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Kiki Fuji RoU TR.png
I'm not like you. I know I was suspicious of the USP, but now I understand why they've been so secretive, now that I understand the stakes... I get it! Because I'm okay with making tough calls, keeping things from people, if that's what keeps them safe! And maybe... you'll think less of me for that, but... It's how the world is. There's danger and we all just... do what we have to.


Kiki Fuji was a childhood friend of Shin Hayate, who got involved in the USP conspiracy at an early age, eventually joining it as a cadet. She is an ally to Ultraman, being his connection to USP resources.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A, at least 9-B with USP Lightning Gun

Name: Akiko "Kiki" Fuji

Origin: Rise of Ultraman

Gender: Female

Age: Likely early 20s

Classification: Human, USP officer

Powers and Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Trained USP officer), minor Acrobatics (Can traverse highly irregular terrain effectively), BFR (K-Rays send beings into the Vault, a pocket dimension containing all the kaijus captured by the USP)[1], Energy Projection with USP Lightning Gun, minor Light Projection with her torch[2] and Information Analysis with IDE (A wristwatch able to access USP databases and can communicate with Ultraman)[3]

Attack Potency: Athlete level, at least Wall level with blasters (Can blast away smaller kaijus)[2]

Speed: Athletic Human

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Athlete Class

Durability: Athlete level

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Standard melee range, unknown with blasters

Standard Equipment: USP Lightning gun, K-Ray gun, IDE

Intelligence: At least Above Average (Part of USP, an elite world organization hiring the best across the world)

Weaknesses: None notable


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