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The Agni are the most powerful elementals of fire, entities worshiped as minor deities in Baho and other earthern areas. At the same time they are considered by the Church of Abel as "the fallen angels of fire" and demons of high hierarchy.

The Agni does not came into existence as the other elemental lords, but rather is the result of an Efreet's evolution after consuming the existential flame of thousands of his equals; a new power greater than the sum of all its parts.

Pitiless and cruel, the Agni love conflict and destruction, however, they aren't completely evil as they understand that the world requires balance and moderation. The Agni are the most militarized between the elemental lords, keeping other fire elementals under their command, while occuping an area of influence.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 7-B, possibly 2-C, higher with Inferno

Name: Agni

Origin: Anima: Beyond Fantasy

Gender: Male

Age: Variable

Classification: High Elemental lord of Fire

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Resistance Negation (Beings with higher Gnosis can ignore the resistances of beings with lower Gnosis), Invulnerability and Damage Reduction Negation (Can damage beings with lower Gnosis through invulnerability and their spiritual barriers), Immortality Negation (Types 3, 5 and 8), Extrasensory Perception (Can naturally feel any alterations in the Soul Flux, such as supernatural powers being released. Can also read people's auras and appraise their state of mind. Able to see Noth, beings devoid of even a concept in the structure of existence, can detect heat and its intensity), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with Noth), Elemental Manipulation and Minor Conceptual Manipulation (As an Elemental, Agni can tenuously influence their own element within the Soul Flux, and even gain command over beings of the same affinity that have lower Gnosis than their own), Immortality (Type 1), Self-Sustenance (All types), Magic (Possesses the Gift), Soul Manipulation, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1) and Reality Warping (Magic manipulates the essence or soul of existence to produce desired effects on reality), Fire Manipulation (Can create, control and otherwise manipulate fire), Power Bestowal (Can grant resistance to fire as well as imbue weapons with fire, can turn other beings into living fire), Forcefield Creation (Can create barriers of fire), Heat Manipulation (Can create waves of intense heat, forcefully dry objects and even beings, as well as cause something to heat up to extreme temperatures), Psychometry (Can read the past of a specific fire by viewing the ashes it caused), Weather Manipulation (Can increase temperature in the surroundings by manipulating weather), Damage Boost (Can amplify the severity of critical wounds), Life Manipulation, Energy Manipulation and Statistics Amplification (Can sacrifice its own Life Energy and magic to boost its capabilities, can also convert life into magic), Absorption (Can absorb the life force and magic of living beings around it, which cannot be recovered by normal means, can absorb other fire elementals to become stronger), Durability Negation and Explosion Manipulation (Can cause an explosion inside of a living being), Creation (Can create an Ifreet, a fire elemental with unique abilities), Large Size (Type 0), Natural Weaponry (Inferno Claws), Aura (Agni radiate so much heat that they start fires and damage the surroundings, anything that makes contact with an Agni suffers even greater damage), Intangibility (An Agni is made solely out of fire), Invulnerability (Can only be damaged by essence damaging attacks, ice and water based attacks. Fire based and ordinary physical attacks are unable to damage it), Flight (Can fly with wings made of flame)

Due to having access to 90 levels in Fire Magic, Agni should be able to access these abilities, Telekinesis (Can move objects through magic, cause ropes to tie, lift others telekinetically and launch them away), Purification (Type 1), Clairvoyance (Can detect any source of magic in its vicinity, as well as locate any person, object or location of their choice), Sound Manipulation (Can create music and other sound through magic), Text Manipulation (Can create and erase text through magic), Statistics Amplification (Can increase various abilities), Statistics Reduction (Can decrease various abilities), Light Manipulation (Can change the color of objects), Power Bestowal (Can grant objects Non-Physical Interaction, as well as amplify their strength and grant various other abilities and resistances, can store spells inside objects), Illusion Creation (Can create images of things it has seen), Summoning (Can summon small vermin), Spatial Manipulation (Can expand the size of containers without altering their size or weight), Fear Manipulation (Can inflict fear through magic on those around it), Creation (Can create nets and a magic mount, can create magic weapons), Forcefield Creation (Can create magic shields), Telepathy (Can send mental messages across great distances, can read minds), Size Manipulation (Can increase its size or that of others), Shapeshifting and Biological Manipulation (Can alter the body structure of itself and other beings), Energy Projection (Can project magic energy), Dream Manipulation (Can make beings unable to dream, can transfer dreams from one being to another), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense emotions), Power Nullification (Can destroy and cancel other spells, can force invisible beings to be visible, as well as remove magic from objects), Empathic Manipulation (Can cause two beings to become friends as well as create new emotions entirely), Teleportation (Can teleport varying distances), Curse Manipulation and Probability Manipulation (Can cause misfortune through curses, dooming an action or type of action to always fail for a specific target), Matter Manipulation (Can instantly destroy inorganic material through magic, as well as reshape it into different forms), Disease Manipulation (Can cause diseases through magic), Energy Manipulation (Can change energy into different types, such as fire into electricity), Sense Manipulation (Can force a being to go blind, deaf or mute), Healing, Sleep Manipulation (Can force beings to fall asleep), Fusionism (Can merge objects with its body or that of others), Acid Manipulation (Can create clouds of corrosive acid), Intangibility and Invulnerability (Can transform itself into magic, making it intangible and only damaged by essence damaging attacks), Paralysis Inducement (Can paralyze beings through magic), Memory Manipulation (Can erase memories), Invisibility (Can turn itself and others invisible), Mind Manipulation (Can gain control of beings through magic), Sealing (Can create an area that is impossible for anyone within it to leave), Homing Attack (Can enchant a projectile to make it never miss), Attack Reflection (Can reflect spells), Power Absorption (Can steal the spells of other casters and use them for themselves), Portal Creation (Can create gates to connect two distant locations)

Absolute Zero, Absorption, Acid Manipulation, Age Manipulation, Attack Reflection, BFR, Biological Manipulation, Blood Manipulation, Body Control, Causality Manipulation, Chaos Manipulation, Clairvoyance, Soul Manipulation, Chi Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement, Corruption, Damage Boost, Damage Reduction, Damage Transferal, Darkness Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Deconstruction, Disease Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Duplication, Durability Negation, Electricity Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Existence Erasure, Explosion Manipulation, Extrasensory Perception, Fate Manipulation, Fear Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Fusionism, Gravity Manipulation, Healing, Heat Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Information Analysis, Law Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Magic, Matter Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Necromancy, Pain Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Perception Manipulation, Petrification, Poison Manipulation, Possession, Power Absorption, Power Modification, Power Nullification, Precognition, Pressure Points, Psychometry, Purification, Reactive Evolution, Reality Warping, Resistance Negation, Sealing, Sense Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Social Influencing, Sound Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Statistics Reduction, Status Effect Inducement, Subjective Reality, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Time Manipulation, Transmutation, Vector Manipulation, Void Manipulation (Can resist those effects through the Resistances Stats), Unconventional Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1) (The soul in Anima: Beyond Fantasy is the same thing as the concept, and vice-versa. One would need to affect both to affect a soul)

Attack Potency: At least Small City level (Capable of casting Devastation at intermediate level, which outputs this much energy), possibly Low Multiverse level (Their status is similar to those of Elhaym and Lord of Darkness. Comparable to the strongest Elementals. Yaldabaoth Veda, one of the Sleepers, is considered a menace to the world due to having a army of Etrien Gnosos, which Agni are comparable to), higher with Inferno

Speed: Athletic Human movement speed and flight (With a Movement Value of 8,[1] the Agni is capable of covering 28 meters in than 3 seconds[2]) Massively Hypersonic+ combat speed (Comparable to the Arias Vayu)

Lifting Strength: Class 100 (With a Strength score of 15,[1] the Agni is capable of carrying up to 15 tons with no issue and have a maximum lifting capability of 100 tons), higher with Feats of Strength (With a Feat of Strength value of 100,[1] it may temporaly increase his Strength score by +1, granting him a light a heavy load capability of 100 and 500 tons respectively, potentially even higher[3])

Striking Strength: At least Small City Class, possibly Low Multiversal

Durability: At least Small City level, possibly Low Multiverse level

Stamina: Infinite (By possessing the Physical Exemption essential power,[1] the Agni is tireless, does not need to sleep, eat or breathe, and is immune to natural poisons, natural diseases, unconsciousness and weather phenomena[4])

Range: Extended melee range with claws, varies, up to Low Multiversal with Magic

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Very high (Possesses an intelligence score of 13,[1] meaning it has a greater reasoning capability than what is humanly possible[5])

Weaknesses: Takes additional damage from water.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Inferno: Inferno: Apart from its claws and fangs, an Agni can use its huge wings to overwhelm its enemies with huge tongues of flame. When it wishes to use this attack, it wraps its wings around itself while gathering a large amount of energy. Then, it opens its wings and creates a huge explosion striking everything within 50 meter radius for 150 damage. Inferno is a Heat attack and requires a full turn of preparation, during which the Agni cannot use active attacks. After using this attack, the elemental has to wait from one to five rounds (between 3 to 15 seconds) before it can do so again.[1]
  • Fire Aura: An Agni is an immense source of heat that causes serious damage to anyone who stands near it. The air becomes stifling, metal grows red hot, and even rocks melt around it. Everyone within 10 meters around the Agni may suffer the effects of elevated temepratures and potentially by set ablaze (characters carrying flammable items or clothes are set ablaze with more easily).[1]
  • Elemental Form: The body of an Agni is completely made of fire; it is immune to any conventional attack not based on energy, water, or cold.[1]
  • Contact Burns: If a character actually comes into contact with an Agni, either by attacking it physically or being hit by its attack, he runs the risk of being reduced to a pile of ash.[1]
  • Burnout: As a Passive Action, an Agni may use part of its vital energy to temporarily increase the potency of his next action. It may sacrifice 50 Life Points at any time during a turn to receive a bonus of +5 to its next action, up to a total of +50 per action.[1]
  • Wings of Fire: An Agni moves through the air using its vast wings of fire at the same speed that it moves on the ground. However, it is unable to activate Inferno while flying.[1]
  • Elemental Mastery: All Fire spells an Agni uses are cast with two additional free levels of Added Effects (or what is the same, he require to spent less zeon of what is necessary to cast a fire spell).[1]
  • Elemental Immunity: Attacks based on fire or heat cause no damage to an Agni.[1]
  • Magic: Magic is the spiritual energy that flow through both life and death, and even through those that haven't come to exist yet; it’s the raw material that shapes reality, the very essence of the Nexus of Souls, the prime source from where spirits emotions and concepts are born. The Agni possesses a Power and Intelligence values of 13, a Magic Accumulation value of 30 (50 with fire spells) and a zeon reserve of 625 at the moment to determinate how fast he can spell casts, how potent his spells can be and the amount of spells he can cast before running out of zeon reserves. Given that the Agni possesses both Gesturesless and Unspoken Casting, how fast he can accumulate magic and cast spells are not negatively affected due being unable to gesture or speak.[1]
    • Fire Magic: The Agni has a Path level of 90 in Fire.[1]
    • Free Access Spells: The Agni has available 18 spell slots from the list of Free Access spells that, for debating purposes, can freely be chosen from the list of spells as long has fulfilled the requirements.[1]


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