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Eternity is the abstract representation of the Marvel Multiverse.


Abstract Existence is the ability to embody an abstraction, such as a concept, thought, or information, and being immortal thanks to it. This power has a variety of uses, ranging from a high degree of control over the abstraction and its manifestations, the aforementioned immortality, or even being unaffected by abilities that can't target the abstraction.

Embodying a concept is not enough to obtain this ability, an abstract needs feats or reliable statements proving that the concept they represent grants them Immortality/Regeneration or control over the abstraction.

Beware that the abstract nature of different characters can stem from different sources (rumors, concepts, possibilities,...), as such, being able to affect a subtype of a category does not mean a character can affect all types of abstraction.


Type 1: Exists purely as an abstraction. These characters lack a true physical form, and affecting them requires the ability to affect directly the abstraction itself, because eventual physical manifestations are merely avatars.

Type 2: Embodies an abstraction, and can be resurrected or regenerate indefinitely thanks to it. Destroying the abstraction is required to permanently kill those characters, but they can still be affected without directly altering it.

It is important to note that in the case of conceptual embodiments, the type of Abstract Existence should be specified alongside the type of concept.


  • Abstract entities recurrently strictly embody a concept, thought or idea up to a certain level of reality. For example, Eternity only embodies time on a local, universal scale. If the universe is destroyed, so is he.


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