Kirby can absorb virtually anything to gain their abilities


Absorption is the ability to absorb something - whether it is energy or other living beings - and use it for one's self. This ability has many potential applications and forms;

  • Biological Absorption: The user can absorb other living beings into their own body, often breaking them down into energy or gaining their abilities, power, or memories. Sometimes, people that are absorbed in this manner aren't killed, but merely stored inside the body of the being that has absorbed them.
  • Energy Absorption: The user can absorb energy from their surroundings and/or from others, draining them of their power and becoming stronger in the process. High-level applications of this ability can completely nullify energy attacks by absorbing them, drain opponents of all of their strength in moments, and drain energy from their surroundings on a massive scale. The specifics of what energy the user can absorb vary from individual to individual.
  • Power Absorption: The user can absorb and steal the powers of others, stripping the original user of their abilities. While some may only have access to these drained abilities temporarily, others can accumulate many abilities over time in this way, permanently taking them for themselves.
  • Soul Absorption: The user can absorb the souls of other beings, typically killing them, drawing power from them and growing more powerful the more souls they've absorbed. They may even gain the abilities and memories of the souls they've absorbed.


Some notable users include;

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