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Because this deck is a part of me. They're both my avatars in their own way. Combining my best and worst. The part of me that searched for a new power, and the part that found inner purpose. The path I walk to lead me to myself.
~ Aichi says to Ren

Screenshot (1336).png
By this point it should be clear. I don't care about your attacks in the slightest. Because I know how this fight is gonna end. My eyes have shown it to me. Soon, you'll see it too.
~ Aichi says to Kai when using PSYqualia

Aichi ss2 render (1).png

Aichi ss3 render (1).png

Aichi ss4 render.png
Kai, even the power of your mates that's been supporting you won't reach us. Mates don't have the power to change the world. I'll teach you that lesson.
~ Aichi says to Kai before he performs his Legion Mate skill

Blaster Blade render (3).png
Stand up, my avatar! Ride, Blaster Blade!
~ Aichi whenever he rides Blaster Blade

Blaster Dark png.png
Arise and destroy, my avatar! May the sword of darkness shine! I ride, Blaster Dark!
~ Aichi when he rides Blaster Dark for the first time

Majesty Lord Blaster.png
Avatar of Light and Shadow! A new strength born out of compromise! Ride, Majesty Lord Blaster!
~ Aichi whenever he rides Majesty Lord Blaster


Aichi Sendou is the main protagonist of Cardfight!! Vanguard, user of PSYqualia and is a wielder of decks from both the Royal and Shadow Paladin clans. He is also a member of Team Quadrifoglio, or "Q4" for short, consisting of himself, Toshiki Kai, Misaki Tokura, and Kamui Katsuragi. Eventually, he becomes the leader of the team and leads Q4 to become Japan's National Champions. His Avatar Units are Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark and Majesty Lord Blaster.

Aichi used to be a timid third-year middle school student who has always lived his life looking backwards rather than forward. When he was younger, he was a lonely boy who was frequently bullied at school. However, he has a card called “Blaster Blade” that was given to him by Toshiki Kai. When still a friendly teenager, Kai told him when giving him Blaster Blade to imagine himself big and strong, like the royal knight depicted on the card. Aichi couldn't picture himself any stronger at that moment, but the card gave him courage and was the sole thing that sustained him from then on. Then as a cool-hearted high schooler, Kai encounters Aichi again when Aichi's Blaster Blade gets stolen and Kai wins it in a cardfight. Determined to get his card back, Aichi challenges Kai to a battle, which Kai surprisingly accepts. Kai then introduces Aichi to the trading card game called "Cardfight!! Vanguard", a game that takes place on a different planet called "Cray" and is popular throughout the world. Once defeating Kai in his very first cardfight, Aichi immediately likes Vanguard, so he begins to play it with his friends Misaki Tokura and Kamui Katsuragi, and others like his new rival Kai, who is one of the best Vanguard players. When starting to play Vanguard, he believes more in himself, becoming a powerful Vanguard Fighter that leads him to become one of the strongest players in the game, even being capable of defeating Ren Suzugamori to help Team Q4 win the national tournament. Aichi begins to enjoy a fulfilling life as he delves deeper into Vanguard and makes it his primary goal throughout the series to become a stronger fighter. So he plays every day and he strives with all his heart and soul to play better, so he can once again battle Kai and have him recognize his worth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 4-C as a spirit | At least 8-C with Grade 0 Units. At least High 4-C with Grade 1 & higher Units

Name: Aichi Sendou

Origin: Cardfight!! Vanguard

Gender: Male

Age: 15 (Begining of Series - Asia Circuit), 16 (Link Joker - Legion Mate)

Classification: Cardfighter, Member of Team Q4, Leader of Team Q4, PSYqualia user

Powers and Abilities:

Imagination Manipulation, which also gives Aichi Soul Projection, Summoning, Possession, Fusionism, Mind Control and Transformation (Using the power of imagination, all cardfighters can project their souls onto the surface of Planet Cray during a cardfight; A cardfighters soul is able to not only summon the Units of Planet Cray and have them fight on their behalf as "Rear-Guard" allies, but they can also possess them to become and fight as the Units themselves, becoming "the Vanguard" and both can be done passively via Superior Calls and Superior Rides; All cardfighter's can also summon the Units on Planet Cray for defensive purposes, such as guarding against an opponents attacks), Self-Sustenance (Type 2 with the cardfighter's soul), Telepathy (Aichi is able to telepathically communicate with his Units from Planet Cray and can hear their voices), Enhanced Senses (Aichi is able to sense Ren's PSYqualia being used and can also see the winning images Ren creates with it to forsee what Ren sees), Light and Darkness Manipulation (Aichi fused 2 Units of light and darkness together to create Majesty Lord Blaster), Subjective Reality and Soul Manipulation (Even without PSYqualia, Aichi can place his and Ren's souls within imaginations he creates, even when Ren has his PSYqualia in use; Aichi can forcefully summon and ride Units he wants, like Soul Saver Dragon, just by imagining himself doing it; Aichi can forcefully separate his soul from Units he's forced to fuse with, such as Blaster Dark), Can act without a soul residing in his body and Resistance to Existence Erasure (Whenever a cardfighter loses a cardfight, their Vanguard gets completely destroyed entirely to the point where only the cardfighter's soul remains, but the cardfighter's soul remains perfectly unharmed; Aichi's soul is able to take direct attacks from Units and remain only mildly harmed), Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Precognition, Information Analysis, Reality Warping, and Fear Inducement (Aichi is able to overcome Ren's use of PSYqualia and prevent his winning image from becoming reality or from Ren forseeing what Aichi will do; Also acts as Power Bestowal as any Unit Aichi uses will be protected by his resistance)

Higher level Imagination Manipulation (Aichi can create imaginations on Planet Cray for him and his Units, in the form of Winning Images), Telepathy (Aichi can telepathically communicate with other PSYqualia users using his own PSYqualia, such as Ren Suzugamori; Aichi's telepathic connection with his Units is stronger through PSYqualia), Dream Manipulation (As a PSYqualia user, Aichi can talk to his Units in his dreams), Fate Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Precognition, Reality Warping and Information Analysis (Using PSYqualia, Aichi is able to alter and manipulate the fate of his cardfights by imagining how he wins with his Units and making that imagination become reality, in the form of "Winning Images"; By altering fate with his winning images, Aichi can also forsee the entire cardfight from start to finish, leading up to his desired outcome being the end result; PSYqualia is able to create a complete winning strategy around the Unit's skills and capabilities it's user imagines they win with, even if they have never used them before and also allows the user to fully understand the power of the Units they use; PSYqualia synchronizes it's users actions with the actions of their Units to cause world-changing events on Planet Cray; PSYqualia in the past has been given to people from different worlds to determine the outcome of situations on Planet Cray that Cray's inhabitants could not resolve on their own), Subjective Reality and Soul Manipulation (Aichi is able to project not only his own soul, but the souls of others, into the imaginations he creates with PSYqualia and they can interact inside of it; Even when just using PSYqualia as a catalyst, Aichi can forcefully make odds go in his favor such as forcefully riding a Unit of his like his Soul Saver Dragon or altering the result of a cardfight with him being the winner using his imagination), Aura, Fear Inducement (PSYqualia users can make the opponent constantly feel fear towards them by reminding them of what they are afraid of just with their presence; Even before Aichi discovered he possessed PSYqualia, he made Kyou and his teammates feel fear by reminding them of Ren Suzugamori to the point where Kyou could not stop imagining Ren just by Aichi using PSYqualia; This has shown to work on souls as Kyou's soul on Planet Cray saw Aichi's transform into Ren, which terrified both Kyou's soul and his physical body back on Earth), Enhanced Senses (Aichi can not only sense the presence of others with his PSYqualia, but can also feel the power of the Units he uses), Pain Manipulation (When PSYqualia users place others souls within imaginations they create and they are attacked, it inflicts equal pain to the owner's physical body), Accelerated Development (PSYqualia allowed Aichi to instantly master his new Shadow Paladin deck, a deck he never used before, after just receiving it), Aichi's PSYqualia can also activate on its own against his will even when he doesn't intend to actively activate it (though he can stop it from being used) and it can activate in accordance to the user's emotional responses or when the user is in danger, Can use PSYqualia with his soul, Can share his winning images with his Units to apply his PSYqualia's effects to them (also acts as Power Bestowal)

All previous Powers and Abilities, plus Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Existence Erasure with every hit (All Units are able to completely erase and leave no traces left of each other during cardfight's with any attack they unleash, retiring them from battle; Aichi's Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark can retire Units using energy blasts) Non-Physical Interaction (All Units are able to interact, come in contact with and attack souls), Weapon Mastery (Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark, Silent Knight Gallatin, Blaster Javelin, Knight of Truth Gordon and many of Aichi's Units have mastery over swords, whips, etc.), Darkness Manipulation (All of Aichi's Shadow Paladins can manipulate darkness), Statistics Amplification through various means (All of Aichi's Grade 0 and Grade 1 Units have the ability to give their strength to allies to increase their power; Aichi has Units that have the ability to increase other Units strength, like Starlight Unicorn; Units with Trigger effects can give an additional boost in power to Units of Aichi's choice during battle, particularly Critical Trigger Units; Aichi has Units that can increase their power even further when being boosted by certain Units, like Blaster Blade when being boosted by Wingal or Blaster Dark when being boosted by Doranbau; Aichi's King of Knight's, Alfred increases it's power for every Rear-Guard Unit Aichi has in battle; Aichi's Knight of Truth Gordon is able to double it's defensive power when guarding attacks; Aichi's Soul Saver Dragon can increase the power of multiple Units with Holy Charging Roar via a Soul Blast and can passively increase it's power whenever it attacks; Aichi's Solitary Knight Gancelot increases its power when Blaster Blade is in "The Soul"; Aichi's Young Pegasus Knight increases it's power every time a Unit is added to "The Soul"; Aichi's Swordsman of the Blaze, Palamedes and Swordsman of the Explosive Flames Palamedes passively increase in power whenever they attack as long as at least 2 Grade 3 Royal Paladins are in battle; Aichi's Margal can increase another Royal Paladin Units power via entering "The Soul"; Aichi's Blaster Javelin, Blaster Dark, and Phantom Blaster Dragon can passively increase in power when having specific Units in their souls; Phantom Blaster Dragon can increase it's power by sacrificing 3 Units via Corrupted Charging Lance; Aichi's Knight of Friendship, Kay and Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere increase in power when Blaster Blade is the Vanguard; Aichi's Majesty Lord Blaster increases his power as a Vanguard when Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark are in "The Soul"), Damage Boost (Critical Trigger Units increase the amount of damage Units can cause to opponents) Statistics Reduction (When summoning Units to defend against attacks, the power of the opponents Units is lowered in comparison to the power of the defending Units) , Healing (Heal Trigger Unit's have the additional effect of healing damage to a cardfighters Vanguard; Can also be used as Aura when used by Units like Yggdrasil Maiden Elaine), Stamina Inducement (Stand Trigger Unit's have the additional effect of re-standing Units who previously attacked to attack again), Self-Sustenance (Type 1; All Units are capable of battling deep underwater in Planet Cray's oceans without issues), Fire Manipulation (Aichi's Knight of Rose Morgana can attack with fire using her sword), Smoke Manipulation (Aichi's Grim Reaper can manipulate smoke), Summoning (Aichi has Units that can summon other Units to the Rear-Guard and passively via Superior Calls, like King of Knights, Alfred, Gigantic Charger, High Dog Breeder, Akane, and Dark Mage Badhabh Caar; Aichi's Alfred Early can passively summon Blaster Blade to the Rear-Guard from "The Soul" via a Superior Call), Limited Clairvoyance (Aichi's Dark Mage Badhabh Caar can preview the next Unit Aichi would actively call forth in the future), Attack Negation (Aichi has Perfect Guard Units that can negate attacks, like Flash Shield Iseult and Dark Shield, Mac Lir), Forcefield Creation (Aichi's Yggdrasil Maiden Elaine can create forcefields; Aichi's Flash Shield Iseult can create forcefields; Aichi's Future Knight Liew can create forcefields), Dark Magic (Aichi's Skull Witch Nemain has dark magic abilities as attacks; Aichi's Black Sage Charon can attack with dark magic energy blasts), Spirit Creation (Aichi's Dark Mage Badhabh Caar can create spirits to use as an attack), Energy Manipulation through various means (Aichi's Little Sage Maron can manipulate energy to launch energy blasts; Aichi's Blaster Blade has sword beam and can unleash energy blasts; Aichi's Gigantic Charger can unleash energy waves that also bypass durability; Aichi's Soul Saver Dragon can unleash energy blasts; Aichi's Yddrasil Maiden Elaine can unleash energy blasts; Aichi's King of Knights Alfred has sword beam), Energy Absorption (Blaster Blade can absorb energy with his sword), Vibration Manipulation (Aichi's King of Knight's, Alfred can attack using shockwaves), Electricity Manipulation through various means (Aichi has Units that can move as lightning, like Blaster Blade, Silent Knight Gallatin, and Soul Saver Dragon; Aichi's Little Sage Maron can fire electrical blasts; Aichi's Soul Saver Dragon can fire electrical blasts; Aichi's Skull Witch Nemain can manipulate electricity; Aichi's Dark Mage Badhabh Caar can electrocute targets that are attacked by the souls he creates), True Flight (All of Aichi's Units can fly), Teleportation (All of Aichi's Royal Paladin Units can teleport to different locations across Planet Cray; Aichi's Blaster Dark can teleport to different locations across Planet Cray and Black Sage Charon has short-ranged teleportation), Purification (Aichi's Majesty Lord Blaster can absorb the darkness and evil out of Ren's soul with his sword), Soul Manipulation through various means (Aichi has Units that are able to become souls and move into and out of "The Soul", like Barcgal, Pongal and Future Knight Liew; Aichi has Units that are able to send other units into "The Soul", like Future Knight Liew; Aichi has Units that are able to destroy the Units within "The Soul" of the Vanguard to activate abilities via Soul Blasts like Soul Saver Dragon, this would count as Soul Destruction; Aichi's Dark Mage Badhabh Caar can manipulate souls as attacks; Aichi's Alfred Early can call forth Blaster Blade to the Rear-Guard from "The Soul"; Aichi's Majesty Lord Blaster can move Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark into "The Soul", this would count as Soul Absorption), Regeneration (Mid-Godly; All Units are able to completely revive themselves after being completely destroyed during cardfights for later use, can be done immediately as well; When a cardfighter loses a cardfight, their Vanguard Unit and the Units within their soul are completely erased with nothing left but the cardfighter's soul and return later) and Resistance to Statistics Reduction (Aichi's Majesty Lord Blaster power as a Vanguard stays continuously fixated at all times by having both Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark in "The Soul") and Existence Erasure (Any Unit that is used as a Vanguard can safely withstand hits from other Units without being destroyed)

Attack Potency: At least Large Star level as a spirit (Aichi's soul is strong enough to free himself from Ren's Phantom Blaster Dragon's grip; PSYqualia users are able to feel the power of the Units in their decks and become empowered by them) | At least Building level with Grade 0 Units. At least Large-Star level with Grade 1 & higher Units (Superior to Ren and his Shadow Paladin deck, making his Units stronger than Ren's; Aichi's Grade 2s Units are superior to his Grade 1 Units and holds in his possession Blaster Blade and Blaster Dark, his strongest and signature Grade 2 Units; Aichi's Grade 3 Units are superior to his Grade 2 Units and holds in his possession Majesty Lord Blaster, his strongest and signature Grade 3 Unit)

Speed: At least Peak Human reactions with Massively Hypersonic attack speed (Some Units can manipulate lightning), and Massively FTL+ travel with Units (The souls of Cardfighters are far inferior to the Units of Planet Cray, superior to the speed of Ren's Units)

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human. Pre-Stellar with his soul | Superhuman with Grade 0 Units. Pre-Stellar with Grade 1 & higher Units

Striking Strength: Below Average Human Class. At least Large Star Class with his soul | At least Building Class with Grade 0 Units. At least Large Star Class with Grade 1 & higher Units

Durability: At least Large Star level as a spirit (Aichi's soul can withstand direct attacks from Blaster Dark and Phantom Blaster Dragon and receive only minor damage) | At least Building level with Grade 0 Units, At least Large-Star level with Grade 1 & higher Units (Units can withstand attacks from each other; Units are more durable than Aichi's soul)

Stamina: Extremely high, Likely limitless (All cardfighters are able to act and battle for extended periods of time without their souls being present in their bodies; All cardfighters are able to project their souls onto Planet Cray to battle using Units and cardfight from earth simultaneously for extended periods of time without tiring | Extremely high

Range: Standard melee range, planetary+ with his soul to low-multiversal with PSYqualia (All cardfighters are able to summon Units from across Planet Cray to use them for cardfights; PSYqualia users can manipulate fate on both Earth and Planet Cray, the latter being in a different universe; PSYqualia users can send their's and others souls into imaginations they create on Planet Cray with their Units) | Standard melee range, several dozens of meters with Grade 0 Units through attacks, Stellar with Grade 1 & higher Units through attacks

Standard Equipment: Vanguard card deck, Vanguard Units

Optional Equipment: None

Intelligence: Genius. Aichi is a very skilled tactician and strategist, being able to quickly develop strategies and successfully pull off strong combinations and battle formations to make use of his Units skills and abilities to their fullest extent. Battling on Planet Cray reinforces his already great intelligence by being able to possess Units, enter combat as the Units, and lead other Units into battle against other Cardfighters. Aichi is also a very quick learner as he was able to defeat Toshiki Kai when first learning about Cardfight!! Vanguard and he learns from previous mistakes to better execute attacks and strategies the next time while playing the game. As he delves deeper into Cardfight!! Vanguard, Aichi becomes skilled enough to defeat many skilled Cardfighters, even being skilled enough to defeat Cardfighters who could become National Champions, like Kenji Mitsusada and Ren Suzugamori, the latter being someone even Kai could not defeat at the time. Or surpass Misaki Tokura, someone who makes use of her Photographic Memory for battling purposes and calculates chances and probabilities during cardfights to develop strategies. Aichi's PSYqualia greatly reinforces his already great intelligence even further with the ability to see into the future and see entire cardfights from start to finish when altering their outcomes with the winning images he creates with imagination. Not only that, PSYqualia also allows Aichi to have a full understanding and complete mastery over any clan/deck he uses or is given the moment he obtains them, just as he instantly mastered the Shadow Paladin deck he received from Ren and fully understood the Unit's powers and skills just by being given the deck. In addition to this, when selecting a Unit to determine the outcome of a cardfight through a Winning Image, PSYqualia also formulates an entire winning strategy around the Unit for the user simultaneously. However, PSYqualia can make Aichi quite arrogant. The Units Aichi uses are also very skilled tacticians and strategists by participating in numerous battles with Aichi.

Weaknesses: Aichi is quite shy and can tend to be easily discouraged in his abilities when a strategy he develops fails to succeed (though this has lessened during the series). When using PSYqualia, Aichi can become quite arrogant by believing he has no equal with PSYqualia and will completely rely on PSYqualia the moment he uses it (though this makes him take cardfights seriously enough to crush his opponents and when facing another PSYqualia user, Aichi is clever enough to know previous tactics with using PSYqualia won't be absolutely successful). Cardfighters have to ride Units in chronological order, they cannot skip a grade when riding, like going from a Grade 0 Unit to a Grade 2 Unit. Cardfighters in most situations cannot summon Rear-Guard Units that exceed the grade of their Vanguard for offensive and defensive purposes. Cardfighter's must sacrifice Units when using them for defensive purposes | None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Imagination Manipulation: All Cardfighters use the power of imagination for various purposes and to different extents in the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard
  • Soul Projection: In the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, all Cardfighters can use the power of imagination to project their spirits onto the surface of a planet that is very similar to Earth in the Vanguard universe, Planet Cray.
  • Summoning, Possession, Transformation, Mind Control & Fusionism: In the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, all Cardfighters cannot only summon, but possess one of the Units living on Planet Cray for their spirits to reside in after projecting them onto Cray's surface. Upon summoning and possessing the Unit, the Cardfighters soul takes the Unit's form and can use them to battle other Cardfighters during a cardfight. This is otherwise known as a "Ride", where Cardfighters use Units to become "Vanguards". Cardfighters are also able to summon the creatures of Planet Cray to fight on their behalf as allies. This is otherwise known as a "Call", where Cardfighters summon Units as "Rear-Guards". In most situations, Cardfighters can only summon Units who's grades are equal to or lower than the grade of their Vanguard's. For example, if a Cardfighter uses a Grade 1 Vanguard, they can only summon Grade 1 or Grade 0 Units for support. They cannot summon Grade 2 or Grade 3 Rear-Guard Units.
    • Guarding: To go along with being able to summon Units, all Cardfighters in the Cardfight!! Vanguard game can also summon Units for defensive purposes. They can sacrifice Units to protect the Vanguard or other Rear-Guard Units from being harmed or destroyed by opponents by using power given in shield values which is combined with the Vanguard's own power. This can also be done using Perfect Guard Units that can negate the opponents attacks. Guarding can be accomplished by either summoning the Units or using Units already in battle with you that have the "Intercept" skill. While Grade 3 Units cannot be used as defensive Units in the game itself, this would fall under as nothing but card-game mechanics.
      • Power Draining: Whenever Cardfighter's summon Units for defensive purposes, they can also weaken the power of the opponents Units that are attacking in efforts to weaken their attacks. The defensive power of the Unit that's being used as a guard is directly subtracted from the Unit that is attacking. For example, if a Cardfighter uses a Unit that has 10,000 power for a shield value, and the opponent is attacking with 15,000 power, the total amount of power the opponents Unit will have left is 5,000 power, weakening them. However, only Units with shield values (Grade 0s, 1s, 2s, and some 4s) can weaken the power of opponent Units. So Grade 3 Units and Perfect Guard Units would not be able to drain the power of opponents when used for guarding purposes.
  • Soul Manipulation: In the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, there is a mechanic that all Cardfighters make use of with their Units known as "The Soul". "The Soul" is when and where Units are placed underneath a Cardfighters Vanguard that is currently in use, making it a "soul-stack" and when the number of Units in the soul reaches a certain point, they can be sacrificed for the price of activating different abilities. There are two methods on how to add Units into the soul. One method would be for Units to be ones that have been previously rided on. For example: if a Grade 3 is rided ontop of a Grade 2, who is rided on top of a Grade 1, who is rided ontop of a Grade 0 starting Vanguard, the lower Grade Units will be within the Grade 3 Vanguards soul. The second method would be to use a skiill called "Soul Charge" where Units get added into the Vanguards soul. In the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, "The Soul" is also considered the soul of any Unit that is being used as a Vanguard for a cardfighter, and when Units enter or are placed within "The Soul", they become souls themselves. Using "The Soul", Units can use soul manipulation to multiple degrees. They can use it to send themselves into and out of the soul, soul absorption to "Soul Charge" other Units as Vanguards, or soul destruction to destroy Units within the Vanguards soul through a skill called a "Soul Blast".
  • Boosting: This is a skill exclusively for Grade 0 and Grade 1 Units in the Cardfight!! Vanguard game. When in the rear-guard as support Units, Grade 0s and 1s can give their power to other Units to boost their power further.
  • Triggers: In the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, there are Grade 0 Units who have unique abilities called Triggers. Whenever a Vanguard attacks or takes damage from attacks, Cardfighters reveal cards from their decks during battles in an attempt to get a Trigger. There are 4 kinds of Triggers in Vanguard and each Trigger has a different effect, along with a power boost to be given to the Unit of choice. There are Draw Triggers, Critical Triggers, Heal Triggers and Stand Triggers. The only trigger that can be discarded as nothing but game mechanics would be the Draw Trigger Effect. Heal Triggers would be Healing Hax, Stand Triggers could be treated as a kind of Stamina Inducement to allow Units to attack more in succession, and Critical triggers would be given Damage Boost. Also, whenever a Cardfighter reveals a Trigger during a Drive or Damage check, it's the equivalent to the cardfighter summoning the Trigger Units to give them the Trigger Effect on Planet Cray.
  • Existence Erasure & Resistance: In the game of Cardfight!! Vanguard, all Units from Planet Cray can completely erase Units with every kind of attack they unleash in battle. When Units are destroyed, they get sent to the Drop Zone, which is the direct equivalent to Units being completely destroyed when they battle between each other on Planet Cray. The cardfighters themselves don't have existence erasure, but their souls have resistance for being able to remain unaffected by their Vanguards being erased at the end of a cardfight.

PSYqualia: Aichi's greatest and most effective ability as a cardfighter. PSY Qualia (PSYクオリア) is a set of loosely-defined powers that can alter the outcome of a vanguard cardfight for the wielder. PSYqualia is a major factor behind the actions of Ultra Rare and Ren Suzugamori's Foo Fighters. PSYqualia also has the capability of syncing a wielder's cardfight with the actions of their Unit's, which can cause world-changing events on Planet Cray. Visit the Powers & Abilities section to see PSYqualia's capabilities.

Notable Units: The following is a list of all Units and decks that Aichi has used throughout the course of the series.

Beginning of Series Composite Deck

Grade 0 Units

Royal Paladins

  • Barcgal
  • Stardust Trumpeter (x2)
  • Wingal Brave
  • Alabaster Owl (Critical Trigger Unit)
  • Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (x2; Critical Trigger Unit)
  • Flogal (x2; Stand Trigger Unit)
  • Future Knight, Liew (x2; Critical Trigger Unit)
  • Margal (x2; Draw Trigger Unit)
  • Weapons Dealer, Govannon (Draw Trigger Unit)
  • Silent Sage, Sharon (x2; Stand Trigger Unit)
  • Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (x4; Heal Trigger Unit)

Shadow Paladins

  • Fullbau
  • Grim Reaper (x3; Critical Trigger Unit)
  • Abyss Freezer (x2: Draw Trigger Unit)
  • Darkside Trumpeter (Stand Trigger Unit)
  • Abyss Healer (x4; Heal Trigger Unit)

Grade 1 Units

Royal Paladins

  • Flash Shield, Iseult (x2)
  • Knight of Friendship, Kay (x3)
  • Knight of Rose, Morgana (x2)
  • Lake Maiden, Lien (x2)
  • Little Sage, Marron (x3)
  • Pongal (x2)
  • Starlight Unicorn (x2)
  • Wingal (x3)
  • Young Pegasus Knight (x2)

Shadow Paladins

  • Blaster Javelin (x2)
  • Black Sage, Charon (x2)
  • Dark Shield, Mac Lir (x2)
  • Doranbau (x2)
  • Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod (x2)

Grade 2 Units

Royal Paladins

  • Blaster Blade
  • Gigantech Dozer
  • Great Sage, Barron
  • High Dog Breeder, Akane
  • Knight of Loyalty, Bedivere
  • Knight of Silence, Gallatin (x2)
  • Knight of the Harp, Tristan (x2)
  • Knight of Truth, Gordon
  • Star Call Trumpeter (x2)
  • Swordsman of the Blaze, Palamedes

Shadow Paladins

  • Blaster Dark (x2)
  • Knight of Darkness, Rugos (x3)
  • Skull Witch, Nemain (x3)

Grade 3 Units

Royal Paladins

  • Alfred Early
  • Gigantech Charger (x2)
  • King of Knights, Alfred
  • Majesty Lord Blaster
  • Solitary Knight, Gancelot (x2)
  • Soul Saver Dragon (x2)
  • Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes

Shadow Paladins

  • Dark Metal Dragon
  • Phantom Blaster Dragon (x2)
  • Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar (x2)

Key: Beginning of Series


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