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A collection of air rifles.


Air guns, also known as air rifles, are guns that make use of diabolo-shaped pellets or spherical pellets called "BBs." They represent the oldest pneumatic technology, dating back to 1580. Air guns are used for hunting, pest control, recreational shooting (also known as plinking), and competitive sports such as the Olympics.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C to 9-C

Name: Air Guns; Air Rifles

Origin: The Real World

Age: Varies by model; the oldest known air gun is 439 years old

Classification: Pneumatic weapon

Powers and Abilities: Fires a lead pellet at high velocities, which may kill small animals.

Attack Potency: Below Average level+ (Capable of shooting down rabbits, iguanas, and raccoons. At effective firing speeds, .177 caliber pellets, which typically weigh 7.9 grains (0.511911 grams) can reach up to 19.261 joules. At maximum firing speed, these pellets can go up to 37.1548 joules) to Street level (The AirForce Texan can generate up to 813.5 joules).

Speed: Subsonic+ effective firing speed (Many hunters found that speeds of 800 to 900 ft/s (243.84-274.32 m/s) offer an ideal balance between power and pellet stability) with Supersonic maximum firing speed (Spring-loaded guns can fire pellets at up to 1250 ft/s (381 m/s))

Wielders: Hunters, pest control, air gun competitors, military trainees

Range: Effective firing range for hunting and pest control appears to be around 30-35 yards, although competitions that utilized high-powered PCP rifles had competitors firing targets at up to 300 yards.

Note: While instances of skunks being shot and killed with air rifles can be found on Youtube, they aren't available at this time.

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