Spider-Man's precognition allows him to avoid projectiles and lasers much swifter than he is generally portrayed to be.


Aim Dodging refers to the technique of avoiding linear attacks by re-positioning oneself away from the path of the attack before it is fired.

This technique is widely seen in fiction, and allows a lot of characters to dodge attacks/projectiles much faster than their own reactions (like bullets or lasers/beams), even if not explicitly stated as such.

Taking these instances as actual reaction feats might cause conflicts with the speeds and reactions generally displayed by characters. By default, as long as the character can see the source of the attack/projectile (for example, a character having line of sight on a soldier pointing a gun at them), the feat will be considered aim dodging unless one or more of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The attack/projectile's path is non-linear and/or unpredictable in such a way that it makes aim dodging by perception impossible. For example, an attack that follows a random path or bends its path in the air. However, previous knowledge of the attack/projectile's pattern will count as aim dodging unless sufficient proof to the contrary can be presented, as the attack could be dodged via prior knowledge instead of reaction. Precognition, future sight, or any ability or skill that help the character predict the attack's path beforehand in any form are also considered as "prior knowledge".
  2. The character is clearly and explicitly shown to move after the attack/projectile is in motion, depicting quite clearly that the character is reacting to the attack/projectile itself and not its source. For example, a character who is shot at, moving the body after the bullet has left the gun, to dodge it. Just having the attack/projectile be shown in motion simultaneously with the dodge or the attack/projectile be shown in motion with the dodger off panel is not enough. The projectile must be shown in motion with the dodger in the same panel and the dodge coming afterwards. These two feats would not be allowed, but these two would.
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