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Airi Ban.png
I'm in high school! I have a summoning app! How dare they call me a junior high kid...!?
~ Airi Ban, Devil Survivor 2


Airi Ban is a character from Devil Survivor 2 and a student of Nagoya High School.

Powers and Stats

Tier:  8-A | At least  7-B | 1-A | 1-A

Name: Airi Ban

Origin: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Break Record

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Classification: High-school student, demon-tamer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Subjective Reality (All humans have some level of observation, which rewrites reality to match their subjective perceptions. Holds the Administrative Authority, which changes reality to match the users wishes), Demon Summoning, Demon Fusion (Can combine 2 demons together and form a new demon), HealingPoison Manipulation, can inflict charm on others, Resistance Negation (Can bypass physical resistances except reflect (Her physical attacks can't be negated or absorbed and can damage the incorporeal), Air Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Magic, Attack Reflection (Can automatically reflect virtually nay attack back at her opponent with Chaos Stir), Martial Arts and Weapon Mastery, Nonexistence Erasure (Characters far weaker than Daichi can destroy nothingness and nonexistent beings with nothing but normal attacks), Statistics Amplification and Reduction, Gravity Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Can emit and control Fire, Air, Lightning, and Ice), Resistance to BFRMind Manipulation, Resistance Negation, Power Nullification, Petrification, Durability Negation, Status Effect Inducement, Curse Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Reality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Fate Manipulation, Information Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Law Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Void Manipulation, and a vast array of other abilities (Capable of doing battle with Demons who are capable of creating and fully manipulating entire Universes with their existences alone, and of reproducing these powers effortlessly, having managed to proceed through them with nothing but brute force) | All previous abilities, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Power Absorption (Can take away one of the enemy's abilities after having defeated them (He did this to take away Canopus' Four Prime Factors), Resistance to Conceptual Manipulation | All previous abilities, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Durability Negation).

Attack Potency: At least Multi-City Block level (Helped The Shining One fight the demons, Septentrions and Triangulums) | At least City level (Helped the Shining One fight the Anguished One and Cor Caroli) | Outerverse level (Helped with killing Polaris.) | Outerverse levelher attacks can bypass conventional durability

Speed: Immeasurable (Can beat fodder demons) | Immeasurable (Stronger than before) | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Irrelevant | Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class | At least City Class | Outerversal | Outerversal (Hurt Canopus)

Durability: Multi-City Block level | At least City level | Outerverse level | Outerverse levelthe Prime Factors make her nearly impossible to kill

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range. Hundreds of Meters with Magic | Standard melee range. Hundreds of Meters with Magic | Outerversal | Outerversal

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Likely average

Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Early-Game | Mid-Game | Polaris event and Triangulum ArcWith Canopus's Prime Factors


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