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Gunbuster! (or Aim for the Top!) is a 6 episode mecha OVA and the first work of Hideaki Anno as a director. It focus's on Noriko's fight against the space monsters and her rise to courage. A sequel OVA called Diebuster! was released 20 years later, which is set just before the epilogue of Gunbuster! and stars Nono. The series is excellent and somewhat underrated.

Power of the Verse

Gunbuster!'s power is pretty considerate. Humanity developed technology capable of planet busting and their magnum opus is a black hole bomb capable of destroying a small galaxy. The main enemies, space monsters, can grow to the size of a moon and a nest of them can drain a large star in a few years. Their weakness though is their FTL travel system, which using means that going faster than light makes you younger than those who didn't travel, and many years would have gone by on Earth (this technology in Diebuster! is obsolete). Diebuster! continues the super strength of the series. A blackhole space monster formed from the super blackhole attacks humanity, only to get kicked in two by the main protagonist and her friend.




  • Durability of RX-7 Machine Weapons (Scales to Gunbuster low tiers)
  • Speed of Exelion (Scales to ships with warp capability)
  • Durability of Cruiser-class Space Monsters from nesting in stars
  • KE of Cruiser-class Space Monsters
  • Speed of Buster Beam
  • Ramming speed of Dual Flank Space Monsters (Scales to Gunbuster lifting strength)
  • Mass of Black Hole Exelio (Scales to Fourth Generation and above ships and EVGW)
  • Speed of Buster Machine #3
  • AP of the galactic core's ramming Space Monsters
  • Gas giant mass scattering via collateral damage (Scales to the fire power of the enhanced and Twin Exelion class ships, can back scale to STMC Motherships)
  • The mass that would be added to 30,000th compressed Jupiter (Buster Machine #3) to become a black hole.
  • Mass of Tannhauser-1 (Scales to Buster Machine #3)
  • AP of Buster Beam of the Twin Tail-class monsters (Scales to Diebuster mid tiers)
  • AP of Titan Fluctuating Gravity Well via blowing a hole in Titan
  • Nono creating a degeneracy generator
  • Buster Machine #7 micro black hole spam
  • Lal'C's Jupiter 2 core's toss
  • Ramming speed of Lal'C in Douze-Mille

Supplementary Calculations

  • Low end speed and KE of Grunt Space Monsters
  • Low end attack speed of Gunbuster's Super Inazuma Kick
  • Relativistic KE of Buster Machine Sizzlers
  • Low end KE and ramming speed of galactic core Space Monsters
  • Hoehoe Bubblefairy's lifting strength and AP
  • Titan split via Buster Beam Slash
  • Low end power of Diebuster's Ultra Inazuma Kick






Terran Empire

Top Squadron

Others of the Earth Imperial Space Force

Galactic Federation


Near Space

Alliance of Sirius

House Borges

  • Borges

Sol System

The Fraternity

Space Force

Buster Legion

Space Monsters (STMC)

Space Super Beasts


  • Great Attractor



1st Generation

  • Apollo 11

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

6th Generation


Aim for the Top!
Terran Empire Top Squadron: Noriko TakayaKazumi AmanoJung FreudSmith TorenLinda Yamamoto
Koichiro OhtaKimiko HiguchiReiko Kashiwara • Tatsumi Tashiro • Tashiro's Executive Officer
Galactic Federation Marina Hayami • Jun Arashi • Suzuko Muramasa • Jung Freud • Tatsumi Tashiro • Tashiro's Executive Officer • Pile Jennison
Secondary Top: Takeshi Sawamura • Mike Loft • Jenny Carl
Near Space: Arenas F.
Alliance of Sirius Chichefour Fadanrillt Dagrinacht • Takuna Sedoh
House Borges Borges
Sol System The Fraternity: NonoLal'C Mellk MalTycho ScienceNicolas VacheronDix-Neuf • Serpentine Twins (Piaget • LeCoultre) • Goya Reishi • Nhan Nuok Cham • Roy Anyan • Kartoffel Patata • Citron Limone • Pasika Pesca Persicum • Gurka Kuksis • Lou Seun • Vasile Ivanovich • Vita Nova • Casio Takashiro • Hoehoe
Space Force: Hatori
Buster Legion: Reconnaissance TypeJupiter Express
Noriko TakayaKazumi Amano
Space Monsters Mike Loft • Jenny Carl • Titan Fluctuating Gravity WellExelio Variable Gravity Well
Space Super Beasts
Other Great Attractor
1st Generation Apollo 11
2nd Generation RX-7 Machine Weapon: RX-7 Nausicaa • RX-7 Giselle • RX-7 Misha • RX-7 Eagle Sam • RX-7 Zatopek
D. Papairou #7 • Spiegel • Cosmo Attacker V • Lalahcharn • Lalaway • Lalagalaa • Lalagali • Lalamee • Madagascar • Sedgemore • Hailing • Kilimantan • Karakoram • Dix-Neuf • Vingt-Deux • Vingt-Sept • Trente-Trois • Trente-Cinq • Trente-Six • Quarante-Deux • Cinquante • Cinquante-Cinq • Soixante • Soixante-Et-Un • Soixante-Deux • Soixante-Six • Quatre-Vingt-Sept • Quatre-Vingt-Neuf • Quatre-Vingt-Dix • Douze-Mille
3rd Generation Luxion
Maxwell class: Fahrenheit • Brown • Litter • Herschel • Kirchhoff • Bell Strathman • Shaver • Geilussack • Trichery • Terada • Bratin • Euclid • Maxwell • Mendelev • Goldstein • Bakeland • Mitash • Tardyon • Boson
Spalanzani class: Philips • Kornberg • Krebs • Dart • Kihara • Muller • Fleming • Mechnikov • Blakiston • Fermion
4th Generation Philmion • Axion • Graviton • Ferdion • Buster Machine #1 • Buster Machine #2 • Buster Machine #3 • Buster Machine #4 • Buster Machine #5 • Buster Machine Second #1 • Buster Machine Second #2 • Buster Machine #19
Exelion: Exelion classTwin Exelion classSuper Exelion class
Gunbuster: Gunbuster Second Prototype • Micro Gunbuster • Great Gunbuster • Gunbuster Custom
Sizzler: Sizzler Silver • Sizzler Black • Sizzler White
Twin Tail class: Reconnaissance Type
Beastron class
Zazagoras class: Jupiter Express
5th Generation Eltreum class: Eltreum • Alexion • Jupiter
6th Generation Buster Machine #7

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