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Shall we begin the experiment?
~ Add as Psychic Tracer

Kahahaha! Success!
~ Add as Lunatic Psyker

Challenge me if you dare. You morons will find yourself reduced to mere particles…! Kuhahaha!!
~ Add as Lunatic Psyker


A descendant of a family that studied Nasods, Add is an intelligent mechanic who had inherited the fascination for the robotic race. When his entire family was captured and slain for investigating the Nasods' forbidden secrets, Add was forced into slavery. While trying to escape, he fell into an ancient library and was trapped for a long time. Here, he continued his study of Nasods and in due time, he invented a weapon called the Nasod Dynamo. He eventually used the weapon to escape the library before it could collapse on him.

Ridden with insanity due to isolation, Add took to the road to find rare Nasod codes, but discovered that the library's time distortion had sent him far into the future when the Nasod race had already fallen. He tried to return to the past at first, but then he changed his mind when he found traces of Eve.

Add's obsession over Nasod technology drives him to continue his research. One day, he succeeds in assembling a Nasod Armor prototype that conforms to the wearer's physique. He tests it on himself and, despite some inconsistencies, considers his experiment successful. With this achievement, Add's curiosity grows, and he is inspired to keep going on this path to create an even more impressive Nasod Armor.

As the Psychic Tracer, Add's thirst for power grows. On his search for a better way to store a large amount of El energy for his Dynamos, Add meets Adel, the chief of Altera, who informs him of the Altera Core's energy handling capacity.

"Altera Core is currently storing El-energy, Pong! Storing the enormous energy of El is not easy, Pong! It has an impressive energy handling feature, Pong!"

He visits the Core to investigate, and with his findings, he succeeds in upgrading the Dynamos, but there is one more problem. "Tch... damn it! Even if I upgrade the Dynamos, it's nothing more than a piece of junk without a strong power source! I need something powerful enough to power the dynamos and perfect the Nasod Armor..."

To help Add in his search of power, Adel leads Add to Feita, where the fierce battle against the demons was taking place. There, Add found a powerful negative energy source that demons used.

"This is it! I found the missing piece to my research, khahahahaha!"

With Lento's help, he succeeds in changing the demons' Dark El into a Moon Stone, and he uses it to perfect his Nasod Armor. With the ultimate creation now at its perfection, the Nasod Armor has more destructive force than ever before.

This was the birth of the Merciless Destroyer annihilating anyone that crosses his path! People named the lunacy-drenched warrior: Lunatic Psyker.

The ultimate embodiment of destruction that ignores the laws of physics. A job path that fully integrates the Nasod Armor to overcome human limitation.

An obsession to pursue power that will ensure victory in every situation led to Add achieving ultimate power that defies the laws of physics.

"I merely destroy... with absolute power!!"

There are limits to power that relies on resources and tools. To overcome all known weaknesses, Add continues his research until he decided to fuse himself with the Nasod Armor.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | 4-A | At least 4-A, possibly higher

Name: Edward "Add" Grenore

Origin: Elsword

Gender: Male

Age: 18 | 19 | 21

Classification: Human, Nasod Researcher, Scientist, Tracer, Psychic Tracer | Lunatic Psyker | Doom Bringer, Embodiment of Destruction

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Technological Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Add's gloves and Dynamos can directly manipulate the electrons in the surroundings, creating electricity. Is able to accelerate particles in the area to form an energy blast, or manipulate the particles in the area to form a prism to trap foes. Can manipulate and destroy neutrons. Can fire homing particle shots. Can generate "Storm Particles" to increase his attack's power), Electricity Manipulation, Martial Arts, Energy Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement (Can reduce the speed of a target and inflict stun), Flight (Add can use the Dynamos to hover or fly off of the ground), Teleportation (Can set up a dummy that he can swap positions with, or "Quantize" himself to escape enemy attacks), Physics Manipulation (The Nasod Armor lets the user defy the laws of physics), Damage Negation (While performing a Nasod Armor combo, any damage received will during the combo will be cancelled), Explosion Manipulation (Can fire an energy blast that causes a series of explosions on the ground. Can use explosive nano machines), Minor Earth Manipulation, (Can use stored up energy inside the Dynamos to increase his speed), Weapon Creation (Can create Magnetron discs), Electromagnetism Manipulation (Can manipulate the flow of electrons to generate Magnetron discs. Can generate an electrostatic field that causes an explosion. Can fire energy blasts through a magnetic field and use magnetism to lift up targets), Non-Physical Interaction (Can interact with, attack and kill beings that exist as pure energy, souls, spirits, non-existent beings and elemental beings), Resistance to Soul Manipulation | Same as before but to a higher degree, Electromagnetism Manipulation (Can set up pylons that create an electromagnetic beam that damages enemies. Can generate an electric pulse field similar to an EMP), Energy Manipulation (Can fire explosive energy shots and charge up energy inside the Dynamo for an explosive energy shot), Plasma Manipulation (Can compress Plasma to form a tornado, or collect it and set it to its highest energy level to create an explosion. Can fire plasma beams from the Dynamos), Air Manipulation, Psionic Energy Manipulation (Can fire beams of psychic energy and use psionic energy to augment his physical strikes), Electricity Manipulation (Upon activating the Nasod Armor, an electric shockwave will damage nearby foes), Minor Durability Negation (Can negate conventional defenses) | Same as before but to an immensely higher degree, Physics Manipulation (After fully fusing with the Nasod Armor, Add became capable of ignoring any and all laws of physics), Plasma Manipulation (Can form a high-density plasma circuit and set it off for a massive explosion. Can augment his physical strikes with plasma to cause an explosion), Duplication (Can create an alter ego of himself made out of Electricity)

Attack Potency: Unknown | Multi-Solar System level (Can scale to Elsword, who can defeat Solace, who created a pocket reality containing a black sun and numerous stars) | At least Multi-Solar System level, possibly higher (Far stronger than before, can scale to Elsword and Raven)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can dodge cloud-to-ground lightning and fight people who can do the same) | Speed of Light (Can scale to Elsword, who can fight Solace, who can attack as fast as light) | At least Speed of Light, likely higher

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown | Multi-Solar System Class | At least Multi-Solar System Class, possibly higher

Durability: Unknown | Multi-Solar System level (Can take hits from beings that can harm the El Party such as Solace) | At least Multi-Solar System level, possibly higher

Stamina: High (Strong-willed, never gives up, always tries to get stronger) | High (Higher than before. Focuses on sword training and martial skills more so that most other fighters in the verse) | Very High (Surpasses almost every other knight in the verse, including his previous forms by a vast amount)

Range: Extended melee distance, several hundred meters with certain skills

Standard Equipment: Nasod Dynamos and Nasod Armor

Intelligence: Genius (Spending most of his entire life learning about Nasod technology and trapped in an ancient library has given Add immense knowledge of Nasod technology; Add is one of, if not the most intelligent character in the game. Being a technological genius, Add is also a skilled mechanic and can understand nearly any form of science. He is able to use his Nasod knowledge in order to build his dynamos and escape confinement. Was able to build a Nasod Armor Prototype that could defy the laws of physics) | Genius | Genius

Weaknesses: Heavily reliant on Nasod tech for combat, and is often cocky and overconfident in his own abilities. Nasod armor has shown some inconsistencies in it's effectiveness | ??? | No longer reliant on tools, but still fairly insane and overconfident in himself

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Void Breaker: Add concentrates energy in the Dynamo and blasts it with force. Unleashed energy shoots out to finally explode. Energy fired resembles a black hole and sucks in any enemies trapped. (Base Skill)
  • Phase Shift: Add sets up a dummy capable of swapping positions with Add. When touched, the Dummy will explode. (Base Skill)
  • Particle Prism: Add installs a dynamo dummy that manipulates particles in the area to form a prism that slows down movement. A space field is generated at the front and back of the prism that cannot be passed through. (Base Skill)
  • Particle Accelerator: Add accelerates Dynamo particles by shooting strong waves that stun enemies. (Base Skill)
  • Quantization: Add becomes quantized to escape from his enemies when attacked. (Base Skill)
  • Neutron Bomb: Add gathers neutron particles in the area to cause a large explosion. The energy from the neutrons sucks in nearby enemies and contracts to finally cause a massive explosion. (Base Skill)
  • Particle Shot: Add shoots an energy particle blast. The particle blast penetrates the enemy and explodes upon dissipation. (Base Skill)
  • Electron Barrage: Add reinforces his fist with the Nasod Armor and executes 3 quick jabs followed by a heavy punch which sends enemies flying. (Psychic Tracer Combo)
  • Electron Rocket: Add reinforces his fist with the Nasod Armor and executes 3 quick jabs followed by blasting enemies upwards. (Psychic Tracer Combo)
  • Electron Roundhouse Kick: Add reinforces his limbs with the Nasod Armor to then kick and punch enemies followed by kicking through them without knocking them down. (Psychic Tracer Combo)
  • Electric Accel: Add rushes forward with a sphere of electricity. (Psychic Tracer Combo)
  • Ground Smash: After firing 1 or 2 particle blasts in midair, smash down vertically with a blast of energy. (Psychic Tracer Combo)
  • Dynamo Configuration - Dissolver: Add fires explosive energy shots. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Quake Buster: Add blasts an energy shot downward to cause a series of explosions on the ground. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear:
  • Pulse Cannon: Add fires 4-8 consecutive homing particle shots. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Sonic Jump: Add uses the energy charged in the dynamo to move forward explosively. He then scatters many explosive nano machines while charging forward. The nano machines will have a chain reaction and deal damage to nearby enemies. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron: Add generates magnetron discs that spin around him. The discs will attack targets each time Add lands an attack. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Stasis Field: Add generates an electrostatic field that damages nearby enemies. The force of the explosion can be further enhanced depending on the damage Add inflicts on enemies during the skill duration. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Particle Storm: Add passively creates energy storm particles when attacking or while being attacked. The storm particles damage the surrounding area but do not stun enemies. Stronger attacks generate stronger storm particles. (Psychic Tracer Skill)
  • Brawler Barrage: Halfway through the Electron Barrage combo, Add can extend the combo by continuously punching up to a maximum of 22 hits instead of the final heavy punch. (Lunatic Psyker Combo)
  • Sliding Slam: Halfway through the Electron Roundhouse Kick combo, Add can choose to extend the combo by continuously punching back and forth after the first kick. (Lunatic Psyker Combo)
  • Warp Smash: Add hits twice with electrical shocks, and he will blink to it and smash it with a blast of energy. (Lunatic Psyker Combo)
  • Static Geyser: Add dashes forward with a frequency hit while teleporting behind targets, then pulls back slightly and kicks up quick bursts of electrical energy. (Lunatic Psyker Combo)
  • Plasma Lasers: Add does a single frequency hit that lets him spin around in the air, then fires 5 plasma lasers in an arc shaped fan. (Lunatic Psyker Combo)
  • Dynamo Configuration - Pylon: Add creates Pylons that give beneficial effects to nearby allies. Effects are linked with a electromagnetic beam and responds when there are within 1000 radius. Enemy is not stunned on contact with the beam. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Conqueror: Add uses the Dynamos to generate a massive energy cannon that fires 12 energy shots. If used in Dynamo Configuration Mode, the Dynamos will fire a huge energy blast. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Body of Transcendence:
  • Energy Shock: Add unleashes over-charged energy inside the dynamo. All enemies hit by this attack have their speed decreased. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Psychic Storm: Add compress plasma and creates a vortex of destructive energy while surrounding himself with plasma. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • EMP Shock: Add severely damages surrounding enemies by creating a powerful electric pulse field. The target's powers will enter cooldown after being hit. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Psionic Beat: Add fires 3 psionic energy blasts that bounces through targets. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Nasod Armor Mode - Full Burst: Add uses the Nasod Armor most effectively. Upon casting, a shockwave will deal damage to nearby enemies. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Quicksilver Accel: Add flashes forward with enormous speed, pulling enemies in and executing an attack combo. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Output Exchange: Add passively receives enhancements in Magical Attack Power. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Dooms Day: Add collects Plasma to the highest energy peak level and set it off for a massive explosion. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Psion Rush: Add unleashes a surge of energy to hit targets three times. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Awakened Will: Lunatic Psyker:
  • Dynamo Configuration: Railgun: Add fires a high speed projectile through a powerful magnetic field. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Quicksilver Strike: Add creates a magnetic field ahead of him to lift up the target before attacking them with a combo. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Amplify Energy:
  • Supersonic: Add attacks with quick, repetitive strikes to the enemy ahead and give a final blow. Repetitive strikes give damage in proportion to the current durability of the enemy and the final blow will ignore enemies' defense by 100%. (Lunatic Psyker Skill)
  • Static Kick: Add hits the enemy with an electrical shock and creates a mid-ranged electric shock and performs an electrified back kick. (Doom Bringer Combo)
  • Ground Smash Geyser: After Add fires a particle blasts in midair, he smashes down vertically with.a burst of electric geysers. (Doom Bringer Combo)
  • Plasma Burst: Add causes an enormous explosion by forming a high-density plasma circuit. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • Blood Boil:
  • Enhanced Plasma:
  • Symmetric Identity: Add creates an alter ego of himself out of electricity that has the same power. Sweep enemy's line with a pincer attack. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] Dynamo Configuration - Dissolver: Add creates a round energy field to attack surrounding enemies. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] Quake Buster: Add fires 2 energy shots below and cause a series of explosion that move in both directions. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] Pulse Cannon: Add fires 2-3 pulse cannons. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] Stasis Field: Add emits an electrostatic field. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] Conqueror: Add uses the Dynamos to generate a massive energy field that will create chain explosions. If used in Dynamo Configuration Mode, it will fire a huge energy blast after creating the field. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] Psychic Storm: Add compresses plasma and creates a vortex of destructive energy while surrounding himself with plasma. Dynamo Configuration Mode increases the number of hits and increases the range. (Doom Bringer Skill)
  • [Mod A] EMP Shock: Add creates a powerful electric pulse that severely damages surrounding enemies and cause a back blast. (Doom Bringer Skill)

Key: Psychic Tracer | Lunatic Psyker/Transcendence | Doom Bringer


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