The Acceptable Content Rating Scale is a tool of measurement used to define what material is acceptable to be hosted on the site. As this website is a place for people of all ages, user discretion is advised when viewing verses with these ratings attached.

Rating Scale

Level 1: Suggestive - Verses with excessive fan service. While not overtly sexual, verses may depict scenes or show images not suitable for a younger audience.

Examples: Fairy Tail, Shin Megami Tensei, Some Marvel and DC storylines

Level 2: Mild - Verses with mild sexual content. Images depicted may include completely topless scenes with females and some very suggestive scenes. However, such images are not allowed to be featured in the wiki, as it violates Fandom's terms of service.

Examples: High School DxD, God of War

Level 3: Explicit - Verses with shown or heavily descriptive sexual conduct. Said sexual content is not the main focus of the material and is usually part of a greater overall plot. Such content would be akin to an R-rated movie; restricted to mature audiences, but for wholly artistic endeavors.

Examples: A Song of Ice and Fire, American Gods, Nasuverse, The Witcher, Devilman

Level 4: Extreme - Verses that have high sexual content as the main focus of the material. Such verses are pornographic in nature and strictly unsuitable for the wiki. The majority of the media content is sexual for verses that fall under this rating.

Examples: Many hentai series.

It should be noted that material that falls under the first three levels of the scale is acceptable to be hosted on the site, under the condition that none of their explicit imagery or power-sets are placed in their profiles. Level 4 content is strictly not allowed on our website regardless of omission of explicit imagery.

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