Akira Legion Fusion 2.png
A blessing from the Legion. Or maybe I should say... A curse. When a Legionis and a Legion are perfectly synchronized, it's like they're two parts of one body. And when half of that body is about to die, the Legion's survival instincts kick in to save it.
~ Brenda Moreno explaining Akira's sudden transformation


Akira Howard is the younger twin of the Legionis. The pair become police officers together because of their admiration of their adoptive father, Maximilian Howard. The twins are thrust into action and are given their own Legions as the new recruits to the special police task force, Neuron.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, possibly higher, 8-C with Arrow Legion | At least 8-C, possibly Low 7-B | At least 8-C, possibly 5-B. Higher in Legion Fusion

Name: Akira Howard

Origin: Astral Chain

Gender: Female if player chose male Legionis or male if player chose female Legionis

Age: 19

Classification: Human, Legionis, Neuron Task Force Officer

Powers and Abilities:

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Can fight and kill Aberrations), possibly higher (Could somewhat fight and nearly restrain the berserk Arrow Legion, even while weakened by redshifting). Building level+ with Arrow Legion (Can damage and stagger Enceladus, who knocked down a bridge) | At least Building level+ (Much stronger than before), possibly Small City level+ (Should be comparable to Post-Sync Legionis) | At least Building level+, possibly Planet level (Seriously fought endgame Legionis to draw). Higher in Legion Fusion (Much stronger than their normal form)

Speed: Supersonic (Comparable to Legionis). Legions are faster (Akira's Legions should be comparable to Legionis' Beast Legion, which allows Legionis to bypass crumbling floors that they could not bypass otherwise)

Lifting Strength: Average Human, likely Class 5 with Legions (Easily overpowered Laius, who effortlessly tossed a small truck into the air).

Striking Strength: Small Building Class, possibly higher. Building Class+ with Arrow Legion | At least Building Class+, possibly Small City Class+ | At least Building Class+, possibly Planet Class. Higher in Legion Fusion

Durability: Small Building level, possibly higher. Building level+ for Arrow Legion (Cannot be killed itself, but can be dissipated if hit hard enough) | At least Building level+, possibly Small City level+. At least Building level+, possibly Small City level+ for Legions | At least Building level+, possibly Planet level. At least Building level+, possibly Planet level for Legions. Higher in Legion Fusion (Legionis was unable to even scratch Akira until fusing themselves.)

Stamina: High. Able to constantly deal with massive chimeric outbreaks across the Ark on a near daily basis without any signs of major tiring. Virtually limitless for Legions if the Legatus' energy is properly managed. Far lower for Legion Fusion form, which may not last long before defusing and leaves Akira exhausted to the point of entering a short coma after wearing off.

Range: Extended melee range with X-Baton, hundreds of meters with Blaster and Astral Chain. Blade Legion has (on top of the Astral Chain's range) extended melee range. Hundreds of meters (on top of the Astral Chain's range) with Arrow or Bowgun Legion's projectiles | Several meters while fused thanks to sheer size, hundreds of meters with projectiles

Standard Equipment: X-Baton (with Baton, Blaster, and Gladius modes), Legatus and Astral Chain, the IRIS, AED Batteries; various types of medicine, an auto-defibrillator built into uniform, grenades, drones, and other items. Legions have no notable equipment apart from being connected to the Astral Chain and Legatus.

Intelligence: At least Above Average. Knows how to handle various situations and should possess basic police training. Akira is also able to competently assist in missing persons cases and can lead the Raven Corps, an elite team of highly skilled Legion users. Arrow Legion is animalistic (Not much smarter than the average chimera). Type R Legions (Blade and Bowgun) are Below Average (Much more controlled than the previous model Legions due to the restraints, but still shouldn't be anything exceptional)

Weaknesses: Damage taken by Legions transfers to them (this only occurs on the hardest difficulty, so it may be a gameplay mechanic). AED Batteries and Medicines have limited stock. Legions tend to get "cranky" if active for too long, although proper energy management can mitigate this issue. Won't kill civilians even if they're attacking with murderous intent, although they will use lethal force against corrupted, animalistic humans or sufficiently evil individuals such as Jena Anderson | Same as before, and also can only control one Legion at a time. Legions are less likely to get cranky due to the new model having stronger restraints, but this issue likely still exists. | Same as before. Fusing with the Legion, while a powerful tool, also strips them of any versatility they had (forcing them to go into a berserk frenzy), only lasts for a short while, and takes a very long time to recharge.

Key: Pre-Sync | Post-Sync (Raven Armor) | Endgame

Note: Pre-Sync Akira only has access to the Arrow Legion. Akira only has access to the Blade and Bowgun Legions, due to never have been shown using the other Type R Legions.

Due to the inconsistencies in the in-game C-ratings, it's likely best to ignore the scaling chain presented by them.


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