ARMS is a fighting game developed by Nintendo EPD exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. The game features professional boxer-like fighters who can attack each other from across an arena using weapons known as ARMS, which are attached to the ends of the fighters' extendable limbs, also known as ARMS.

Set in a world with an unusual rare ability gifted to a minority, of whom are able to extend their arms out like springs. This ability is dubbed 'ARMS', and occurs to 1 in 100,000 people. It is currently unknown about the origin of this trait, as scientists, researchers and every intelligence in the world are trying to figure out how these ARMS came about. 

Those gifted with these ARMS have no memory of how they got them, merely just woke up and found they had them. However, this rare ability they have obtained has brought them international fame from all over the world. They all come together in a sporting festival (also named 'ARMS') and fight in the Grand Prix, all with their eyes on a champion belt.

Power of the Verse

This verse still remains heavily in the shadows, with its only current media being the actual game itself, and no clear canon outside of cutscenes. However, all the ARMS fighters are deemed Building level at the very least (With the stronger ones given the possibility of being higher), making it a fairly weak verse as of right now. However, all ARMS fighters are fairly versatile in their abilities, each having unique powers and ARMS.

There will be a graphic novel based on the series upcoming, though it has been delayed with no clear release date. 






FighterSpringManFighterRibbonGirlFighterNinjara FighterMasterMummyFighterMinMinFighterMechanicaFighterTwintelleFighterByte&BarqFighterKidCobraFighterHelixFighterMaxBrassFighterLolaPopFighterMisangoFighterSpringtron390px-FighterDrCoyle

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