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I don't think mistakes and failures are bad things. They can always be helping you whatever happens next.
~ Ai Mizuno (being interviewed, recorded in the DVD of a live concert of Iron Frill
That's not the kind of legend I wanna be. My story isn't over. I'm still here. I'm not history yet! I don't care if I were a zombie. I 'm gonna get back on stage again, then- (cries in fear as she hears some more lightning)
~ Ai Mizuno confessing to Saki Nikaido about her major fear against electricity.


Ai Mizuno (水野 愛, Mizuno Ai) is a member of Franchouchou and one of the protagonists in Zombie Land Saga. She was the former lead performer of Iron Frill, a 2008 idol group Sakura idolized in life, who was killed after being struck by lightning during a concert. Not wanting her death to define her, she resolved to work hard in her second chance at life. She was sometimes skeptical towards the plans decisions towards Koutaro Tatsumi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C | 9-C

Name: Ai Mizuno (her former identity); Number Three / Zombie 3 (ゾンビィ3号 Zonbii San-gō) (alias used as her open identity after being a zombie)

Origin: Zombie Land Saga

Gender: Female

Age: 16 (Born 7/3/1992 and died 4/8/2008) by her death as a human; over 26 by the end of Arpino Live.

Classification: The Legendary Heisei Period Idol (While she was alive); Zombie, Idol, Entertainer, Artist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics; Regeneration (High-Low to Low-Mid; can regenerate small biological portions of their body organs (Like the heart, the lung or even the brain) and reattach separated limbs and even their own heads); Body Control (Can control limbs separated from the body parts); Resistance to Electricity (Survived a lightning strike during a performance on stage. A similar lightning strike killed herself when she was alive as a human)

Attack Potency: Street level (Calculations) | Street level (Should be the same as before if not higher)

Speed: Likely Athletic Human+, possibly higher travel speed and Peak Human attack speed and reactions (calculations) | At least same travel and attack speed with Subsonic reactions (Being able to react to all Franchouchou members, among which Saki and Tae can move at such speeds)

Lifting Strength: Likely Athletic Human | At least same as before

Striking Strength: Street Class | Street Class (At least same as before)

Durability: Street level+ (Comparable to most members of Franchouchou) | Street level+ (At least same as before)

Stamina: Very High (Able to rehearse overnight and perform without sleep). Regeneration and body control allow faster rejuvenation of stamina.

Range: Standard melee range normally. Can throw objects at several meters.

Standard Equipment: None notable.

Non-Standard Equipment: "Sagan Sip Z" (a medical gel-patch in parody to Salonsip Gel-Patch)

Intelligence: Above average human in general affairs. Excellent in singing and dancing. Very knowledgeable and updated in the entertainment industry. Shown to be friendly and empathetic and manage to unite the group despite the members having strong characters.

Weaknesses: She is afraid of lightning and electricity (As she was killed by lightining when she was still a human). She is also afraid of sharp objects and piercing weapons (As she was struck by one by Sakura).

Key: Pre-Tenzan training | Post-Tenzan training


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