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A47 Render.png
Names are for friends, so I don't need one.
~ Agent 47, Hitman: Blood Money


Agent 47 also known as The Hitman is the protagonist of the Hitman games. He is a genetically engineered clone of Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. 47 is the best assassin of the ICA.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically, higher with melee weapons, firearms and even higher with normal explosives. At least 9-A to at least 8-C with C4 and his strongest weapons generally. Even higher with preparations

Name: None, only known by various names, such as Agent 47, The Ghost, Silent Assassin or the Hitman, typically uses the alias "Tobias Rieper"

Origin: Hitman Franchise

Gender: Male

Age: 55 (however, IO-Interacive stated that he was ageless)

Classification: Genetically-engineered clone, assassin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extreme Pain Tolerance, Master Martial Artist, Master tactician and strategist, Master survivalist, Master hunter, Photographic Memory, Pressure Point Strikes (Has innate knowledge on human anatomy and can easily strike at his enemies' pressure points to knock them out or even kill them), Expert Acrobat (While he may not look like much, 47 is capable of quickly climbing up buildings, latching onto pipes and performing several more feats of acrobatic strength), Extraordinary Genius Intellect, Multi-Lingualist, Weapon Mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Stealth Mastery, Regeneration (Low), Longevity (Several other comparable clones were noted to be modified to live far longer than the average person, with 47 himself having been noted to be the same case), Indomitable Will (No matter the situation, 47 will never give up on his tasks nor back away from it, and will always find a solution to whatever problems he faces in his path. As a result, he is emotionless in most of his missions, but has constantly regarded himself to take no joy in killing his targets either), Hacking, Limited Technology Manipulation (Capable of using any kind of technology known to man), Vehicular Mastery, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory PerceptionInformation Analysis, Retrocognition, Analytical Prediction, Minor Precognition (Can uncover trails gone cold and can easily see where newly-made trails are placed or where his enemies will go, but can't use his precognition in combat) and Perception Manipulation with Instinct (Possesses Instinct, which allows him to pinpoint objects and locations of interest, pinpoint weak-spots, gain information from objects, people and whatnot, identify targets, allows him to be disguised in sticky situations, locate hidden traps, see in pitch-black conditions etc. His other senses also greatly help in utilizing Instinct to his maximum potential. Can even slow down time to a crawl, although this doesn't work on enemies who are comparable to him in speed) and several more abilities and skillsets (As he was designed to be the perfect assassin, he is capable of doing anything humans have ever done), Preparation, With prep he gains Homing Attack (Once he throws his briefcase, it will follow its target anywhere it goes until it confirms a solid hit), Poison Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Sound Manipulation, Fear Manipulation (With toxins), Madness Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation etc., Resistance to Poison Manipulation and Disease Manipulation (Can take upto 4 hits from a highly-toxic-and-corrosive sword that can one-shot ordinary human beings with a casual graze. Also capable of casually brushing off potent poison darts made in the Amazon Jungle, as seen in Codename 47. Has had much experience with toxins as he has been routinely experimented on before escaping Ort-Meyer's facility and becoming an Assassin. Was designed to have immunity to every single human disease in existence, even going so far as to immunize himself to the lethal Nabazov virus. Can even overcome addictions in 3 days with no repercussions), Extreme Heat (Has survived sticky situations involving intense desert heat, exploding buildings and whatnot), Cold Temperatures, Electricity Manipulation (Was getting tazed beyond human limits and was still capable of recovering fast enough to escape a heavily-guarded police station. Normal electricity doesn't even faze him), Mind Manipulation and Mind Control (Ort-Meyer always complained on the impossibility to control 47 via drugs, and even with harsh discipline, ultimately failed to turn 47 into an obedient slave. Most of the time, he feels no emotion over his deeds believing that they would compromise his capacity to perform kills) and several other resistances (Was made to be the perfect human specimen with all of humanity's resistances)

Attack Potency: Wall level physically (Able to fight, disarm, knock out and kill trained soldiers with full body armor and even multiple such foes at once bare-handed, and can even stab through kevlar and plated armor. Can casually break bones and snap grown men's necks, and has done this to comparable foes numerous times. Can easily trade blows with those who can harm him. Can also contend with and defeat other genetically engineered superhuman assassins that are far superior to Pablo Ochoa, who himself can casually brush off multiple barrages of minigun rounds and is outright immune to weaker guns, and comparable to 47 in durability, like when he easily took on and wiped out hordes of Agent 48s, and the Agent 48s themselves were immune to weaker guns, much like Ochoa. Easily and vastly superior to Sergei Zavorotko, who casually bolted through a thick wooden platform while heavily wounded, and could still survive multiple headshots from high-power sniper rifles. Effortlessly stomped Sanchez, a 200 kg man who was enhanced with various serums and had double the muscle capacity, and casually snapped his neck. Can throw household items at people so hard he can actually kill them on the spot, forcing him to hold back, and he can even do this to helmeted characters. Can even throw snowballs hard enough to knock people outIn the first mission of Hitman: Blood Money, he slammed a guard against the gates so hard that it took 47 only one hit to kill him, and 47 was on the other side of the gate, even forcing open the locked gate in the process. Capable of shattering security glass with a casual elbow. Is second only to his best friend Lucas Grey), higher with melee weapons, firearms (Has no problems one-shotting large animals like jaguars and hippopotamuses with just one bullet from his Silverballers, regardless of where he shoots them. Can easily penetrate walls, high-tech kevlar armor and even thick armored plating. Also makes use of anti-materiel rifles and armor-piercing ammo, as seen in Hitman: Blood Money) and even higher with normal explosives (Can easily blow up gigantic metal gates). At least Small Building level to at least Building level with C4 and his strongest weapons generally (Created a massive avalanche with a sonic device. Has blown up buildings, submarines, gas stations, wrecked racecars in Miami, and much more with the help of his creativity). Even higher with preparations (Could even launch nuclear weapons if he wishes to, as seen in Hitman: Codename 47)

Speed: Superhuman (Genetically engineered peak human specimen designed to trump over even the best of peak athletes. Easily managed to outmaneuver a jaguar during his mission to kill Pablo Ochoa. Not even high-tech security cameras can keep track of a casually-jogging 47) with Supersonic+ combat speed and reactions (Shot four men who were already locking on him before they could react. Capable of easily blitzing multiple clones comparable to him. Can draw his guns and fire faster than those who are already pulling the trigger. In Hitman: Damnation, 47 easily gunned down two bodyguards with a Glock before the man 47 previously shot could even register the fact that he was shot, taking only 2.3 seconds to finish the whole ordeal. Has also been shown to dodge bullets at point-blank range multiple times, his fight with Mark Parchezzi III being a notable example, and has also fought against foes who can do the same, like Masahiro Hayamoto and his ninjas, who can dodge rounds from the M4 Carbine rifle at barrel-length), Subsonic+ (Makes use of M1911s) to Supersonic+ attack speed with firearms and sniper rifles (Uses M4 Carbines and the Barrett M95, which is equals with the M82), even higher with prep

Lifting Strength: At least Class 1 (Capable of overpowering comparable genetically-enhanced assassins and Sanchez, a supersoldier weighing in at over 200 kg enhanced with steroids possessing twice the muscle capacity, with just one arm. Capable of easily lifting, flipping and slamming such overweight foes with just his garrote, like Tzun. Can effortlessly snap necks with minimal leverage which would require forces exceeding 1000 lbs. Capable of breaking bones and crushing necks with just grip strength alone. Capable of easily ripping handcuffs apart. Capable of hanging fully-grown men with just his garrote and then stealthily lifting them up without making a noise. Can casually wield a two-handed sword without any problems and easily skewer through skulls one-handed. Has no problems holding his own against fierce winds from fans that can easily send humans flying into the horizon. Can casually do this. Pushed a boat into the ocean all by himself at the end of the first mission of HITMAN 2. Casually flipped a large table all by himself)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (He is capable of harming himself and foes like Ochoa, Agent 48s and Zavorotko with his own blows)

Durability: Wall level normally (Easily survived an explosion initiated by Mark Parchezzi III and was only briefly knocked back. A few months before the start of Hitman: Absolution, 47 tanked an avalanche with minor injuries, though the whole ordeal took him 14 weeks to recover from due to the immense back pain resulting in being stuck inside a crevice due to said avalanche. Fell into turbulent ocean waters from an altitude of over 1000 feet and survived, and remained unconscious for seven hours in the cold and violent waters without issue. Survived being hurled through a door by Sanchez. Tanked a massive RPG-7 explosion while staying at a motel, which destroyed the room he was residing in and caused significant damage to the whole motel overall. Survives similarly powerful explosions on a daily basis. Can easily withstand blows from enemies like Agent 48s and Zavorotko with little to no damage. Can take multiple high-caliber rounds at point-blank and still keep on with his mission as if nothing happened to him, possesses a small healing factor), higher with body armors

Stamina: Incredibly High (Has rarely shown signs of tiring even when heavily wounded with high-caliber bullets designed to blow up armored personnel. In some cases the pain means absolutely nothing to him. Can go on for weeks without food or water and still be in peak shape)

Range: Standard melee range. Extended melee range with melee weapons. Several meters with thrown weapons. Hundreds of meters with firearms. Several kilometers with sniper rifles (Has been renowned of having an accuracy that trumps even the best of marksmen), higher with high-yield explosives and sound-based weapons. Hundreds of kilometers with nuclear bombs, should he wish to use them

Standard Equipment: His signature Silverballers (custom AMT Hardballers which are essentially stainless steel M1911s, can be fitted with a suppressor and other attachments to aid accuracy), an FN F2000, the Walther WA2000 sniper rifle (His signature sniper rifle, can be customized similarly to his Silverballers) or a custom Sako TRG (This was his signature sniper rifle in Hitman: Absolution), his signature black suit with a white shirt and red tie paired with his black gloves (Can also wear a white counterpart), Fiber-wire, sometimes Anaesthetic, Poison/Sedative Syringes and remote bombs, may also carry a full-body coat with him at times. Whatever weapon or household item he can get his hands on in the middle of any mission.

Intelligence: Genius. He is highly trained and educated. Knows anatomy, poisons, weapons, and firearms. Creative and resourceful when trying to infiltrate or kill a target. He can even play non-combat instruments like the drums, which helped him in his mission to approach his target, a band's lead singer. Capable of planning intricate and difficult missions without losing focus, and is so good at his job that he is virtually unnoticed. Knows a lot about counter-intelligence, counter-insurgency, guerrilla warfare and other mercenary work. Knows about illegal scientific experiments and cloning. Ort-Meyer noted 47's high levels of learning and adaptability. Capable of operating any type of machinery on his first try, as well as sabotaging them to kill his targets.

Weaknesses: Despite his perfection as an assassin, he still has the same biological needs as any other normal human, though he can go weeks without supplies or rest and maintain optimal capacity. His emotionless demeanour and apparent lack of empathy frequently make it difficult for people to connect with him. He has a soft spot for children, particularly Victoria, which frequently comes into conflict with his ruthless nature (but if he is motivated enough, he will not hesitate to kill innocents or even small animals like birds). He will put himself in danger to protect those he loves. He rarely expresses his emotions to anyone, believing that doing so would jeopardise his mission. His Instinct cannot slow his perception of opponents who are as fast as he is, and his precognition is only useful for trail location. He can be pretty stubborn at times and will not abandon his mission at any cost, even disobeying orders and taking matters into his own hands. Prior to Absolution, he was briefly addicted to painkillers. As a result of being brainwashed as a child, the majority of his prior memories of Providence have been erased, though he has been gradually regaining them, and they do not actually impair his abilities. The Walther WA2000 sniper rifle requires constant maintenance to maintain its accuracy.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Silent assassin: Agent 47 is well-known within the ICA due to his method of untraceable assassination, which has led some to question his very existence. He has been known to infiltrate a location, eliminate only his designated target, and then vanish without firing a single bullet. Additionally, he is an expert at disguising himself.
  • Athletic ability: Agent 47 has been shown to be able to suspend himself, walk on ledges, and scale gutters with ease. He can also drag and lift a fully grown man.
  • Master Martial Artist: Although Agent 47 rarely engages in close combat, he is capable of defeating many trained guards and much larger adversaries such as Sanchez and Tzun. He also possesses knowledge of every martial technique known to man, courtesy to Ort-Meyer's training and experiments bordering on torture and reformation.
  • Master Marksman: Agent 47 has used a variety of firearms on various missions without difficulty or loss of accuracy. With just ordinary handguns, he can headshot a person from hundreds of metres away. Knives, axes, swords, and even common household items can be thrown with deadly accuracy.
  • Instinct: Agent 47 is capable of sensing and predicting the movements of anyone in his vicinity, even those hiding behind walls. He accomplishes all of this without making eye contact or requiring any external assistance. He can theoretically shoot as many people as he wants with instinct, as long as he has enough bullets. He can also discern objects of interest, identify weak points, and possibly see past events.
  • Mentally trained: Agent 47's calm and focus never wavers, no matter what the situation.


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