Night Raid vs Jaegers

The main cast of Akame ga Kill!

Summary of the Plot

The story focuses on Tatsumi, a young villager who travels to the Capital to raise money for his home only to discover a strong corruption in the area. The assassin group Night Raid recruits the young man to help them in their fight against the Empire to end its corruption.

Akame Ga Kill AMV - TALION -

Akame Ga Kill AMV - TALION -

Power of the Verse

Akame ga Kill! is not an especially powerful verse (Certainly stronger than quite a few). However, it possesses many hax abilities, such as Akame's Murasame (which can kill with only one cut), Tatsumi's Incursio (can evolve to adapt to different situations), Esdeath's Demon Extract (can freeze Time and Space) and more. Most of the Top Tiers like Esdeath, Akame, Tatsumi are Massively Hypersonic with Large Country level AP from Shikoutazer onwards.

Respect Thread by DSZ.


Tatsumi's Attack Potency. Scales to all BoS characters. Large Building level

Pumpkin's base firepower. Scales to the lower MoS characters AP and durability Large Town level+

Esdeath freezes a river. Scales to the EoS Mid-High Tiers. Small City level

Shikoutazer's Crater. Scales to the God-Tiers. Large Country level

Akame's casual speed. Supporting speed feat for BoS characters. Supersonic

Cornelia lifts a rock, and a fodder evades a bullet. Scales to virtually everyone in lifting strength, and the BoS characters' speed. Class 50, Supersonic+

Leone evades an explosion (Scales to all of the MoS characters, supporting context for MoS durability). Hypersonic+

Akame's Speed. Scales to EoS characters. Massively Hypersonic

Supporters / Opponents of the verse


  • William Shadow
  • Faisal Shourov
  • Thebluedash
  • Hizamaru
  • Lance Tennant
  • Byakushiki Setsura
  • Celestial Pegasus
  • Battlemania
  • Grudgeman1706
  • Elione-chan
  • The Everlasting
  • CrossverseCrisis




  • Newendigo
  • FateAlbane


Night Raid

Najenda111 Akame111 Tatsumi Mein Rabac

Leone Sher1 Chelsea1 Suu1 Bulat222



Wild Hunt

Syura Izou-3 Dototheya2 Enshin2 Cosmina1


Three Beasts

River111 Daidara111 Nui111

Four Rakshasa Demons:

Ibara-thumb Suzuka-thumb Mez-thumb Sten-thumb


Budou-1 Gensei-111 Ogre agk Zank222 Ultimate Teigu Manga version

Akame Ga Kill Zero

Elite Seven

Najasho-new Green-2 Gay-2 Cornelia-new

Poney-2 Tsukushi-new AGK Zero Akame Father-222

Revolutionary Assassins

Babara-5 Taeko-new Chelsea1

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