Absolver is a martial arts based Action RPG developed by Sloclap studios. Within the game, you are a Prospect, an Absolver-in-training, sent to become strong enough to protect the fallen city of Raslan to ensure the mistakes of the past do not reoccur. The game is largely sold as a PVP fighting game but has an in-depth story hidden behind that.

Power of the Verse

Initially, the verse is unsurprisingly weak, not once managing to escape Tier 9 with very few hax abilities. That said, as of the Downfall additions to the game, notable abilities of certain characters are Mind Manipulation, Duplication, Instinctive Reaction, Power Nullification, and Gravity Manipulation to name a few, with end game beings scaling to low-end Tier 7. Beings in the Fold are heavily suggested to maintain Tier 2 power by imposing their will over multiple realities.


  • The Fold: Put simply, the Fold is another reality inhabited by powerful beings. The energy of Essence appears to be generated from this reality, and Absolvers manipulate it freely to store items and gain their strength.
  • The Downfall: The Downfall refers to the events which transpired across the Adalian empire that caused its ruin. Put simply, due to abuse of Essence by the Adalians towards various effects, their cities succumbed to many natural disasters- tsunamis flattened their shores, volcanoes appeared to melt their towns, and in their capital, a cloud of deadly sulfuric miasma killed everyone within.
  • Essence: A form of crystallized, magic energy, Essence was mined from the Earth itself and was inherently linked to the Fold. Absolvers and Mentors alike manipulate it towards various effects, notably gaining immortality.
  • Absolver Mask: An Absolver's mask is heavily enchanted with the powers of Essence, granting an utter inability to truly die. Upon donning the mask, the wearer simply resurrects when slain, and thus is an unkillable immortal guardian.

Note: The lore of this game is exceedingly cryptic and difficult to decipher. Thus, certain concepts and our understanding of them may change with future updates or new findings.







The Fold

  • Arcell
  • Calner

The Absolvers

  • Simeon
  • Talem
  • The Golden One
  • Mentors
  • Absolvers

The Marked Ones

  • Revario
  • Ama Saba
  • Angrel
  • Dormek
  • Ristael
  • Lamren


Forest Tribes

  • Cargal
  • Kilnor

Stagger Style School

  • Jinn Mesca
  • Rakkio

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