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This is pure magic to the highest level!
~ Aisha as Battle Magician

Prepare to face Magical Girl Aisha!~
~ Aisha as the Dimension Witch

Portrait - Metamorphy.png
Tada~ Cutey, Beauty, Pretty, Metamorphy is here!!
~ Aisha as Metamorphy

Portrait - Metamorphy 2nd Form.png
Tada~ Cutey, Beauty, Pretty, Metamorphy is here!!
~ Aisha as Metamorphy


A young mage who is skilled beyond her years, Aisha faces what is undoubtedly a magician's worst nightmare. She has come across a mysterious ring that absorbed most of her powers and quickly vanished into thin air.

On her wise mentor's bidding, Aisha goes on a quest to recover the power of the El and regain her magical skills in the process. Before she embarks on her journey, she receives a magical pendant from her mentor. As she slowly rebuilds her abilities, the pendant reacts to her magic, intensifying her power for short phases.

The pendant's force enables Aisha to utilize magic in its pure form, allowing her to send out piercing magical orbs and deal great physical and magical damage. She gains mastery of close-combat attacks, earning her the name Battle Magician.

Aisha finds the limits of her physique frustrating, as she struggles to grow as a magician and close combat specialist. While in Feita, Aisha gets a visit from Allegro, who gives her a scroll that tells of rare, pure-energy moonstones that fall onto Elrios around the time of the Harmony Festival.

The mage hunts for one, and after much effort, she infuses her magical pendant with the moonstone's power. The resulting phenomenon—halting of the immediate spacetime—modestly foretells of the great power she has just acquired: the ability to control time and space dimensions. Thus she is then known as Dimension Witch, the mage who can control time and space dimensions.

The most powerful magical girl in existence, who utilizes the power of distorted time and space to her own advantage. With explosive energy bursts and powerful attacks, she is capable of completely destroying her enemy.

When the El Search Party was attempting to save Elsword, Aisha witnesses the distortion of Time and Space due to the energy released by the Giant El. The Hall of El was a zone ever-changing by the power of El's Aspiration.

"If I can somehow apply this specific phenomenon to my power...!"

After trial and error, Aisha discovers that she needs explosive energy in order to maintain the distorted Time and Space and decides to unleash her magic power so she can maintain control. "That's more like it!"

The mana she has accumulated was enough to complete her new magic. Now, Aisha transforms into her ultimate form, becoming the strongest magical girl in the universe.

Power and Stats

Tier: Unknown | At least 4-A, possibly 2-C, likely higher with Magical Makeup | At least 4-A, possibly 2-C, likely higher with My Magical Debut!

Name: Aisha Landar

Origin: Elsword

Gender: Female

Age: 17 | 18 | 20

Classification: Human, Magical Girl | Dimensional Witch | The Most Powerful Magical Girl in Existence

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic (Elemental and Space-Time Magic, which is considered to be magic in it's purest and highest form), Space-Time Manipulation (Can distort, accelerate and stop space and time) Teleportation, Transformation and Age Manipulation (Can transform into a stronger magical girl form, which also ages her into an older body with more magical capability), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with, attack and kill beings that exist as pure energy, souls, spirits, non-existent beings and elemental beings), Weight Manipulation (Can control the weight of herself and of energy), Status Effect Inducement (Can reduce the speed of a target and inflict stun), Energy Manipulation, Energy and Life Absorption (Can drain vital energy and mana), Energy Projection, Awakened Power, Statistics Amplification (Can create an aura that increases the power of herself and allies, passively increases her own power and mana by enhancing her body through magic), Durability Negation via Space-Time Manipulation and Energy Manipulation

Same as before but to a higher degree, possibly Higher-Dimensional Manipulation (Has control over spatial and temporal dimensions), Statistics Amplification (Passively increases her power and movement speed by overflowing the mana in her body, can further increase her body's power, attack speed and mana by manipulating and raising the natural flow of energy within her body), Statistics Reduction (Those hit by Aisha's staff will have their physical defenses and energies reduced), Attack Reflection and Limited Power Nullification (Can twist and distort space to reflect physical attacks and absorb/negate projectile attacks), Black Hole Creation (Can create blackholes in spacetime), Portal Creation (Can create Wormholes), Gravity Manipulation

Same as before but to an immensely higher degree, Acausality (Type 4: As Metamorphy, Aisha has transcended her own causality/the laws of causality over herself), Damage Boost against enemies in a healthy condition, Damage Reduction (Can reduce all the damage she takes by 80%), Enhanced Transformation (Now grants passive Damage Reduction and Damage Boost while Transformed), Invulnerability (By combining her transformation's passive damage reduction with [Mod] Energetic Body, Aisha can decrease all damage she'd take by 100%, making her immune to any damage), Homing Attack, Environmental Destruction via Forcefield Creation (Can create a barrier of distorted space around herself that warps and causes damage to everything around her, including the surrounding areas)

Attack Potency: Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System level (At least comparable Elsword who can defeat Solace, who can create a pocket reality containing a black sun and numerous stars), possibly Low Multiverse level (Stated to have control over spatial and temporal dimensions, stabilized and controlled space-time distortions across several universes and can destroy space-time), likely higher with Magical Makeup | At least Multi-Solar System level, possibly Low Multiverse level (Far stronger than before), likely higher with My Magical Debut!

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Comparable to Elsword, who can dodge cloud-to-ground lightning and fight people who can do the same) | Speed of Light (Comparable to Elsword, who can fight Solace, who can attack as fast as light) | At least Speed of Light, likely higher

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System Class, possibly Low Multiversal, likely higher with Magical Makeup | At least Multi-Solar System Class, possibly Low Multiversal, likely higher with My Magical Debut!

Durability: Unknown | At least Multi-Solar System level (Can take hits from beings that can harm the El Party such as Solace), possibly Low Multiverse level, likely higher with Magical Makeup | At least Multi-Solar System level, possibly Low Multiverse level, likely higher with Magical Makeup

Stamina: High (Comparable to 1st Job Elsword, unlike other mages she focuses on physical and close-combat) | Higher (Comparable to Lord Knight Elsword) | Very High (Comparable to Knight Emperor Elsword)

Range: Extended melee distance, Interdimensional, possibly Low Multiversal with Space-Time Magic.

Standard Equipment: Staff, Magical Pendant.

Intelligence: Genius (Aisha is a prodigue in terms of mystical knowledge and was already a mage of the highest order by the age of 12)

Weaknesses: None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techiniques:

Base Skills

  • Teleport: Allows Aisha to teleport to an specific location
  • Chain Fireball: Aishas throws 2 small fireballs and ends with a big fireball, burning the target.
  • Gust Screw: Aisha casts a pillar of fire around her, damaging and burning the surrounding targets
  • Gust Storm: A more powerful version of Gust Screw.
  • Lightining Bolt: Aisha casts a charged thunderbolt forward from her staff, electriying and stunning those hit.
  • Meteor Call: Aisha summons a meteor from the sky which explodes when hits the ground.
  • Binding Circle: Aisha casts a spherical magic that stops any target within it's range in time.

Battle Magician Skills

  • Energy Wave: Aisha creates a wave of energy that moves forward and slows those hit
  • Magical Makeup: Aisha transforms into her Magical Girl form, which ages herself to have an older and more capable body, increasing her power and the range of her physical attacks.
  • Fitness: Passively increases Aisha's power and mana by enchancing her body through magic.
  • Power Aura: Aisha casts an Aura that increases the power of allies and herself.
  • Super Nova: Aisha releases a giant circular energy that distorts and accelerates the area, ripping everything inside. It also pulls nearby enemies towards it.
  • Guillotine Press: Aisha jumps into the air and uses space magic to make her feet heavy while using time magic to accelerate her stomps, doing so two times and dealing damage and stunning those hit.
  • Energy Drain: Aisha drains the health/vital energy and mana from a target.
  • Heavy Press: Aisha uses spatial magic to make the tip of her staff heavier to smash it down 3 times, stunning those hit.

Dimension Witch Skills

  • Worm Hole: Aishas twists space to create a wormhole that pulls those near towards it, dealing damage.
  • Energy Spurt: Aisha releases an energy aura of pure mana that explodes upwards and downwards, dealing damage and ignoring durablity.
  • Magic Staff: Aishas uses a portion of her magic to enhance her physical attacks with space magic.
  • Megaton Press: Aisha shoots a large megaton energy ball into the air, which will then fall and continuosly split upon contact, dealing damage. All of the energy balls will inflict stun upon contact.
  • Space Distortion: Aisha twists the space to create a distortion that will deflect physical attacks and absorb projectile attack of any sort, alternately she can use the distortion to create an area of distorted space that will move forward, enemies inside the area will be pulled into the distortion and be damaged.
  • Screw Driver: Asiha uses time magic to accelerate an area and dashes forward spinning her staff with space magic to distort targets inside, piercing through them.
  • Energetic Body: Aisha enchances her body's abilities and raises the natural circulation of energy within it, raising her body's power and mana while slightly increasing the damage she takes.
  • Impact Hammer: Similarly to Heavy Press, Aisha uses spatial magic to make the tip of her staff heavy and smashes it down, stunning and damaging those it.
  • Manaflow Overdrive: Aisha overflows the mana inside her body to increase her power and speed.
  • Space Leap: Augments Aisha's teleportation and increases her damage while she is teleporting.
  • Air Stunner: Aisha jumps, gathering spatial energy in the staff then smashes down, stunning those hit
  • Awakened Will: Dimension Witch: Those hit by Aisha's staff will have their physical defenses and energy reduced. This effects can be stacked multiple times.
  • Ring of Energy: Aisha creates an unavoidable ring of space-time energy, slowing and damaging the target
  • Crazy Worm: Aisha creates a black hole in space-time, dragging the enemy towards it's center before exploding, dealing massive damage.
  • Impact Zone: Aisha strikes the ground creating an area of twisted space that moves forward, warping and immobilizing those hit.
  • Time Haste: Augments Aisha's teleportation to allow her teleport even while knocked out, also augmenting Energy Body to also increase Aisha's Attack Speed.
  • Fate Space: Aisha traps the enemy within a powerful web of space and time, warping and stopping them in time as Aisha destroys space-time, causing it to explode.

Metamorphy Skills

  • Makeup Enchant: Enchances Magical Makeup, reducing the damage she takes as well as increasing the damage of her abilities while transformed
  • Do You Want to Get Wrecked?!: The stronger the enemy, the stronger Aisha becomes. Aisha deals more damage to enemies who are in a healthy condition.
  • My Magical Debut!: Aisha transforms into her ultimate form as the magical girl of dreams and hopes, increasing all her powers. While transformed all of her physical attacks will create additional attacks which ignore durability.
    • Shangri-La: Aisha shoots a massive beam of hopes and dreams, dealing massive damage.
  • [Mod] Guillotine Press: A more powerful version of Gullotine Press, using a single, more powerful stomp instead of two.
  • [Mod] Heavy Press: Aisha uses her staff to strike the enemy or the ground with space magic, creating a distorted zone that will launch anything it touches into the air.
  • [Mod] Space Distortion: Aisha creates a distorted space barrier around her body that causes damage to and warps everything around her, including the surrounding areas.
  • [Mod] Screw Driver: A variation of Screw Driver that deals more damage and can be used midair.
  • [Mod] Energetic Body: A variation of Energetic Body focused on defense. Aisha enters Super Armor State and reduces the amount of damage she takes by 80% while in this state.
  • [Mod] Impact Hammer: A more powerful version of Impact Hammer, dealing damage in a area around Aisha instead of forward.
  • [Mod] Impact Zone: Aisha expands an area of twisted space around herself, warping and immobilzing those hit.
  • Energetic Pump: Aisha continuosly strikes the air creating an area of distorted space, which she then launches forward. The moving distorted space will release smaller shooting-star shaped distorted space that will home in on the targets.

Key: Battle Magician | Dimension Witch | Metamorhpy


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