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Aht is a playable character in Radiant Historia. She is an innocent yet wise Satyros girl who travels the continent as part of an entertainment troupe. Gifted with shamanic powers, she is a central figure among her people, revered as a sacred priestess who watches over departed souls.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A | At least 2-A, possibly Low 1-C

Name: Aht

Origin: Radiant Historia

Gender: Female

Age: 9 | 10

Classification: Satyros, Shaman

Power and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Can see the invisible with Mana Vision, was the only one capable of seeing Lippti and Teo whenever they came to talk with Stocke), Longevity (Satyros can live for hundreds of years), Self-Destruction (Can make a powerful explosion on a target at the cost of her life), Resurrection (Shamans are able to do this to the dead, sacrificed herself for this on Stocke in a timeline), Pocket Reality Manipulation (In a timeline she sealed Stocke in one she made to protect him for all of his life), Sealing (Shamans are able to do seals that nullify curses on objects), Soul Manipulation (Managed to hit a legion of ghosts, can send souls to the afterlife, can undo Astral Projection), Non-Physical Interaction, Weapon Mastery, Life Manipulation (All Satyros are able to manipulate Mana, which is the flow of life in all beings), Healing (Via multiple items, the Greater Heal and Area G-Heal spells), Poison Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement (Can poison her foe with Poison Wing and the Poison Trap spell), Danmaku (Many of her techniques involve throwing multiple daggers to targets), limited Resurrection, Holy Manipulation and Water Manipulation (Can revive others with Holy Water), Purification (Via multiple items such as the Anti-Poison, Anti-Stone, Anti-Sleep, Anti-Curse, Anti-Fear and Anti-Paralytic items to heal the respective status effects), Magic (Can use multiple spells), Fire Manipulation (Via the Bomb Trap spell), Electricity Manipulation (Via the Electric Trap spell), Ice Manipulation (Via the Ice Trap spell), Information Analysis (Via the Enemy Scan spell, which allows to see the resistances and weaknesses of a target), Explosion Manipulation (Via Trap spells and Self-Destruction), Sleep Manipulation (Can force an opponent to sleep with Sleep Wing or the Dreamless technique), Statistics Amplification (Can raise her own durability with the Shield Herb item, the Polaris spell raises the resistances of multiple status effects to herself and allies, Lunatic noticeably raises the magical durability of herself and allies), Statistics Reduction (Can lower the speed of a target with the Speed Break technique), Awakened Power (Via Mana Burst moves), Resistance to Poison Manipulation, PetrificationParalysis Inducement, Curse Manipulation, Item NullificationSleep Manipulation and Fear Manipulation (Via the Quartz item and the Polaris spell)

All previous, further Status Effect Inducement (Can induce Paralysis, Item Nullification, Curses, Sleep and Petrification with the Paralysis, Curse, Sleep and Stone Wing items)

All previous, further Statistics Reduction and Statistics Amplification (Via the Power Herb item, which lowers the AP of a target, and the Might Herb and Magic Herb items, which raises the physical AP of the target after use)

All previous, Summoning (Via Imperion), further Statistics Reduction (Multiple additional items such as the Magic Defense Down item lower the magical durability of the target), Power Nullification (Can nullify two attacks with the Shield Seed item), Resistance to Life Manipulation (The Etherium item passively prevents his life force, "mana", from being drained by external forces),

All previous, Resistance to Time Manipulation (Historia lacks the flow of time), possibly Higher-Dimensional Existence and Large Size (Type 10) while in Historia

Attack Potency: Small Building level physically (Comparable to her friends, which can defeat spiders of the size of a building) | At least Multiverse level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level (Collaborated in the defeat of the Singularity, which is far stronger than Lippti and Teo, to defeat it all the power of the White, Black and Red Chronicles had to be used together, isn't too far behind Stocke)

Speed: Relativistic (Comparable to others that can react to lasers) | At least Relativistic, possibly Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Likely Athletic Human (Likely lifted the corpse of a large pig)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class | At least Multiversal+ Class, possibly Low Complex Multiversal Class

Durability: Small Building level | At least Multiverse level+, possibly Low Complex Multiverse level

Stamina: High (Can travel across the entire continent without issue)

Range: Standard melee range, Tens of meters with daggers and magic | Standard melee range, Tens of meters with daggers and magic, possibly Low Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment:

Boomerangs, Daggers, Maze, Soothing Balm (Recovers a bit of health after use), Herbal Tea (Restores a bit of magic after use), Holy Water (Revives an ally after use), Anti-Poison (Heals poisoning), Poison Wing (Induces Poisoning), Sleep Wing (Induces sleep on a target), Anti-Stone (Removes Petrification), Anti-Sleep (Removes Sleeping Inducement), Anti-Curse (Removes Curses), Anti-Fear (Removes Fear) and Anti-Paralytic (Removes Paralysis), Quartz (Grants resistance to multiple status effects)

All previous, Paralysis, Curse, Sleep and Stone Wing (Which induce the respective status effect)

All previous, Power Herb (Lowers the Attack Potency of a target), Might Herb (Raises the Attack Potency of a target), Magic Herb (Raises the magical Attack Potency of a target)

All previous, Etherion (Grants resistance to Life Manipulation), Guard Down (Lowers the physical durability of a target), Magic Defense Down (Lowers the magical durability of the target), Shield Seed (Nullifies two direct attacks taken), Tourniquet (Recovers a lot of health to the target), Special Tea (Recovers a lot of magic to the target)

All previous, Fire Charm (Boosts the power of fire-based techniques), Thunder Charm (Boosts the power of electric-based techniques), Ice Charm (Boosts the power of ice-based techniques), Panacea (Heals any of the standard status effects)

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: Mana Burst moves can't be used constantly.

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Bomb Trap/Ice Trap/Electric Trap/Poison Trap/Sleep Trap: Summons a bomb on the floor of the respective element, Poison Trap can poison the target, while Sleep Trap can put it to sleep.
  • Starlight: Throws three boomerangs at once that hit multiple targets.
  • Meteora: Throws three daggers to hit multiple targets.
  • Steal: Swings a large maze on the target, this move may also steal an item from the target.
  • Guard Break/Speed Break: Swings a large maze on the target, this move also lowers the physical durability of the target, the latter lowers the speed of the target instead.
  • Cross Star: Throws multiple daggers, the magic in them also sends the hit targets flying.
  • Dreamless: Swings a large maze, multiple foes from a considerable distance take damage then fall sleep.
  • Air Assault: Swings a large maze, the target is sent flying.
  • Enemy Scan: A quick spell that summons multiple balls around the target that then lets the user know the resistances and weaknesses of it.
  • Heal/Greater Heal/Super Heal: Restores health.
  • Area G-Heal: Restores a bit of health to the user and allies.
  • Recovery: Heals status effects.
  • Mana Regen: This spell allows the user or an ally of choice to slowly recover magic as the battle goes for a while.
  • Dancing Death: Aht performs seven slashes quickly on a single target.
  • Volt/Flame/Frost Star Trap: Aht summons multiple bombs of the respective element on the floor that explode on contact, similarly to the regular "Trap" spells.
  • Turn Break: A Mana Burst technique: The drastic increase in stamina from the release of mana from the user allows it to move faster than normal for a moment, allowing to gain more momentum.
  • Lucky Breath: A Mana Burst technique. Aht passes her own Mana Burst energy to an ally of choice so they do their own Mana Burst technique over her.
  • Imperion: A Mana Burst technique. Aht calls upon the power of the stars, performs a quick dance, then drops multiple large star-shaped meteors on the targets

Key: Pre-Ending Chapter | Ending Chapter


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