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Loci of Acceptance

When nine and nine meet nine, the depths of reason shall stir.
When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like thunder shall sound, and thou shalt know—we have arrived.
~ Ace


Ace is a member of Class Zero and the main representative of Final Fantasy Type-0. An orphaned boy, Ace was taken in by Dr. Arecia-Al-Recia as a part of her experiment to create and nurture the 12 loci who will become Agito, messianic saviors of the world and those who will open Etro's Gate.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B, possibly 4-A | 2-A

Name: Ace

Origin: Final Fantasy Type-0

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Human, Loci of Acceptance, Agito Cadet, Class Zero Member | Vermillion Bird L'cie | Rursan Arbiter

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (Expertly trained with a deck of cards),Subjective Reality (Magic[1],in it's basest form[1] is projecting one's inner[2] mind onto reality[3], and is powered by intelligence and mental strength[4]), Age Manipulation,Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), and Space-Time Manipulation (Magic is shown in the novels to remove concepts and warp space and time itself,[5] like the Devil's road, which the concept of time was lost,[6] and time and space were twisted to the point[7] the past, present and future[8] existed as one[9]), Non-Physical Interaction (Magic as a whole is shown to affect a wide variety of different beings, from intangible/immaterial beings to non corporeal beings, to abstract concepts like Chronodia, who's the flow of time itself [10], to Nonexistent beings like Exdeath and Cloud of Darkness), Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic; Both Fire and Blizzard spells and their higher levels are stated to affect the electrons of the target s to create fire or ice, [11]with the latter being capable of bypassing durability in the process[11]), Fire Manipulation (Via Firaga), Ice Manipulation (via Blizzaga), Electricity Manipulation (via Thundaga), Healing (via Curaga), Poison Manipulation (via Bio), Air Manipulation (via Tornado), Earth Manipulation (via Quake), Holy Manipulation and Petrification (via Holy), Invisibility (via Inviga), Purification Type 3 (via Esunaga), Resurrection (via Raise, Reraise, and Undying Will), Instinctive Reaction (via Avoid), Corrosion Inducement (The Poison spell is stated to Corrode the target[11]), Forcefield Creation (via Wall), Power Modification (Including Duplication, Fusionism, Statistics Amplification (several spells and items increase stats, can become more powerful through absorbing Phantoma), Size Manipulation, Homing Attack, Danmaku, Aura, Breath Attack, and Energy Manipulation, Magic users across the games have consistently shown the ability to manipulate the shape and properties of their own magical abilities, with even higher tiers of spells simply being considered stronger versions of the same basic ability), Law Manipulation (Magic is stated to rewrite[4] the natural order of things[5]), Statistics Amplification (via Trance, Aura, and Protect which all enhance various stats), Energy Manipulation, Absorption, Death Manipulation (via Death, Kill Fire, and Odin), Absolute Zero (via Shiva), Darkness Manipulation, Dream Manipulation and Gravity Manipulation  (via Diabolos who can invade dreams and alter memories), Soul Manipulation (Class Zero is capable of absorbing the souls of their enemies called Phantoma), Negative Status Effect Inducement (via Hell Thunder), Summoning (Can Summon Eidolons and Meteors), Durability Negation (via Flux Blizzard, deals damage in proportion to enemy health and Ultima), Time Stop (via Stop) Resistance to Fire Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation and Pain Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Time Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Law Manipulation (Resists magic, which can rewrite[4] the natural order of things[5]), Mind Manipulation, Power Nullification (The Original 12 members of Class Zero do not rely on a connection to the crystal and utilize Phantoma instead.), Absolute Zero (Can withstand the Shiva Class's Presence and their aura, including their Diamond and Crystal Dust), Subjective Reality, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) and Space-Time Manipulation (resists magic, which has these effects)

All previous abilities greatly enhanced in addition to Flight, Power Bestowal (l'Cie can bestow their phantoma onto others), Immortality (Types 1 and 2, l'Cie do not age and unless they enter crystal stasis, will remain alive such as Quin'Mi who was fused to the land after being caught in the Ultima Bomb at Lorica), Possibly Sealing (Fellow l'Cie had sealed away the Dracobaltians in Naraku), Resistance to Memory Manipulation (no longer affected by the crystals ability to remove memories of the dead) and Power Nullification (The Crystal Jammer has no effect on l'cie and can utilize Phantoma as a power source instead)

All Previous abilities even further enhanced, Summoning(Can summon the Rursus to fight alongside him[12]), Law Manipulation (Can assign tasks to his target that must be completed or result in their death and can forcefully fail them[12]), Soul Destruction, Healing Negation and Regeneration Negation (The Rursus are stated to destroy and absorb Phantoma with their attacks, leaving Akademia without the ability to heal) Regeneration (Low-Godly. The Rursus are stated to be able to regenerate so long as their Phantoma is still intact[12], Soul Manipulation (Can absorb souls from afar or even a touch[12]), Teleportation, Limited Invulnerability (The Magic of the Vermillion Bird Crystal is useless against The Rursus[12])

Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation (Via Zalera, the Death Serpah, who was going to absorb the souls of every living being on the planet), Corruption & Body Puppetry (Due to their light, Warriors of Materia can dispel attempts to control them), Empathic Manipulation, and Madness Manipulation (Type 3; Resistant to the effects of the True Moon, which is capable of affecting the hearts and minds of all living beings on the planet[3]), Gravity Manipulation (Unaffected by the gravitational pull of the True Moon, which even the Lunar Whale couldn't escape from[3]), Spatial Manipulation, Deconstruction, and BFR (Can withstand the attacks of Atomos, who manipulates space[3], crush enemies down to a molecular level[14], and can warp them into another dimension[14]), Extreme Cold and Cosmic Radiations (Can fight and survive on the moon), Absolute Zero (Can survive Shiva's ice attacks[15], including Diamond Dust) {

Hellfire Manipulation (Via Ifrit, Phoenix, Rubicante, and Marilith), Ice Manipulation and Absolute Zero and Duplication (Via Shiva who's Ice and aura are stated to reach Absolute Zero including her Diamond Dust, Shiva can duplicate herself[15]), Water Manipulation (via Kraken, Cagnazzo, and Leviathan), Necromancy (Via Lich), Spatial Manipulation, Deconstruction, and BFR (via Atomos, who manipulates space[3], crush enemies down to a molecular level[14], and can warp them into another dimension[14]), Death Manipulation and Space-Time Manipulation (Via Odin, who's Zantetsuken instantly kills an enemy and opens a rift in space time to take their remains[16]), Matter Manipulation and Radiation Manipulation (via Megaflare, which is stated[17] numerous times to be a nuclear power[18]), Attack Reflection (via Carbuncle), Poison Manipulation and Corrosion Inducement (The Poison status effect, which is also stated to corrode the target[11]), Darkness Manipulation and Perception Manipulation (The darkness status ailment via various equipment, which would render the target blind[19]), Power Nullification (The Silence status, which would render the target's ability to use magic null), and Petrification (Via Malboro's Bad Breath), Resurrection (Phoenix can revive fallen party members), Light Manipulation and Holy Manipulation (Via Alexander), Explosion Manipulation and Self-Destruction (Via Bomb), Healing (Via Sylph and Asura), Earth Manipulation (Via Titan), BFR (via Typhon), Soul Manipulation (Via Zalera the Death Seraph, who was going to absorb all souls on the planet[20])

Attack Potency: Planet level, possibly Multi-Solar System level (Can defeat the Rursus who can give Zhuyu trouble) | Planet level, possibly Multi-Solar System level (Far stronger than before, as a Primus l'cie should be as powerful or more so than Lord Zhuyu) | Planet level, possibly Multi-Solar System level (Should be more powerful than his Rursus, who were able to contend with Lord Zhuyu and End-Game Class Zero, killed all of Class Zero and the player character in the 1st iteration of the Spiral, should be comparable to or somewhat weaker than Gala who was able to create a starry sky within the core of Pandaemonium [21]) | Multiverse level+ (Imbued by the gods during the cycles. Participated in the defeat of Shinryu and decisively defeated Machina in combat)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Can dodge the Dainsfeld's lasers while enhanced by Quin'Mi) | Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with the Warriors of Materia such as Cloud Strife and keeps pace with Shinryu)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Immeasurable (Superior to Neo Exdeath and Enuo)

Striking Strength: Planet Class, possibly Multi-Solar System Class | Planet Class, possibly Multi-Solar System Class | Planet Class, possibly Multi-Solar System Class | Multiversal+

Durability: Planet level, possibly Multi-Solar System level | Planet level, possibly Multi-Solar System level | Planet level, possibly Multi-Solar System level | Multiverse level+

Stamina: Superhuman (Is able to complete high priority and lengthy missions without rest) | Superhuman (l'Cie seemingly can fight for days without exhaustion, as fellow l'Cie had fought for six days and seven nights[12]) | Superhuman

Range: Extended Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters to Kilometers with Magic | Extended Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters to Kilometers with Magic, Hundreds of Kilometers via Verboten Eidolons. | Extended Melee Range, Hundreds of Meters to Kilometers with Magic, Planetary with Summoning (Can Summon the Rursus throughout all of Orience)

Standard Equipment: His Cards, Various Supportive Items

Intelligence: High. Was the first member of Class Zero in the 1st Spiral, and is the defacto leader. Is able to keep a cool head in tense, life and death situations and has been training in wartime strategies and battle procedures since he was a child.

Weaknesses: Summoning kills the user, but this can be bypassed with revival magic, abilities, and items | Verboten Eidolons take 6 hours of preparation and 1000s of sacrifices to summon and force the l'Cie into crystal stasis | None Notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic: An ability granted to the citizens of Rubrum by the Vermillion Bird Crystal, they draw power from it, enabling them to use a variety of spells and abilities in various forms.

Cut Cards: Ace utilizes special cards from his deck with various abilities.

Short Stop: Ace draws white cards from his hand to feint an attack and inflict stop on his foes.

▪︎ Long Stop: Ace fires a dark orb that follows his targets and inflicts stop upon impact.

▪︎ Mega Stop: Ace generates an arcane explosion underneath his enemy that inflicts stop.

Burst: Ace draws red cards from his hands and attacks his opponent with a powerful hit.

▪︎ Mega Burst: Ace fires a magic orb at his opponent

▪︎ Giga Burst: Ace generates a massive explosion at his targets location.

HP Charge: Ace draws blue cards from his hand to heal himself.

▪︎ Super HP Charge: Ace heals himself and nearby allies.

▪︎ Mega HP Charge: Ace heals himself and allies for a tremendous amount.

MP Charge: Ace draws yellow cards from his hand to restore his mana.

▪︎ Super MP Charge: Ace restores his own and allies mana.

▪︎ Mega MP Charge: Ace greatly restores his own and allies mana.

Blind Stud: Ace leaves a card as a mine for enemies to trigger for an explosion.

Jackpot Shot: Ace fires a laser forward via 3 cards in his deck. He can also split it into 3 smaller homing beams.

True Jackpot Shot: An even more powerful variant of his Jackpot Shot utilizing all cards in his deck.

Jackpot Triad: Ace fires 3 Jackpot Shots in multiple directions.

Wild Card: Ace teleports to the location of his card.

Rifle: The standard spell type, it fires directly in front of the caster with; far, but narrow range and the ability to pierce through enemies.

Shotgun: A type that has; wide range but lower distance than the rifle type, it is powerful at close range but overall weaker than the rifle type.

Bomb: Effective at Close Range, this spell type creates a spread of whatever element around the user.

Missile: This type has homing capabilities and expands in accordance to its surroundings.

Rocket Launcher: This type is aimed overhead and results in an explosion once detonated.

Firaga: Ace releases a blast of flames to incinerate his foe.

 ▪ Kill Fire: A variation of the original Fire Spell that causes instant death.

Blizzaga: Ace fires shards of ice to Freeze and pierce his foe.

Flux Blizzard: A variation of the original Blizzard spell that ignores durability in proportion to the enemies health.

Thundaga: Ace discharges a blast of electricity to electrocute her target.

Hell Thunder: A variation of the original Thunder spell that causes multiple status effects to the target.

Aloud: A spell that fires a 180° cone of magic bullets in front of the user.

Bio: Ace sends a poison inducing wave around his person.

Death: Ace fires a wisp of magic that inflicts death.

Holy: The user fires a white sphere of holy energy that homes in on the target and turns them to stone on contact.

Meteor: Ace activates a Glyph in the sky to summon meteors overhead in a wide radius.

Quake: Ace shatters the ground over a large range.

Tornado: Ace generates a tornado that persists after his targets.

Ultima III: Ace utterly engulfs his target in a powerful magical explosion with them in the epicenter alongside paralyzing and inflicting stop.

Avoid: Ace automatically expend magic in order to automatically dodge enemy attacks.

Wall: Ace generates an energy barrier to withstand projectiles, beings can still enter it however.

Protect: Ace casts a spell on himself and allies that halves incoming physical damage.

Inviga: Ace renders himself invisible to his foe, the spell will wear off once successfully attacked however.

Curaga: Ace heals himself and allies of any damage taken.

Regen: Ace casts a spell that allows his and allies to constantly regenerate their wounds.

Esunaga: Ace cures himself and allies of any status effects.

Raise: The user revives the target from death.

Reraise II: The user casts a spell that will enable themselves and allies to revive from death automatically.

Full Cure II: The user casts a spell that can fully restore themselves and allies HP and MP and cures them of any status effects.

Full Magic II: The user casts a spell that enables them and allies to use magic with impunity, doubles their magic's strength and grants them Haste.

Boost II: The user casts a spell that doubles their strength, casts protect and invisible on themselves and allies.

Eidolons: Beings from Valhalla, the military of the Dominion relies on them as equal to siege weapons, in return for their summons, the Eidolons require their life force to be summoned albeit the Eidolon can choose to revive the would-be summoner if they were dead. Dr. Arecia however has developed special eidolons that will not result in the summoner's death, exclusive for Class Zero's use alone.

Ifrit-Class: Ifrit Class eidolons are considered wild and powerful, using fire elemental attacks.

Shiva-Class: Shiva Class eidolons are fast and nimble, using ice based attacks on the battlefield.

Golem-Class: Golem Class eidolons are sturdy and possess high defense, they are blessed with Earth Elemental attacks

Odin-Class: Odin Class eidolons are special in the fact the summoner does not need to give their life to summon them, they are capable of instant death abilities and cutting swathes of enemies in their wake.

Diabolos-Class: Diabolos Class eidolons excel in gravity and darkness based attacks and sap the life from their enemies, with their strongest attacks even surpassing the firepower of the Bahamut Class eidolons, given time.

Bahamut-Class: Bahamut Class eidolons are the most powerful class of normal eidolons excelling in all fronts alongside their powerful Mega Flare and Giga Flare attacks.

Verboten Eidolons: Eidolons only capable of being summoned by l'cie, these eidolons even surpass l'cie in strength, albeit their charge time and cost leave them unfit for constant use, as in order to summon a verboten eidolon, it costs the lives of 1000s of summoners and the l'cie themselves, forcing them into crystal stasis.

▪︎ Alexander: A Verboten Eidolon in the form of an enormous castle, it's holy rays are so powerful it can wipe out a army in a second, even a L'cie has difficulty defending from it.

▪︎ Leviathan: A Verboten Eidolon in the form of a sea serpent, it's Tsunami was powerful enough to repel the forces of Concordia single handedly.

▪︎ Ramuh: A Verboten Eidolon in the form of a wise sage, his Judgement Bolt is powerful enough to overpower a L'Cie.

▪︎ Knights Of The Round: Verboten Eidolon in the shape of 13 30 Meter tall Knights in Red Armor, their power was enough to wipe out the forces of The Imperial Army at Battle of Big Bridge.

Hi-Potion: Restores 100% of the users HP.

X-Potion: Restores 100% of the party's HP.

Ether: Restores 100% of the users MP.

Remedy: Relieves the user of all staus ailments.

Mega Remedy: Relieves the party's of all status ailments

Elixer: Restores 100% of the users HP and MP.

Megalixer: Restores 100% of the party's HP and MP.

Fortified Ration: A Militessi ration that restores 50% of the users HP and grants them aura, increasing their strength.

Strength Serum: A Militessi serum that grants the user aura, boosting their strength.

Support Serum: A Militessi serum that grants aura to the entire party, boosting their strength.

Argentum Medica: Concordian supplies that restores 100% of the users HP and grants regen.

Aurum Medica: Concordian supplies that restores 100% of the users HP and MP and cures all status ailments.

Draco Medica: Concordian supplies that restores 100% of the users HP and MP and grants invincibility.

Phoenix Down: Ressurects dead party members

Phoenix Pinion: Casts Reraise on party members, reviving them upon death.

Teleport Stone: Allows the user to safely teleport away from danger.

Argentic Hourglass: Allows the user to turn back time by one day.

Rigid Scaleskin: Scales from a monster that grants protect.

Thick Hide: Sturdy Monster pelt that grants endure.

Fire Shard: A fragment brimming with flames, granting aura.

Ice Shard: A fragment brimming with ice, granting protect.

Lightning Shard: A fragment brimming with lightning, granting quick.

Light Feather: Feather Tinged with magic that grants freecast.

Fury Bristle: Whisker from a belligerent monster that grants aura.

Tree Sap: Tree Sap packed with nutrients that grants regen.

Insect Oil: Secretion from a poisonous insect that cures all ailments.

Pretty Pelt: A beautiful pelt that grants protect and aura.

Flan Ooze: Oil filled with magical power that grants Trance and Quick.

Bomb Core: Organ said to contain the soul of a bomb that grants Trance and Quick.

Turtle Shell: Shell from an adamantoise that grants Shell and Protect.

Dragon Fang: Sharp tooth found on wild dragons that grants Quick and Freecast.

Cactuar Spine: Needle from the famous Cactuar that grants Quick.

Anima Lantern: Lantern governing life and death that grants reraise.

Beast Flesh: Meat bursting with magical energy that restores 100% hp and mp and grants Trance.

Key: Base | Vermillion l'Cie Ace | Judge Ace | Dissidia


Notable Victories:

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


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