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Having removed its heavy shell, it becomes very light and can fight with ninja-like movements.
~ White Pokedex entry
He knows the loneliness of running, but he keeps running. He is fighting against something in his mind, but no one knows what he is fighting against.
~ PokéPark Pad entry

617 Accelgor Shiny.png
Having removed its heavy shell, it becomes very light and can fight with ninja-like movements.
~ White Pokedex entry
He knows the loneliness of running, but he keeps running. He is fighting against something in his mind, but no one knows what he is fighting against.
~ PokéPark Pad entry


Accelgor (Japanese: アギルダー Agilder) is a Bug-type Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Black and White. His aspect resembles a ninja.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 7-A

Name: Accelgor

Origin: Pokémon

Gender: Varies (50% male, 50% female)

Age: Varies

Classification: Bug-type Pokémon and Shell Out Pokémon.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Stealth Mastery, Life Force Absorption (Via Leech Life, Absorb, Mega Drain and Giga Drain), Healing (Via Leech Life, Recover, Absorb, Mega Drain and Giga Drain), Non-Physical Interaction, Acid Manipulation (Via Acid, Acid Spray and Acid Armor), Damage Reflection (Via Bide), Possible Curse Manipulation (Via Curse), Statistics Amplification (Via Curse, Acid Armor, Guard Swap, Power Swap, Double Team and Agility), Statistics Reduction (Via Acid, Struggle Bug, Bug Buzz, Acid Spray and Mud-Slap), Statistics Manipulation (Via Guard Split), Damage Boost (Via Pursuit), Sleep Manipulation (Via Yawn), Forcefield Creation (Via Protect), Regeneration (Low-High), Biological Manipulation (Accelgor alters its cellular structure to liquefy itself), Body Control (Accelgor to prevent dehydration, it wraps itself in many layers of thin membrane), Elemental Intangibility (Via Acid Armor), Sound Manipulation (Via Bug Buzz), Status Effect Inducement (Via Yawn, Body Slam, Encore and Toxic Spikes), Power Nullification (Via Encore), Can prevent its defeat via Endure, Feint bypasses Shields, Instinctive Reaction and Precognition, Earth Manipulation (Via Mud-Slap and Spikes), Can read minds (Via Mind Reader), Poison Manipulation (Via Toxic Spikes), Darkness Manipulation (Via Pursuit), Weapon Mastery and Water Manipulation (Via Water Shuriken), Duplication and Afterimage Creation (Via Double Team), Homing Attack (Via Swift), Power Mimicry and possible Precognition (Via Me First), Immunity to Status Effects when it's raining, Resistance to Fighting, Grass and Ground moves, Possible Resistance to Mind Manipulation (Accelgor constantly fights something in his mind), Dynamax

Attack Potency: Large Mountain level+ (Comparable to Alakazam and Abomasnow)

Speed: FTL (Comparable to other Fully-Evolved Pokémon, such as Poliwrath, described as an extremely fast pokémon)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Should be comparable to other fully evolved pokemon such as Charizard)

Striking Strength: Large Mountain Class+

Durability: Large Mountain level+

Stamina: Superhuman (The average pokemon is hardwired for battle and can go on fighting for lots of time despite being injured. Capable of spending a day on foot while fighting hordes of enemies in mystery dungeons with little to no breaks)

Range: Standard melee range, tens of kilometers with ranged attacks

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Below Average normally (Capable of coherent speech between other Pokémon, a degree of understanding of commands and social situations, and can solve minor puzzles, though still mostly driven by instinct), Gifted in battle (Should be superior to 1st and 2nd stage Pokémon and are able to consistently fight the likes of Machamp which have mastered all martial arts, as well as Alakazam)

Weaknesses: Flying, Rock, and Fire attacks. When its body dries out, it weakens

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Hydration: Status effects inflicted on Accelgor get cured in the rain.
  • Sticky Hold: Items held by Accelgor are stuck fast.
  • Unburden: Accelgor discards anything in his possession to double his speed.


  • Leech Life: Accelgor drains the target's life energy. The HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.
  • Acid: Accelgor sprays the opponent with a harsh, hide melting acid that lowers defense.
  • Bide: Accelgor stores its power, and takes hits. After a short while, all damage it took since it began storing, it releases with double power.
  • Curse: Lower speed in exchange for physical strength and durability.
  • Struggle Bug: Accelgor attacks the opponent with bug powers, lowering the special attack of the target.
  • Absorb: A life-draining attack. The health of Accelgor is restored by half the damage taken by the target.
  • Mega Drain: More powerful version of Absorb.
  • Giga Drain: More powerful version of Mega Drain.
  • Yawn: Accelgor yawns, causing the opponent to yawn, which puts them to sleep shortly.
  • Protect: Accelgor creates a force-field to protect itself.
  • Acid Armor: Accelgor briefly liquefies itself to boost its defense.
  • Body Slam: Accelgor slams the opponent with its body. It can paralyze the target.
  • Bug Buzz: A loud destructive sound created by Accelgor that has a chance of dropping the enemy's durability to non-physical based attacks.
  • Recover: Accelgor heals itself of any damage it may have received by up to half of its maximum health.
  • Guard Swap: Accelgor uses its psychic powers to swap defense and special defense with the opponent.
  • Power Swap: Accelgor uses its psychic powers to swap attack and special attack with the opponent.
  • Final Gambit: Accelgor sacrifices itself to do damage on the opponent based on how close to full power Accelgor was at prior.
  • Endure: Accelgor braces itself, allowing it to tank the next move regardless of what it is.
  • Feint: Accelgor does an attack that can hit through shields and ignores precognition.
  • Mud-Slap: Accelgor whacks the opponent with mud, which does damage and lowers accuracy.
  • Double-Edge: A reckless, life-risking tackle. This also damages Accelgor quite a lot.
  • Guard Split: Accelgor pools the durability of it and the opponent, and divides it equally upon the two. This move homes onto the opponent.
  • Encore: Accelgor grants the opponent the "Encore" status, forcing them into only using the move last used.
  • Pursuit: Accelgor attacks the opponent with dark energy, and does double damage if the opponent attempted to flee.
  • Spikes: Accelgor layers the ground with up to three layers of spikes that damage any who enter or reenter the fight unless they are in the air when they come in.
  • Toxic Spikes: Accelgor lays toxic spikes that inflicts poison on those who steps on them.
  • Baton Pass: Accelgor swaps out of the battle with one of its allies and passes any stat changes it has received to them.
  • Mind Reader: Accelgor looks into the opponent's mind, reading their movements, and locks on to them. The next attack of Accelgor will not miss, even if the opponent gets out of range.
  • Me First: Accelgor takes the move the opponent was about to use, and uses it itself prior to the opponent's execution of it, while somehow making it stronger.
  • Water Shuriken: Accelgor compresses water into the shape of a shuriken and throws it at the target.
  • Acid Spray: Accelgor spits fluid that works to melt the target that harshly lowers defense.
  • Double Team: Accelgor creates illusory copies of itself. This also raises its evasiveness.
  • Quick Attack: Accelgor attempts to blitz the opponent with an incredibly fast tackling move.
  • Swift: Accelgor launches homing stars at the opponent.
  • Agility: Accelgor relaxes and lightens its body to move faster. This raises the Speed stat by 2.
  • U-Turn: Accelgor strikes the opponent and switches out with a teammate.



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