I will absolutely never forgive anybody who obstructs Master Yaorochi's happiness...
~ Saragimaru


Adagumo no Saragimaru is a youkai born from the eye of Yamata no Orochi, alongside many other siblings, each born from a part of his body after he was betrayed and dismembered by his allies. Saragimaru was the youngest of their siblings. Along with their siblings, Saragimaru avenged his death, though in the process, nearly all of them died, save for Saragimaru and one of their elder siblings, Yaorochi. With no one left, Saragimaru clung to Yaorochi and began to idolize them, while Yaorochi never particularly liked them. Their relationship worsened to the point that Yaorochi ultimately cut them down with Tasouken, destroying their relationship in the process.

Despite this, Saragimaru continued to follow and support Yaorochi from the shadows, protecting them from harm and commissioning Sukune Katano to create a shell for Tasouken's essence to be transferred into. Fearful of Yaorochi's rejection, they never picked it up, and it was eventually found by Yaorochi. However, by this time, knowing Yaorochi's nature and the power of Tasouken, Saragimaru had grown to regret their decision, but the incident was resolved and Tasouken lost most of its power due to being moved into a sword-shaped bottle opener.

Later, Saragimaru was blackmailed by Kuroji Shitodo into acting as their servant.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: Adagumo no Saragimaru, "Salami"

Origin: Len'en Project

Age: Hundreds of years old

Gender: No canon gender

Classification: Orochi

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Danmaku, Flight, Cloud Manipulation, Longevity or Immortality (Type 1)

Attack Potency: City level (Fought against Yabusame / Tsubakura / Kuroji after they fought and defeated Unsealed Lumen. Gathered clouds from across Mugenri).

Speed: Supersonic (Comparable to Tsubakura, who can fly up to 2600 kilometers per hour, which is around Mach 2, and can weave through danmaku at such speeds).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: City Class

Durability: City level

Stamina: High.

Range: Extended melee range, tens of meters with Danmaku, higher with their control over clouds (gathered clouds from across Mugenri).

Standard Equipment: A sword and a naginata.

Intelligence: Due to being born from Orochi's eye, Saragimaru is very knowledgeable. Due to their knowledge, they're able to properly use Tasouken and know how to draw upon its full power, which even Yaorochi doesn't know, but they cannot master it.

Weaknesses: None notable.



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