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Los Entering the Grave (William Blake, 1820)

The little countdown clock on my desk said I had seven minutes, thirty nine seconds until my next break. That made a total of 459 seconds, which was appropriate, given that the numerical equivalents of the letters in the Hebrew phrase “arei miklat” meaning “city of refuge” summed to 459. There were six cities of refuge in Biblical Israel, three on either side of the Jordan River. There were six ten minute breaks during my workday, three on either side of lunch.

The timer read 4:33, which is the length of John Cage’s famous silent musical piece. 4:33 makes 273 seconds total. -273 is absolute zero in Celsius. John Cage’s piece is perfect silence; absolute zero is perfect stillness. In the year 273 AD, the two consuls of Rome were named Tacitus and Placidianus; “Tacitus” is Latin for “silence” and Placidianus is Latin for “stillness”. 273 is also the gematria of the Greek word eremon, which means “silent” or “still”. None of this was a coincidence because nothing is ever a coincidence.

God created Man in His own image but He created everything else in His own image too. By learning the structure of one entity, like Biblical Israel, we learn facts that carry over to other structures, like the moral law, or the purpose of the universe, or my workday. This is the kabbalah. The rest is just commentary. Very, very difficult commentary, written in Martian, waiting to devour the unwary.

Albion Rose (William Blake, 1820)

I thought again of all I had seen, all I had hoped. Everything that could have been different and everything that couldn’t have been other than it was. I thought of God’s garden of universes, growing out there somewhere, staggering the imagination. I thought of God, and Adam Kadmon, and Thamiel, and the divine plan. My thoughts unfolded into dreams and blueprints and calculations, and I held all of them in my mind at once, a vision like a perfect crystal, a seed transformed into something new and wonderful. I felt a fearsome joy, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I felt the heart of Adam Kadmon beating within me, freed of its constraints at last, a fervent wish to reshape and redeem itself.

My voice only wavering a little, I spoke the Explicit Name of God.


Aaron Smith-Teller is the protagonist of Unsong, a young, but ingenious, kabbalist working in miserable conditions at a sweatshop on Sillicon Valley, where, after being expelled from Stanford for messing with the algorithms used by major companies to conceal the mystical secrets giving them power, he was forced to work at minimum wage, saying randomized combinations of syllables in hopes of finding some of the Hidden Transcendental Names of God, which, when spoken aloud, could exert various supernatural effects upon the world, something which grabbed the interest of UNSONG, a giant company founded with the intent of harvesting the power of the Names for itself by enforcing copyright upon them and concealing their true form from the rest of the world, with anyone who had the desire of performing miracles using them having to pay expensive license fees for limited uses.

However, after discovering the Vital Name, the word which the heavens had used to bestow life upon the first man to walk upon the Earth, Aaron's attempts to go against UNSONG's agenda and spread knowledge of the Names of God to the general public eventually led him and his companions into an extremely dangerous, long journey inhexorably tied to the imminent end of the universe, as well as its eventual rebirth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B. At least 9-B, likely higher Environmental Destruction with The Avalanche Name | 10-B. At least 9-B, likely higher Environmental Destruction with The Avalanche Name. High 1-A with the Explicit Name.

Name: Aaron Smith-Teller | "Albion," Adam Kadmon.

Origin: Unsong

Gender: Male.

Age: 22 years old.

Classification: Kabbalist | Worldly Incarnation of Adam Kadmon.

Powers and Abilities:

Immortality (Limited Type 6) and Telepathy (With Sacred Kabbalistic Marriage of Minds), Invisibility (With the Spectral Name), Pseudo-Flight (With the Airwalking Name and the Ascending Name), Air Manipulation (With the Zephyr Name and the Tempestuous Name), Damage Reduction (With the Bulletproof Name), Electricity Manipulation (With the Fulminant Name), Telekinesis (With the Motive Name), Holy Manipulation (With the Sanctifying Name), Clairvoyance (With the Revelatory Name), Healing (With the Wakening Name and the Purifying Name), Telekinesis (With the Avalanche Name)

All previous powers and abilities on an unfathomably greater scale, as well as: Reality Warping, Conceptual Manipulation (Type 1), Information Manipulation, Creation, Astral Projection

Attack Potency: Human level. At least Wall level, likely higher Environmental Destruction with the Avalanche Name | Human level. At least Wall level, likely higher Environmental Destruction with the Avalanche Name. High Outerverse level with The Explicit Name (Can use the Shem haMephorash, the true name of God which allows an individual to channel His full essence and power in order to enter a state of "near-omnipotence," gaining control over the fundamental logical neccessity of the cosmos embodied by the Supreme Being and obtaining full power over all of Creation)

Speed: Average Human | Unknown, likely at least Hypersonic+ Processing Speed (Holds Uriel as part of its consciousness, and thus can likely operate on similarly fast scales), though this is largely irrelevant because of their abilities (Immensely more learned and knowledgeable than ancient sages and rabbis, who could bypass the long span of time required to speak Names by accessing higher worlds outside of time)

Lifting Strength: Average Human

Striking Strength: Human Class

Durability: Human level

Stamina: Average | Unknown

Range: Standard Melee Range normally, likely Several meters with most Hidden Transcendent Names of God (No exact range or comparison is given for the Names of God, but many are at the bare minimum capable of reaching across rooms) | High Outerversal with the Shem haMephorash

Standard Equipment: None Notable.

Intelligence: At least Gifted. Extremely knowledgeable regarding the nature of the universe as outlined by the Kabbalah, and is notably adept at thinking outside of the box and finding correspondences between the most insignificant minutia present in his surroundings, tracing possible connections between seemingly unrelated words in the span of seconds in order to study the form of the Adam Kadmon, and even predicting the results of the 2016 US Elections by briefly glancing at the cover of a book from The Chronicles of Narnia. He is also very good at mnemonics, which allows him to remember extremely long names in a few instants | Supergenius. Merged his consciousness with that of Uriel and Sohu West, both of whom were inhumanly skilled Kabbalists who had "gazed at Adam Kadmon bare" and comprehended the form of the Celestial Kabbalah which underlies and defines the physical world, with the former in particular having complete and perfect knowledge of the structure of the universe, and having invented and derived the laws of physics and mathematics through which it is ran to begin with, and also fused with THARMAS, an extremely advanced supercomputer capable of reviewing countless randomly-generated collections of Hebrew syllables and finding dozens of Names within seconds, all of which gave Albion the ability to perfectly visualize the entirety of reality and the mechanisms that underpin it, and perfectly focusing their vision into a solid, unwavering intent that would serve as the blueprint for them to recreate the world through the Shem haMephorash.

Weaknesses: Most names, particularly the most powerful ones, are extremely long and thus take several seconds to speak, making them largely useless in direct combat | None Notable.

Key: Aaron Smith-Teller | "Albion"

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Hidden Transcendent Names of God: Aaron is aware of many Hidden Transcendent Names of God. These are close-to-random assortments of syllables that when spoken create supernatural effects. However, since most people can only speak around eight or ten letters per second, most of these, particularly the more powerful ones, take many seconds to speak, making them largely useless in direct combat.

  • Sacred Kabbalistic Marriage of Minds: Sacred Kabbalistic Marriage of Minds is a ritual fueled by a Name of God which allows two minds to connect across distance and death.[1] This grants those linked telepathy with each other, and makes it so that if one of them dies their mind is transferred to the other's, allowing some persistence after death.[2] To the point that control of the alive person's body can be passed to the dead person.[3] SCABMOM also has the side-effect of passing knowledge of Names through these telepathic links, seemingly unconsciously.[4][5] But as this is an unconscious process they're not consciously aware of these Names they learn this way unless they're explicitly consciously shared.[6]
  • The Spectral Name: The Spectral Name turns the speaker invisible, but wears off as soon as they speak another word.[7]
  • The Airwalking Name: The Airwalking Name lets the speaker walk on air as if it were solid ground.[8]
  • The Zephyr Name: The Zephyr Name calls various winds before the user, the squall, simoon, sirocco, monsoon, marin, zephyr, levante, tramontane, haboob, and the Santa Ana.[9] The user is then able to fling these winds at a target.[10]
  • The Bulletproof Name: The Bulletproof Name is a forty-letter long Name which protects the speaker from exactly one bullet.[11] The bullet still hurts the recipient,[12] but causes far less damage than normal.
  • The Ascending Name: The Ascending Name lets one rise into the air. Exactly how high it sends someone seems controllable, capable of sending someone up to a balcony,[12] atop the Empire State Building,[13] or even higher than the hills.[14]
  • The Fulminant Name: The Fulminant Name shoots a lightning bolt, capable of lighting objects on fire.[15] It's short range[16] and rarely fatal, but it could knock someone out long enough to be captured.[17]
  • The Motive Name: The Motive Name is used to make things move. It's usually used to make cars move, replacing the internal combustion engine,[18] and it can also be used to turn locks.[19] It was also seemingly used by Sarah to let her move despite not having legs/a body.[20]
  • The Sanctifying Name: The Sanctifying Name blesses an area.[21]
  • The Revelatory Name: The Revelatory Name reveals hidden dangers.[21]
  • The Wakening Name: The Wakening Name sends a jolt of energy through people,[21] effectively acting as a replacement for coffee.[22]
  • The Tenebrous Name: The Tenebrous Name plunges an area into complete darkness, which is described as "near-absolute."[23]
  • The Avalanche Name: The Avalanche Name causes structural damage in buildings to varying degrees, described as "not very good at hurting people but excellent for collapsing buildings," and powerful enough to punch holes through a house's floor[24] and crumble off bits of a pyramid[25]
  • The Vanishing Name: The Vanishing Name acts as a form of teleportation, and has a range of at least hundreds of miles. However, it is limited in the sense that it only teleports the user into a situation complementary to the one they are already in: For example, if they use the Name to teleport away from a group of hooligans, they will reappear next to another group of hooligans looking for someone to accost.[26]. In spite of that, this limitation can by bypassed if the user prepares artificial complementary situations that exist nowhere in the world, allowing them to effectively control their destination.[27]
  • The Vital Name: The Vital Name bestows upon an inanimate object the neshamah, the divine spark that allows something made out of dust to be aware of itself, and thus be no longer mere dust, but a conscious, living being capable of using Names themselves[28]. This can extend not only to physical objects, but to entire pocket dimensions created within an individual's mind, with the act of giving them vitality turning them into real locations that exist independently from their creator's consciousness.[29]
  • Thunderclap Name: The Thunderclap Name simply creates a deafening sound, capable of encompassing an entire room.[30]
  • Biological Manipulation: Has knowledge of an unnamed Name that can grant perfect, 20-20 vision to people.[31]
  • The Tempestuous Name: The Tempestuous Name summons a gust of wind with enough power to knock a person off their feet, or blow skeletons off a building.[32]

Shem HaMephorash: The explicit, truest and most holy of the names of God, known only to the Archangel Metatron and only able to be spoken by those who fully comprehend the intricate machinery of the universe and visualize it all at once. Once uttered and understood, the Name grants its wielder full power over Creation itself, encompassing all of God's power and essence into themselves and elevating them to a state of "near-omnipotence" where they can reshape all worlds to their liking[33][34][35]. The power of the Explicit Name seemingly comes from the principle that knowing a disguised entity's true name allows an individual to take control over them, which seemingly extends even to the likes of God Himself[36], and since all of creation is itself a manifestation of God, who is the most basic and concealed ontological ground of the cosmos, the underlying necessity for all things to be as good as possible, then knowing His true name would by extension grant one power over everything which He encompasses[37][38]


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