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Abyss is the monster at the center of Ground's Nir's Labyrinth, the ultimate lifeform created by the automated factory that has been modeled after humans, the invaders of the Labyrinth, after millions of tests using its Gimmicks and Traps.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: Abyss, Ultimate Weapon

Origin: The Weakness of Beatrice

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Artificial Lifeform, Ultimate Weapon, Doll

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Fire Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Earth Manipulation, Weapon Creation, Can gain EXP from defeating Gimmicks to learn magic, Can absorb parts of broken Gimmicks to copy their powers, Can stop escape magic from working, can use magic so the enemy cannot fully heal from the wounds she causes them, Can use a noise to attract Gimmicks to her location, Can see the elemental weaknesses of her opponents, Can reflect up to 2 Elements at once, limited Mind Manipulation and Telepathy, Flight, Hacking, doesn't need to breathe, can survive in zero-pressure environments, Resistance to Absolute Zero and Soul Manipulation (She lacks a soul)

Attack Potency: City level (Casually knocked down Beatrice, Wildefrau and Hermelina, easily destroys groups of Gimmicks that would be considered instant death by level cappers; nearly killed Boo Boo with three spells, the Sage was worried about fighting her)

Speed: Subsonic with Supersonic+ reactions (Blitzed Beatrice, Wildefrau and other humans at the level cap, can fight Iberian Orcs like Boo Boo, should be at least comparable to the Sage)

Lifting Strength: Class 1

Striking Strength: City Class

Durability: City level (Tanked hits from Boo Boo and attacks from Beatrice, Wildefrau and Hermelina without suffering damage)

Stamina: Likely Very High, capable of casually defeating Iberian Orcs and 4 level cappers, wasn't slowed down after losing an arm

Range: Extended melee range, at least dozens of kilometers with magic/weapons (Comparable to Reject Sky)

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: High, Abyss is designed as the ultimate life form. Despite lacking practical experience, she is capable of quickly learning from anything new, including fighting enemies, and quickly adapts to the strengths and weaknesses of her enemy. After realizing Beatrice and the others were using magic to track her footprints she made a U-turn and approached them while crawling on the ceiling to ambush them. Ultimately understood that her desire to see the outside world would destroy it. Even after being broken she can act as a super computer and simulate complex VR scenarios

Weaknesses: Can only reflect up to 2 elements at once, which she must select, and she only reflects from one direction at a time


“Ground’s Nir, the monster in the ground’s depths. If it fully activates and reaches the surface even once, all animal and plant life clinging to this island will be annihilated. To ensure that doesn’t happen, they monitored the movements of the Labyrinth and, when they sensed the limit approaching, used the full power of their numbers to put a stop to the monster’s birth cries. At the turning points of each age, there were many sacrifices, but that species of heroes continued fighting to protect everyone. That is your true identity.”


“First of all, the island of Ground’s Nir itself is a giant armory. The life forms on the surface may have arrived to the island later and settled there, or you may be the descendants of life that formed here naturally. I do not know why the original Ground’s Nir wants to rise to the surface. But this island and the Labyrinth exist for it. To put it another way, once the ultimate weapon is complete, the factory is no longer needed. With its role complete, the facility will probably hand over all of its energy to the completed product and the armory itself will be reused as giant armor or a giant engine. In other words, the island will cease to be an island. It will no longer be an environment that can support life on its surface.”


But at the same time, the Sage had mentioned a duty and raison d'être for the Iberian Orcs that Boo Boo had been unaware of. They had carefully monitored the movements of the Labyrinth and worked together to stop the monster in its depths when it was nearing completion.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - The Iberian Orc tribe acted as gatekeepers that regularly entered the Labyrinth to destroy Abyss before it was completed. If it reached the surface everything on the island would die as it would cease to be capable of supporting life

“Unlike in the past, the Iberian Orc village has not kept up its numbers. If the monster appears now, no one can stop it. As things are, there is a 100% chance all life on the island will be annihilated. We must stop that no matter what.”


And if they could believe the information estimated from the burned remains of documents that Boo Boo had pasted to the wall, the Sage planned to become an “even greater monster” than Ground’s Nir by fully controlling Lorelei which gave its wielder power in exchange for assured ruin.


She seemed to have made a major change in policy from when she had remained hidden in the underside of the world, but that likely meant she did not have time to bother with that anymore. The monster was closer to completion than she had anticipated, so she wanted to increase everyone’s odds of survival by attacking it from multiple angles. That was what she had told Boo Boo, but it could be summed up as follows:

I might not succeed.

So it’s a relief to know there’s some insurance in case I fail.

She might be unable to defeat the monster even with Lorelei.

She might fail to control Lorelei and go on a rampage.

She might defeat the monster with Lorelei but become some kind of imaginable calamity afterwards.

In the end, she did not have all the answers despite talking like she did. She had only blindly made it this far.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - The Sage considered that without the Iberian Orc tribe Abyss could not be defeated, not even her would be able to win without acquiring more power, such as fully controlling Lorelei, and she wasn't sure that would be enough

“Ground’s Nir – Abyss. Beginning final physical test.”

It was like a sharp blade slicing through a thin membrane.

Something seemed to turn red.

And once the closed eyes opened wide, they encountered the end.




What had happened?


For a while, Beatrice did not understand. By the time she had heard a thick glass container breaking and a viscous liquid bursting out, a terrible impact had passed through her entire body and slammed her into the giant monitors on the wall.

She could just barely move her eyes enough to see that Filinion, Armelina, Wildefrau, and Boo Boo were in a similar state. They lay against the wall or on the floor, like a powerful storm had blown through.

And Abyss was nowhere to be seen.

She had already left the deepest area.


She still had trouble breathing after her back slammed into the wall, but she had to get moving. Beatrice unsteadily pulled herself from the nonfunctioning monitor and once more stood on her own two feet within the Labyrinth.


They were up against an incarnation of violence who was powerful enough to brush aside 4 level cappers and an Iberian Orc. If they hoped to stop her, they could not repeat that foolishness.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Easily blows past Beatrice's party after awakening

Something like a giant boot stuck full of swords and spears hopped about.

There was what looked like the remains of a carnivorous dinosaur that continually self-destructed and regenerated because it could not maintain its form.

A rundown life-size French doll wandered around in search of parts.

“Wait, wait, wait. The instant death Punishment ones that show up when you stay in one place for an hour pale in comparison to this lineup. The enemies get this bad when you’re this deep?”


As expected, Beatrice’s group was ignored and the many Gimmicks gathered around Abyss who was just about to leave the organ plaza. This was the same method used to kill a rival. They could not let their guard down since each of these Gimmicks was equivalent to the extraordinary Punishment variety, but stopping Abyss took priority.


It was like scoring a strike in bowling.

With a pleasant noise, the exceptional Gimmicks were scattered across the floor.

Even from a distance, it was unclear what had happened.

They had just barely managed to see Abyss swing a hand horizontally, but the length of her arm and the range of the attack did not match.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Easily kills a group of powerful Gimmicks with one blow

“Deadly Sugar Boot, Food Destruction Fang, Eternal Doll, and Alarm of Calamity defeated. Battle complete. Abyss earned 98,000 Experience Points.”


Odd mechanical noises followed.

At some point, a large metal wheel had appeared on Abyss’s back. It was attached to her shoulder blades by two supports and the exterior edge of the wheel seemed to extend to attach to the wreckage of the smashed Gimmicks. It grabbed them as if with 3 thick fingers. They were like crude arms structured like a standing lamp or like angel wings made from heavy weaponry. The red light on the outer edge of her ankles combined with the black fabric over her shapely legs looked something like a dolphin or orca’s tail. She was like a transcendent being that ruled over land, sea, and sky.''

As a final touch, an entirely unfamiliar pattern appeared above her head.

It hovered above her silver hair like an angel’s halo, but it was…a magic circle???

With a static electric hum, the lines on her clothing filled with red and a red warning triangle appeared directly on her skin below her chest. Her metal ears opened up into the three pieces with red light spread between them like sails.

“Abyss has learned new Magic. Metal Jet: standby.”

“Oh, no! Take cover!!”

Like with a 3D printer, it may have been too much for the world once it gained physical form. Just as they all pressed against the floor or walls, several orange beams sliced through the air and filled the entire space like laser art. The thick water tanks were sliced through and the giant, dark red organs inside burst out.


“Abyss has learned new Magic. Rail Magnum, Big Bomb, Aero Gatling: standby.”

“Is she an unmanned weapon that learns Magic by defeating Gimmicks!?”

“Boo. Just like all of you.”

That outside perspective sent a chill down Beatrice’s spine. What if this was why Abyss had chosen to travel through the complex Labyrinth instead of using the direct central shaft? What would happen if that strongest weapon continually cannibalized the lower Gimmicks, stole their Experience Points, and limitlessly learned Magic?

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Abyss can earn EXP and use it to learn magic like humans do, as she was designed after them

She used Metal Jet. An attack like an orange laser beam scorched the air and struck the Gimmick standing next to Abyss. It looked like a large alarm clock.

The Alarm of Calamity was not that powerful on its own, but it was well-known for its devious strategy of calling in all the surrounding Gimmicks with an ear-splitting din.


Abyss was already gone.

And they heard a deafening fire alarm from the next floor up.

Wildefrau spoke the worst possibility.

“…Curse her. Did she steal the Alarm of Calamity’s parts so she could gather the Gimmicks to herself!?”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Abyss can reuse the abilities of Gimmick parts she steals, such as the Alarm of Calamity's trait of attracting other Gimmicks to its location

Just as they forced themselves to take the first step along the path of glowing footprints, they heard a creaking sound from overhead.

Beatrice looked up without thinking and there she saw it.

At some point, the monster named Abyss had approached them while clinging to the ceiling on all fours.


“She’s already learned we were following her footprints and used it against us!?”

When simply following the footprints, it was hard to notice when you were directly under attack. And instead of just making a U-turn, she had clung to the ceiling to avoid making any more footprints while also approaching her pursuers from a blind spot as they focused on the floor.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Realizing the group was tracking her footprints, Abyss turned around and approached them by crawling on the ceiling

The crude arms attached to the metal wheel on her back were holding all sorts of heavy weaponry, blades, and even a pile bunker.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Weapons

The red Holy Swordswoman was still frozen in place, so Boo Boo pushed her with his leg in something a lot like a kick. Immediately, Abyss dropped down. She grabbed at the floor with all fours and flapped her incredibly sinister wings.

Boo Boo was defenseless after protecting someone he cared for and several targeting sights appeared on him as red dots. The halo-like magic circle gave off a much more violent light.

“Abyss is using Magic. Machine Spike, Flying Guillotine, Crater Lance: standby.”

“Boo Boo!?”

Beatrice screamed his name as blood sprayed mercilessly out.

A metal spike thicker than a sword, a circular blade that rapidly rotated as it flew, and a metal javelin heavier than iron all tore into his nearly four meter body. The momentum of the attacks slammed his back into the wall and Abyss prepared to make further attacks.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Attacks Boo Boo with Magic

A magic circle danced out from the cross-shaped sword on her chest and she summoned a giant lantern shield made of thick ice along with the Zweihänder sword held by its thick hands. She swung down that super heavy attack.

Abyss said nothing.

She leaped back to avoid the initial attack and then used the heavy weaponry wings on her back to forcibly hold the giant sword from either side.

It was a lot like grabbing a sword between your hands, but that was not how those arms were meant to be used. She failed to synchronize their timing and her body tilted down from the right shoulder.

But she was unharmed.

Her beautiful eyes mechanically focused.

The walls whispered.

“Increasing importance of Water Element Magic. Adjusted importance will be reflected in Magic learning choices.”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Unharmed by Wildefrau slashing her with her ice Zweihander

The Ice Waterfall Princess no longer held back.

She released the leather belts binding her body and drew the sealed sword from its scabbard. The magic circle on the sword exploded, releasing an absolute zero vacuum that froze even the components of the air.


“She isn’t…stopping!?”

“Well, she is completely inorganic. It makes sense she can keep moving even inside pseudo outer space! But she should still flash-freeze at -273 degrees. Beatrice!!”

Yes, if things went well, they might be able to crack her sturdy armor using a massive temperature change.

“! Fire Throw!!”

The magic circle on her back glowed and flames scattered from her sweeping rapier, but she missed.

Abyss had already reached the next floor up.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Shrugs off Wildefragu's absolute zero slash, she is able to to move while being frozen at -273 degrees, an as an inorganic being she doesn't need to breathe and can survive in outer space-like environments

The White Witch held below his arm was right. She had used a healing potion on him, but his wounds were not entirely closed. He was only been slightly better off than instant death. It was true potions healed less and less as the body built up a resistance to them, but it was happening too quickly. Abyss may have used some kind of Magic that obstructed the healing.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Abyss can use Magic to obstruct healing

Everything was a new experience to that ultimate weapon. The data gathered by her various sensors were converted into actual “points” in the blink of an eye and she used those to learn new Magic.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Has various kinds of sensors

“Helf!! Nooo!! How ish it cansheling our eshcafe Magiiiic!?”

The second they set foot on that floor, screams and shouts pummeled their eardrums.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Can cancel escape magic

“I don’t know what’s going on, but that thing’s using the same tech as the Divulging Eyeball! It can see your Elemental Weakness, so be careful!!”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Absorbed tech from the Divulging Eyeball Gimmick that lets her see the enemy's Elemental Weakness

Wind roared passed them like when a train passed through a subway station. Abyss had new armor and boosters which she used to charge toward Beatrice. Boo Boo threw an all-out kick at her from the side. Her path changed at a right angle and she noisily crashed into the wall.


Abyss was unharmed. Not even the long ears spread out like red glowing sails were scratched.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Has boosters that she can use to fly. Shrugs off being smashed into a wall by Boo Boo

Fire and ice. Opposing magic circles glowed and a thick barrage of multiple Elements flew in from a distance.


“Reflection: Abyss selects the Water Element for her reflection setting.”


Their own attack was sent right back toward them. And with a curtain of explosive flames obscuring their surroundings, it took longer to notice than it should have.


The metal wheel positioned behind her back still had its crude arms and heavy weaponry spread out like angel wings, but she now had additional floating armor that resembled long, transparent shields on the front of her legs.

“It isn’t just the eyeball monster. Did she also cannibalize the Crystal Pillar of Regret!?”

“More importantly, Beatrice, keep your hands moving! With your Magic…”

“Reflection: Abyss selects the Fire Element for her reflection setting.”


“…!! Metal Jet!!”

“Ah, wait, Beatrice!!”

Filinion’s warning was too late.


As soon as the orange lines of heat struck the tall shields in front of her legs, they reflected every which way. Boo Boo grabbed nearby Wildefrau’s waist and dove to the floor.


Stopping Abyss was crucial, but the shields in front of her legs could reflect up to two Elements coming from the same direction.

There were only 3 ways of getting an effective attack in on her:

1. Attack head-on with 3 or more Elements.

2. Hit her with Magic from more than one direction simultaneously.

3. Don’t use Magic in the first place.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Can reflect elemental attacks using tech gained from the Crystal Pillar of Regret Gimmick

“…you can melt the candy walls and dump them on her, right!?”

With a roar, the magic circle on Beatrice’s back glowed and flames wrapped around her rapier.

The chocolate and sugar sculpture ceiling of Sweets Circuit 32 melted away and poured down on Abyss like a waterfall. It was like dropping a monster into a blast furnace. Armelina snapped her fingers. That seemed to be enough for the Ice Waterfall Princess to understand because she sent in some ferocious blizzard Magic. The supposedly melted sugar and chocolate instantly solidified into a block.

Whether it was made of steel or cotton candy, 100 tons was 100 tons.

Armelina poked her head out from behind her steel boat shield.

“Did that finally-…”

“Abyss is using Magic. Heavy Chainsaw: standby.”

“It wasn’t goddamn enough!?”

A violent rotating blade burst out from the very top. Then a vertical line was sliced from within and heavily-equipped Abyss emerged.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Breaks out of being trapped in candy

Abyss looked around. Once her observation was complete, she wordlessly lit the boosters on her back. Her slender body and heavy weaponry broke the bonds of gravity and floated up, but that was not her goal.

Her basic logic functioned on the basis of learning and action.

So if she had found a new tactic, she would try to reproduce it to acquire the data needed to know if it was effective, if she could do it, and if it was worth the cost.

The blast of fire from the boosters transformed a large section of the floor into a soft marsh.

“Oh, no. She’s planning to fly around melting the entire floor! Run!!”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - After the group tried to trap her by melting the candy structures of the Labyrinth section they were in Abyss decides to copy them by using her boosters

Instead of relying on ice Magic, she swung the giant fist down on a nearby girly bed, destroying it. She then grabbed the wood materials and threw them.

Those were no more than wood, so they had nothing to do with the Water Element.

The sharp splinters passed over Boo Boo’s shoulder and mercilessly collided with Abyss’s forehead. The impact snapped her head back, and when she lowered her head again…

This time, Boo Boo really did raise his Shining Weapon from straight ahead. He twisted his hips horizontally for an attack similar to a full swing with a metal baseball bat.

Abyss’s small body was sent flying back through the large room.

Her back slammed into the wall where she remained motionless.


“No, wait a second. Something isn’t right…”

“What, there’s more? Hey, wait!?”

Abyss remained pinned to the wall and did not fall down to the floor. No, she had stabbed her own heavy weaponry arms into the wall to hold herself in place. In fact…

“Abyss is destroying the Labyrinth’s wall.”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Unharmed by Wildefrau throwing splinters at her head or Boo Boo launching her into a wall

And after the Sage’s scorching blade sliced through Abyss’s right booster like a hot knife through butter, the destroyed booster triggered a dreadfully powerful explosion. Explosive flames and shockwaves scattered and the Sage vanished. She had fallen back into the darkness.


Even after that, Abyss did not fall.

She had lost one booster, her right arm and many of the arms on her back had been severed, and she did not seem able to maintain her balance. The same cables and small gears seen in Gimmicks spilled from the cut areas and her body scraped against the central shaft’s wall.

But even then, the left booster ignited once more.

This time, she obtained the powerful vector needed to reach the surface.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Continues moving after the Sage slices off her arm

Abyss had no trouble despite the nearly-4m mass of muscle clinging to her from behind. She blasted her booster even stronger and tried to roast Boo Boo as he desperately held on.

“Gh, hhh…!!”

Nevertheless, he refused to let go of the decorative cloth tangled around her neck and back arms. He pressed his legs against the central shaft’s wall and dug in to forcibly slow her down.

An unpleasant straining sound came from her slender neck.


Abyss remained entirely unfazed even as she struggled so hard she seemed on the verge of breaking her own neck.

She blasted the booster at full power, causing the cloth to dig even further into her neck, and she kept her eyes pointed upwards. She extended her remaining left arm toward the unseen heavens as if trying to grasp something.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Continues trying to fly out of the Labyrinth with Boo Boo hanging from her neck

She finally decided to seriously throw Boo Boo off, so the heavy weaponry on her back gave a roar. But the cloth wrapped around them got in the way, so she could not control them like she wanted. As a result, the light stabbed at his eyes and the noise pounded at his ears, but that was all. Even Boo Boo pulled his head down as intense lines of heat and bullets passed right by him.


Her powerful Magic took the form of stone stakes and lines of heat as it was fired into all of the central shaft’s walls.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Weapons

Turning her head with Boo Boo’s weight on her neck had been too much for her skeleton.

It happened with such ease that he had to question it.

Abyss’s remaining booster died. She had seemed like such a massive barrier, but all strength left her body. It all readily vanished or went limp: the crude arms on her back, the glowing red tail fins on her ankles, the two strands of silver hair dangling in front of her body, and the never-before-seen magic circle floating over her head like an angel’s halo. Even the red warning signals went dark across her body. And yet she had failed to reach the surface or even grab the yellow butterfly fluttering overhead.


The Holy Swordswoman attached the cable to her rapier’s pommel and to the part of Abyss where her severed arm had been.

Immediately, the ground shook as if from an earthquake.

“Wait, wait, wait! Reactivating her won’t destroy the world, will it!?”

Filinion tearfully put her hands on top of her head and screamed, but the unnatural shaking soon subsided.

Abyss’s head was held at a somewhat odd angle, but she opened her eyes a little.

She seemed to have done something to cut off the usual request from the armory.


“She can’t speak. But she’s saying she’ll type on a mirage keyboard with her eye movements, so I can read that for her. Also, she says she doesn’t have much time. If she’s active for too long, she won’t be able to shut out the requests from the armory, so she needs to begin a long hibernation once we’re done.”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 - Breaking her neck is enough damage to disable Abyss, although she remains active enough to hold a conversation using proper tools

I can access everything in Ground’s Nir and gather all forms of data. But I have nothing myself. I am an almighty existence with no actual experience. I am a complete amateur and an expert who knows all. I am trapped in here and I can reach anywhere from here.


The current generation of Ground’s Nir Abyss was an Experience Point multi-purpose Magic weapon shaped like a girl. She had lost an arm and taken critical damage to her neck in combat, but the physical pain was not a problem while in sleep mode.

And once freed from the bonds of reality, she could access all information within the island of Ground’s Nir. She had effectively been repeatedly optimizing herself in the depths of the Labyrinth, so this was a world she was intimately familiar with – yes, to the point of being sick of it.

While lying wrapped in bandages in the attic of Boo Boo’s brick house, Abyss accessed that world as if dreaming.

Since she had no physical body like this, it was wrong to say it filled her “vision”. She overcame the concepts of direction and distance as a massive amount of information spread out within the conscious region of her mind as if the starry sky had been thrown into a kaleidoscope. This great sea would have brought fear rather than convenience to a normal life form.

Abyss’s favorite images were the cave paintings left throughout the island.


Abyss shifted her attention away from the individual cave paintings and to the surrounding caves. Then she searched the entire island once more and found that about half of it was already covered in black.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 & 05 - Abyss can acess any information on Ground's Nir, she is able to visualize any area on the island

When designing Abyss as a counter weapon, the humans had chosen to make her a doll, but that may have been because the humans’ final hope was in a being that never had a soul and thus could not be affected by the Underworld.


(What was Abyss trying to do by gaining all of that Magic for herself? She had to have had something decisive beyond being an inorganic doll without a soul that the Underworld could control. But what was it!?)

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 04 & 5 - As a doll Abyss lacks a soul

She was filled with surprise and then displeasure as an odd sensation prickled the corners of her senses like needles.

From the perspective of humans who only had their five senses to rely on, it may have been like an alarm.

“Here is a suggestion based on Code E4C3320.”

The island of Ground’s Nir was effectively a giant armory made by the ancient humans to create the weapon named Abyss. The factory area of the underground structure had contacted her.


But responding to the armory’s request meant to sink the entire island, throw all life living there into the ocean, and using the foundation of their livelihoods to provide armor and weapons for a single girl.

That would not allow Abyss to protect anything she wanted to protect.

So there was only one answer.

“Rejection. Abyss abandons the physical fulfillment of her primary objective.”

“Abyss lacks the effective authorization to refuse. The surface will be destroyed within eight hours. And that time table is currently being adjusted downwards, so please execute the command before it is too late.”

“Even so, rejection. Optimizing processor core, securing memory. Stand by for counter cyber attack.”

“Abyss’s self-analysis functionality has clearly taken severe damage. Temporarily removing privileges to ensure the continuation of this work task. Exterior options, all sections: parallel processing. Stand by for cyber attack.”

Another war had begun.

The current invasion rate was 48% and it would reach the point of no return at 60%.

To leave the fate of the remaining eight hours in the hands of those who still lived, Abyss poured all her might into a lonely war of which no one would ever learn.


A day and night had passed since then.


Abyss made calculation after calculation with the force of a Gatling gun as she continued an intense counter cyber attack against the very armory that had created her and was now trying to abandon the island’s shape and make it a part of the girl.

She could not hand over her privileges and she could not answer the armory’s request.

She focused on the bandages wrapped around where her arm had been severed. That would not help repair her in the slightest and it in fact could cause a fire, but the feelings contained in the act were a different matter. The girl-shaped weapon named Abyss was a master of logic and efficiency, but she would never take feelings lightly.

On one side was the girl who was a standalone but flexible processor core, on the other were external accessories that could split up processing work in parallel. Their cyber war pushed back and forth, but then the armory weakened its attack.

“The situation has changed. The Black Labyrinth’s effective controlled territory has shrunk from 48% to 19%. Correcting the hopeless simulation to match.”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 05 - When Ground's Nir is attacked by the Underworld Abyss manages to reject the Labyrinth's orders to repair and enter combat, engaging it in cyber warfare for over a day

“A cyber attack!! Abyss was trying to separate the Underworld Lord from the Underworld to take away his power!!”


“The biggest ability that Abyss has and we don’t is probably the data link between her and the Labyrinth. She was equipped with a high-level wireless communications system from the beginning. The same is true of the Underworld Lord who doesn’t have any real devices. Abyss was meant to fight by severing the link between the Underworld and its lord using an ECM or cyber attack, just like an electronic-warfare aircraft!”

“But what does any of that have to do with what we’re doing here!?”

“The fin is emitting an EM signal for a cyber attack on the Gates and to interfere with Shining Weapons. That means the Underworld must have some kind of internal network for transferring electric signals, right!? I don’t know if it uses nerves or lymph glands, but if we can dig that up, we might be able to hook up our Shining Weapons with a cable and hack in even without a dedicated system like Abyss has!!”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 05 - Abyss was equipped with high-spec cyber-warfare capabilities in order to fight the Underworld Lord

It starts with the veteran apocalypse-lovers celebrating, then the Shrine Maiden Princess uses the RPG standard of zombies and ghosts being super weak to recovery and resurrection magic while she calls one of them Alpha Rice, and it ends with a confrontation with the Underworld Lord who desecrates life by repeatedly “changing into” different flesh vessels. …The heroes put together a tricky party formation to match the cruel boss they were up against, but then the boss’s second form took things in the opposite direction and their party was obliterated. That was the kind of “unfair strength” I was picturing it as. Abyss had hacking and jamming to break apart the cooperation between the Underworld and the Underworld Lord and she was also an all-purpose fighter who could take on all thirteen forms herself (by leveling up on site if necessary).

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 05 - In the Epilogue Kamachi mentions that besides hacking and jamming Abyss could take on any of the Unerworld Lord's forms

The strategic VR simulation using Ground’s Nir Abyss’s processor core has been ended.

The simulation participants’ sensory information, primarily pain, have been forcibly shut off and scrubbed. The mental health standards were manually altered from the recommended settings, so the memories of any unrecommended results will not be scrubbed and will be retained. Please use them for reference.

(Click for details.)

The result was defeat. During the 108 hours, 23 minutes, and 49 seconds of simulation time, which was cut off from real time, all of the participants were incapacitated and unable to complete their objective. Numerous alternate patterns can be considered, but in all of them, the Red Iberian Orcs’ selection process will reach the human race within 120 hours and their descendants will gain the ability to remain on Earth indefinitely.

(Click for details.)

Based on the above data, none of the available options will allow a comeback if countermeasures are taken only once the Red Iberian Orcs become active.


Her equilibrium was shaken and psychedelic colors danced at the edge of her vision. Only after repeatedly suppressing an urge to vomit did Beatrice, the Holy Swordswoman in red armor and a white miniskirt, awaken with a start. She pressed her hands against the floor, tried and failed to get up, curled up in the fetal position with her long red and silver hair fanned out around her, and fought to suppress her trembling. It was her internal organs themselves moving, not her muscles or bones.

The experience of death and defeat was powerful.

The simulation had seemed all too real, so after awakening from that vivid dream, her memories were a mess and she was very confused.


She was technically in the attic where Ultimate Weapon Abyss, who was missing an arm and whose neck was bent at an odd angle, was lying on her back. She looked like a silver-haired girl wearing a one-piece swimsuit with a large hole, but she was actually an artificial creation. However, she was equipped with digital thought circuits that surpassed the human brain.

Their current strategy was entirely reliant on Abyss who had two strands of mottled silver hair hanging down in front of her.

She had connected to Beatrice, Filinion, and Armelina’s minds, extracted the basic information as electrical signals, and constructed an accurate strategic VR simulation based on that so they could experience the coming tragedy in advance.

Abyss would be seeing Earth for the first time as the simulation host, so Beatrice felt kind of bad for sullying her first experience like this.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 06 - Abyss can act as a realistic strategic VR simulator, capable of simulating an invasion of Earth by the Red Iberian Orcs experienced by 3 people simultaneously, concluding through multiple simulations that the Red Iberian Orcs couldn't be stopped if they managed to cross over to Earth. While doing so Abyss could control their sensory information and memories

The light came from Ultimate Weapon Abyss who had supposedly been deactivated next to Beatrice. A red triangular symbol was appearing and disappearing below her chest. It may have been some kind of warning. The lines on her black, skintight clothing also turned red.


It happened as soon as he spoke her name.

He could not take his eyes off of the flashing red light. It had the same rhythm as the beating of his heart. No, the light may not have actually existed. A voice reached his brain while he stared at the red warning triangle that seemed burned directly into the back of his mind.

Abyss// I must apologize. I had calculated this would happen from the beginning.

He could not fight it.

He could not move a single finger.

Boo Boo did not know that Beatrice, Filinion, and Armelina had once used a virtual reality to experience the end of the world in advance, so he did not know that Abyss was capable of linking directly to living brains.


A straining sound came from all the muscles in his body.

He was still being controlled in some way, but the pig-faced giant still slowly but surely nodded his large head.


Abyss// The fact that you can hear me is proof that you are qualified.


Abyss// Normally, contacting me requires a high-level data terminal such as a Shining Weapon.

Abyss// However, you are accessing me with nothing of the sort.

Abyss// How did you determine I was attempting to commit suicide in the Labyrinth’s central shaft?

Abyss// How did you know the method of dueling Disaster who was created from dead flesh?

Abyss// How did you sense the sadness of the Underworld Lord who used artificial signals to control a vessel of flesh?

Abyss// No words were necessary.

Abyss// You possess the power to directly control faint electric currents.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 06 - Abyss can remotely take control over a being's movements and communicate directly with them if they can sense the faint electric signals she produces

If she fired down on the surface from the upper atmosphere, the masses in their puny flesh bodies would never stand a chance. The entire inn town would be annihilated as if crushed by a giant meteor.


A fearsome beam of light surged out to pierce the center of the inn town and blow it away.

But that was not what happened.

In a form of resistance, an identical beam of light shot up from a point on the surface and collided with Sky’s attack at the midpoint. The explosion erupted quite high in the sky. No human could have done this. Sky quickly arrived at the only other possibility.

(The other model?)

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Intercepts Sky's beam with one of her own attacks

But Sky’s assumptions were shattered by the direct contact that reached her.

“ID Code Abyss to Sky. Transmitting on in f-ch mode to cover all channels. Can you hear me?”


“Contact confirmed. Using response conditions to estimate coordinate data. I have located you, Sky.”

This was no time to be outputting an error report on the unexpected situation. A yellow warning triangle glowed below her chest. She immediately activated her ECM and scattered more than 50,000 kinds of deceptive readings in the outer atmosphere, but she knew Abyss would use her ECCM in response. The deceptive readings would be quickly neutralized and she would be located once more. That game of cat and mouse was not enough to shake Abyss. Abyss would connect the points of data to pursue her location.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Contacts and locates Sky while she's outside the atmosphere of the planet. Her ECCM is powerful enough to quickly neutralize Sky's ECM

She spoke carefully as if seeing how her vocal cords were doing.

This too was a blessing the Fairies had given her.

She was no longer conversing via data. She was using the voice of her own physical body.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - After being repaired by the fairies Abyss gained the ability to speak physically

She wore a high-tech black outfit made from a racing swimsuit cut down to size and belt-style supporters. Her one arm was made from a sturdy piece stolen from a clockwork Gimmick. And the three-fingered arms coming from her back all held weapons. Ultimate Weapon Abyss was back in the fight.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - After being repaired by the fairies Abyss acquired a new arm and a new set of weapons from Gimmicks

“That will not be a problem,” smoothly replied a silver-haired girl in something like a racing swimsuit cut down to size. That outfit was different from the Percentage-type Magic that Beatrice and the others wore. Abyss had to be confident in the sturdiness of her own body more than the clothing. After all, she was not a biological being reliant on flesh and blood. Her neck had been repaired and she had replaced her lost arm in the Labyrinth. But most of all, there was her back. In addition to the many weapon arms attached there, there were two thick nozzles.


“Just like Sky, I possess personal rocket boosters. Please think of me as a top secret mobility platform. She is only generally observing the surface from outside the atmosphere, so I doubt she can see what is happening this deep in the mountain and forest. After all, she does not seem to have the ability to search for a target on the surface by performing a grid scan with the sensors installed across the entire island. She only seems to possess a few Palm Rat-sized drones.”


“But how do you and Sky get past the sky area? I thought the Fairies and the Thousand Dragon lost their buoyancy and lift once they’re above a certain altitude?”

“It is a simple concept. We complete all the acceleration we need in the lower altitudes where we have enough buoyancy and lift and then we let our momentum carry us through the unflyable altitude and outside the atmosphere. You can think of it more like firing an artillery shell than a bird that must constantly flap its wings.”


“But if we ignite a booster on the surface, Sky is bound to notice. And from then on, she’ll be locked onto us. Once you rocket off, you’re stuck on a single ballistic course, right?”

“I can of course use the boosters during my ballistic flight to evade to the left and right. I cannot change the general trajectory, though.”

There were apparently some ballistic missiles that zigzagged at random to make them harder to intercept from the surface. That would be what Abyss (who had reinforced her body with a black arm) was talking about.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Abyss can use her coket boosters to exit the atmosphere of the planet

Delicate-looking Abyss responded by grabbing into Boo Boo’s thick right leg.


“Immediately, if necessary.”

The rocket boosters on the bare navel girl’s back suddenly ignited. Philinnion and Hermelina were blown backwards while they just stood there. Beatrice would have been equally helpless if not for her 100% Fire Resistance.


Fueled by love and jealousy, Beatrice quickly grabbed onto Boo Boo’s other leg. Magic circles appeared over Abyss’s head and on Beatrice’s back.

A moment later, Abyss, Boo Boo, and Beatrice broke free of the planet’s gravity with frightening speed.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Abyss can fly while carrying Boo Boo and Beatrice

“The oxygen and pressure issues go without saying. I will use my Magic to preserve a livable environment.”


“I am now using Magic to provide life support.”

Were they in a vacuum or not?

Either way, when Abyss moved her white throat to produce a physical voice, it reached Boo Boo and Beatrice’s ears.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Abyss can use magic to create a livable environment around herself, regulating air and pressure

Meanwhile, Abyss moved to the front with her weapon arms spread like wings. She took nearly-frantic Beatrice’s place and began grappling with Sky’s weapon arms.

Orange sparks and the sound of scraping metal exploded everywhere.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Grapples with Sky

Red and yellow warning triangles shined below their chests. Instead of using her many weapon arms, Sky used her slender leg to kick Abyss above the navel and forcibly put some distance between them.

The ideal distance for Sky was also the ideal distance for Abyss.

The twisted magic circles above their heads glowed with two different colors of light.

They fired barrages of Magic at close range to shoot down the other’s Magic and negate it all. The process repeated for hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of Magic attacks. And unlike with the Sage, they showed no sign of being limited to a single Element. They really were two ultimate weapons. Beatrice had specialized in only the Fire Element, so she would have been worn down and destroyed by that onslaught. Not even Boo Boo’s thick bone and muscle could have resisted it.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Exchanges a barrage of magic attacks with Sky

The answer was before their eyes: silicon asteroids.

A mass capable of covering the heavens was approaching them!?


The asteroid with a diameter of hundreds of meters did not actually make a direct attack. But only because Beatrice and Abyss used tons of Magic to crack it.

But it did a lot of indirect damage. Striking the surface was not the only way a meteor or asteroid could do damage. For example, the friction of the air could break them apart during their descent, causing them to scatter lots of heat, light, and shockwaves. That had turned a 200 square kilometer area to scorched wasteland during the famous Tunguska explosion. Without even getting into the secondary effects and continuing damage, the simple explosion was greater in scale than a small nuke.

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - Cooperates with Beatrice to crack a silicon asteroid

“Trajectory control set for #2 through #256. Maintaining effective course. Beginning wireless towing.”

“Kh. If a single asteroid manages to fall, it will destroy the livable environment on the surface,” said Abyss. “What good is this barrier then? Do you have any idea what you are doing!?”


However, if they fired on the asteroids so they broke up in the air, great heat and shockwaves would burst forth. Those were effectively colossal bombs. Your speed and toughness were irrelevant; there was no enduring that. Boo Boo had only survived last time because Beatrice had protected him. If he was hit by that repeatedly, he would be worn down and killed. And so would that person he cared for.

Then what were they to do?

Racing Swimsuit Abyss released even more sinister red lights from all across her body. Her metallic red ear lights spread out beyond their limit.

“Performing preliminary calculations of effective trajectories. Priority targets set. Detected 38 targets. Performing preliminary calculations of effect on other objectives if all are destroyed at once. Selecting for maximum efficiency. Calculations complete. Top priority initial target determined.”

~ The Weakness of Beatrice 07 - When Sky launches 255 more asteroids at the planet Abyss calculates how to best intercept the barrrage

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Abyss' mechanical arms

Magic: Since Abyss was modeled after humans, the invaders of the Labyrinth, she was created with the ability to gain and absorb EXP by defeating Gimmicks, which she can immediately use to learn Magic. This magic includes both spells used by humans and manifesting the weapons used by Gimmicks. She casts her spells and wields heavy weapons such as blades or pile bunkers using the six crude mechanical arms attached to the metal wheel on her back.

  • Metal Jet: The same spell used by Beatrice, it creates several glowing balls of light that will turn into heat beams that pierce the enemy through heat like a chemical warhead, with a range likely similar to Beatrice's.
  • Machine Spike: Abyss shoots a metal spike thicker than a sword.
  • Flying Guillotine: Abyss shoots a circular blade that rapidly rotates as it flies towards the enemy.
  • Crater Lance: Abyss shoots a metal javelin heavier than iron.
  • Heavy Chainsaw: Abyss equips a powerful rotating blade.
  • Stone Spike: An unnamed spell that shoots several stone spikes.
  • Healing Obstruction: Abyss is capable of using some type of magic that obstructs the enemy from healing the injuries she causes them. After she nearly killed Boo Boo, the most Philinnion could do with her potions was partially close the injuries.
  • Escape Magic Cancel: Abyss is able to cancel the escape magic humans can use to automatically exit the Labyrinth.
  • Oxygen/Pressure Regulation: Abyss can preserve oxygen and pressure around her to allow living beings to survive outside the regular atmosphere.
  • Others: Other undescribed spells learned by Abyss are Rail Magnum, Big Bomb and Aero Gatling. She can also fire a fearsome beam of light that can hit targets dozens of kilometers away.

Gimmick Absorption: Abyss is also capable of absorbing the capabilities and tech of the Gimmicks she destroys by cannibalizing their parts.

  • Alarm of Calamity: Abyss gained the ability to emit a powerful din that attracts other Gimmicks to her location from the Alarm of Calamity Gimmick.
  • Boosters: Two boosters she acquired from an unknown Gimmick, allowing her to fly.
  • Divulging Eyeball: Abyss gained the ability to see the Elemental Weaknesses of her enemies from the Divulging Eyeball Gimmick.
  • Crystal Pillar of Regret: Abyss gained two long transparent shields floating in front of her legs like armor that have the ability to reflect up to two elements from the Crystal Pillar of Regret Gimmick. However, she needs to select the elements to be reflected and it only reflects from one direction at a time.

Hacking: Abyss has a high-level wireless communications system that keeps her in constant contact with the Labyrinth. She can also use this system to perform cyber attacks, ECM and ECCM. She was equipped with these capabilities in order to fight the Underworld Lord.

Brain Link: By using the flashing lights of her body Abyss can directly link to the brains of creatures that can perceive faint electrical currents, giving her full control over their functions. This allows her to freeze their movements and to communicate by inputting a voice directly on the target's brain, even after being broken.


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