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Accelerated Development is the ability to raise ones statistics and/or abilities at a much faster pace than a normal character in the setting is able to. Users of this ability are able to reap the fruits of their training with far less effort and time than most, with some characters improving their overall power effortlessly.


The types of accelerated development can roughly be categorized by two properties:

Cause of Accelerated Development

  • Training: The character gains increased results from performing training appropriate for raising a statistic or ability.
  • Battle (Formerly called "Reactive Power Level"): This is the ability to rapidly increase one's overall strength or other physical capabilities by engaging in combat, becoming more and more capable over the course of a fight. This ability can grant a significant edge in battle, as users can potentially strengthen themselves to match or exceed opponents that were previously on par with or more powerful than them. It is important to avoid confusing this ability with Reactive Evolution, which allows one to develop new powers and resistances in response to the enemy's attacks, and may encompass this ability as well in the process. By contrast, battle-oriented Accelerated Development does not grant any new abilities, it strictly improves existing ones.
  • Leveling: Usually used in RPG like settings. The character gains more exp than others for performing the same tasks and/or gains larger increases upon leveling up.
  • Passive: The character can train by doing either nothing in particular, only everyday activities or things that they can constantly do at the side during everyday life.
  • Other: Various other causes of accelerated growth are imaginable and should be explained on the profiles if applicable.

As a Saiyan, Caulifla is able to gradually increase her abilities by engaging in combat, slowly adapting to Goku's speed and power and seeing through techniques that initially tricked her as they continue to fight.

Type of Developing Property

  • Physical Statistics: The users strength, speed and/or durability grows at a faster pace than normal. This can be further separated by which of these statistics grow at a faster rate.
  • Intelligence: The users intelligence grows at a rapid pace or it is able to quickly expand its knowledge through its high intelligence.
  • Abilities: The user can learn new skills and abilities, or improve and master them, at a much faster pace than normal.
  • Other: Various other properties could develop at an accelerated rate or only very specific subsets of the above apply. Such cases should be explained on the profiles.


  • A character might have a maximum potential beyond which it can not grow.
  • Training using this ability might be more taxing than normal.
  • The additional increase might happen discontinuously (for example only gaining more points than normal upon level up).



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