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The Administrators or Guardians are beings that rule over the Shinsoo of their Floor. Their duty is to give tests to those who wish to climb the Tower and such tests reflect the "worth of the things they want" so they may proceed to the next Floor. However, under the current political system, Zahard and the 10 Great Warriors conquered the first 134 Floors and now Rankers are appointed as examiners who can conduct the tests on behalf of the Guardians for those Floors. Administrators are practically the deities of the tower, they can freely control the entirety of their floors and are only surpassed by an extremely rare few such as Enryu and Phantaminum.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A

Name: Administrator, Guardian Floor

Origin: Tower of God

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown (The Administrators have been around since ancient times, being as old as the Tower itself)

Classification: Administrator

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsImmortality (Types 1, 2, and 6), Limited Self-Sustenance (Type 2; Anyone who can use shinsoo can pass prolonged amount of time without eating by gaining energy from shinsoo itself, although it can put a toll in their health), Limited Size Manipulation (They can control their own size), Large Size (Type 4), Shinsoo Manipulation, Statistics Amplification (Can enhance their physical characteristics through shinsoo), Statistics Reduction (Can negate their opponents' statistics amplification), True FlightPain Manipulation (Filling an opponent with shinsoo causes them intense pain), Energy Manipulation/Density Manipulation (By controlling shinsoo, the user can control its very high density), Molecular Immobilization and Minor Matter Manipulation (Shinsoo moves and acts in a similar way to electrons and replaces air in the Tower and Administrators can likely reverse it's flow to stop movement. Depending on how much shinsoo can be controlled against the enemy, the user is able to hinder the walk of the opponent), Homing Attack (The Administrator's can control their shinsoo to have it attack where they desires), Electricity Manipulation (Can produce huge gusts of electricity), Breath Attack (Can breath out fire), Fire Manipulation (Can generate and create fire), Power Bestowal (Through such contracts with Administrators, one can obtain special powers or privileges, up to and including immortality), Molecular Immobilization/Paralysis Inducement (Should be able to use the Fast Skip), Possession (The Administrator's can possess beings physically, although they only do this when they are very weak or almost dying), Explosion Manipulation (Can create bombs with shinsoo), Limited Time Manipulation/Causality Manipulation (Can undo damage and restore objects to a former state), Sound Manipulation (Can produce sound waves with massive AoE), Light Manipulation and Invisibility (Shinsoo based weapons have these abilities, thus guardians most likely have them as well), Data Manipulation (Can warp, destroy and manipulate data), Soul Manipulation (Can extract, absorb and destroy souls), Forcefield Creation (Can make shinsoo barriers to block attacks), Blood Manipulation (Can use their own blood to make huge tsunamis), Telekinesis (Can levitate beings or objects), Spatial Manipulation/Pocket Reality Manipulation (Administrators can freely control a continent-sized space), BFR (Administrators can banish people from their space), Precognition (Can predict events thousands of years in advance), Weather Manipulation (Can control the entire Floor weather), Heat Manipulation (Can produce heat within their body), Teleportation (Can go anywhere on the their Floor instantly), Incorporeality in their true forms (They have no physical body and their existence is the Shinsoo iself), Limited Nigh-Omnipresence in ther true forms (Their existence is the own Shinsoo that composes the atmosphere of each floor), Limited Nigh-Omniscience (They know almost everything on their floor), Power Nullification and Purification (Types 2 and 3; Can prevent beings from using shinsoo. Should be superior to Shinwonryu, which can nullify curses and poison), Reality Warping (Can do anything on their own Floors), Shapeshifting (Can change their shape to anything), Danmaku (Can probably attack using thousands of baangs), Power Absorption (Can drain the power of his targets), Air Manipulation (Can remove the Shinsoo from an area to suffocate their opponents), Sealing (Can confine beings into a certain area), Portal Creation (Can invade Pocket Dimensions), Existence Erasure and Law Manipulation (Administrators can set rules so that those who break them disappear from existence), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense beings thousands of kilometers away), Empathic Manipulation (Was able to completely seal the emotion of love from Yeon Hana to the opposite sex), Illusion Creation (They create illusory skies using shinsoo), Curse Manipulation (The 100th Floor Guardian put a curse of a 'short life' on the entire Bloodmadder's lineage in the exchange for eternal life for the latter), Can Negate Immortality, Regeneration, Spells and Contracts

High Shinsoo Resistance, Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Administrators probably don't have souls), Resistance Negation and Telekinesis

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (Can easily create, control and destroy an entire floor. SIU stated that even Zahard can't win against a Guardian Floor in a fight)

Speed: At least FTL+, likely higher (Much faster than Zahard and the 10 Family Heads). Nigh-Omnipresent in their true forms (Their existence is the shinsoo itself that composes the atmosphere of each Floor)

Lifting StrengthAt least Class P (Vastly stronger than the likes of Zahard, Urek Mazino and the 10 Great Warriors), likely higher (Their sheer size is significantly superior to that of the American Continent and they can effortless support their own weight)

Striking Strength: Multi-Continent Class (Uses the same power source to physically enhance his body)

Durability: Multi-Continent level, likely higher (The 43rd Floor Guardian took thousands of attacks from Enryu for an extended period of time). Immortality Type 2 and Incorporeality makes them hard to kill

Stamina: Extremely high, possibly Limitless

Range: Thousands of Kilometers by sheer size, with shinsoo manipulation and shockwaves. Planetary to Interdimensional via BFR (The Floor Guardians are able to send their targets to other floors. The 2nd Floor Guardian sent Evankhell and Yu Han Sung from the 2nd Floor to Karaka's pocket dimension)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Extremely High (They are know as the supreme rulers and ultimate shinsoo users. They are only outclassed by Enryu)

Weaknesses: They cannot go out or fight outside their respective floors

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Complete Mastery of Shinsoo: The Shinsoo control of the Guardians is one of the best, being able to outclass even the most talented shinsoo users of the Tower, such as Zahard, Urek and the 10 Great Warriors by a big margin.


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